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Yoo Seung Jun Wife

Kim Seung-woo says he needs to direct a melodrama starring his wife Kim Nam-joo and So Ji-sub as a couple

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When he was once asked if he had any actor on his list to pair up with the feminine lead, he said So Ji-sub without any hesitation. im Seung-woo added, "I think he has a perfect personality. So Ji-sub debuted via drama 'Model'. He gained an award when Kim Nam-joo also acquired an award for her role in 'My Wife is a Superwoman' or perhaps in 'Queen of Reversals'. Throughout he become giving an acceptance speech at the time, he said, 'I'm status next to Namjoo noona here. I debuted by way of a drama starring Namjoo noona. I amcommemorated to obtain an award in conjunction with her. I have never imagined this may ever happen.' I presumedhe is very humble. He did nottrade much since beginning. So I felt just right about him".

Meanwhile, film "Catch Him to Survive" featuring his splendid action acting is the tale of a rich CEO and a detective who at all times is at the incorrectposition at the wrong time. The motion picture comes out at the 7th in January.

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Oh Seung Geun Recalls Memories of His Overdue Wife and Actress Kim Ja Ok
Oh Seung Geun Recalls Memories Of His Overdue Wife And Actress Kim Ja Ok

Oh Seung Geun Recalls Memories of His Overdue Wife and Actress Kim Ja Ok

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Singer Oh Seung Geun spread out about his wife Kim Ja Ok’s death.

“She couldn’t effectively talk on her last day, yet she controlled to inform me that it was once her time to leave. But she said, ‘I’m going to visit sleep,’ now not ‘I’m going.’ I take note the ones words,” he says.

“Though it’s been 10 months because the day she left, we’ve been aside for that long when she changed into alive, too. from time to time we were even apart for a year. I still feel like she will be able to get back any day now. It’s like she’s just on a little vacation,” he said.

Kim Moo Yeol and Yoon Seung Ah Become Husband and Wife
Kim Moo Yeol And Yoon Seung Ah Become Husband And Wife

Kim Moo Yeol and Yoon Seung Ah Become Husband and Wife

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The officiant of this wedding will be someone who is very close to both of them, actor Jo Jung Suk. Also, singer Lee Hyun will sing for the wedding. The couple has no plans for a honeymoon yet, but they did recently go to Europe for a photo shoot together.

Prior to this, Kim Moo Yeol wrote on his fan cafe saying, I will be taking my first step in love with my other half on April 4. I will treasure my love and live happily, being grateful for every little thing. I will become a more mature person, and announced his wedding.

Song Il-gooks Proposed To His Wife Jeong Seung-hyeon, "I Belong To You Forever"

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Song Il-gook's romantic marriage proposal melts fans ‘heart! The news outlet revealed that father of the adorable triplets proposed to their mother in a car!

The media claimed, "Song Jeong-woong was handsome enough to model for cars. Song Jeong-woong and Kim Eul-dong (his wife) met in college and got married".

Song Il-gook's wife Jeong Seung-yeon Came Under Bitter Debate Regarding Her Statements

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Lawyer Im Yoon-seon posted on her Facebook, "I"ve seen news saying that every time news about the triplets would come out, Song Il-gook registers his managers as an aide to the National Assembly and has been paying them with tax money. As a friend of Jeong Seung-yeon, I know that this is a lie".

"Those who used to attack her about something untrue, is now picking on her way of speech and other things. Jeong Seung-yeon suddenly became a cold hearted judge who yelled that no insurance could be covered for a part-time worker".

Cha No Ah
Cha No Ah"s Alleged Biological Father Withdraws Lawsuit Against Cha Seung Won And The Actor"s Wife

Cha No Ah"s alleged biological father withdraws lawsuit against Cha Seung Won and the actor"s wife

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Mr. Cho previously filed a lawsuit against Cha Seung Won and his wife Ms. Lee back in July for 100 million KRW (approximate 93,000 USD). Mr. Cho claimed, "Although Cha Seung Won is not the biological father of Cha No Ah, he spoke as if he was the biological father on broadcast and such... Even in Ms. Lee"s self-written book, she stated and spread lies about her dating life, marriage, and child, causing me mental suffering."

Cha Seung Won had responded to this claim by admitting that he is not the biological father of Cha No Ah, but he and his wife kept the truth under wraps to protect their family.

Cha Seung Won apologizes for the false content in his wife
Cha Seung Won Apologizes For The False Content In His Wife"s Previous Essay

Cha Seung Won apologizes for the false content in his wife"s previous essay

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In the essay, she had claimed that she met 18-year-old high school student Cha Seung Won, conceived Cha No Ah, and married Cha Seung Won in 1989 when he became 20 years old. However, along with the revelation that Cha Seung Won is not the biological father of Cha No Ah, it was revealed that the two actually married in 1992 when Cha No Ah was three years old.

Some pointed out that it"s understandable why she had falsified some of the information in her essay, but questioned why she even wrote and published an essay of such nature in the first place knowing she was going to lie.

Regarding this past essay, Cha Seung Won apologized about deceiving the public, but explained that they did so in order to protect their son. He showed his fatherly side as he told the media, "I acknowledge that my wife and I said a small lie all in order to protect No Ah, and apologize to everybody. I hope that the public will understand that we could not divulge everything at the time. If the lie relating to No Ah becomes a problem, I will take full responsibility. I think that is what I am supposed to do as the father, Cha Seung Won, of Cha No Ah."

The ideal wife for Song Seung Heon revealed!

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'Obsessed' is an erotic thriller film written and directed by Kim Dae-woo. The movie is about two committed persons having an illegal passionate affair in a military camp in 1969. Song Seung Heon plays the lead role as Colonel Kim Jin-pyeong. Other cast members include Im Ji-yeon as Jong Ga-heun, Jo Yeo-jeong as Lee Sook-jin, Jin-pyeong's wife, On Joo-wan as Kyung Woo-jin, Ga-heun's husband, Yoo Hae-jin as Im, music listening room owner, Jeon Hye-jin, Jung Won-joong, Uhm Tae-gu, Kim Hye-na and Bae Seong-woo.

Kim Seung Woo Incites Jealousy of "1 Night 2 Days" Cast with Wife's Call
Kim Seung Woo Incites Jealousy Of "1 Night 2 Days" Cast With Wife's Call

Kim Seung Woo Incites Jealousy of "1 Night 2 Days" Cast with Wife's Call

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Actor Kim Seung Woo aroused the envy of his fellow cast members in “1 Night 2 Days” when his real-life wife, “You Rolled in Unexpectedly” star Kim Nam Joo called in to the show.

On the episode broadcast on Sept. 10, Kim Seung Woo burst into a smile upon hearing Kim Nam Joo’s voice on the phone, as part of a game on the program. Kim Nam Joo’s call received an explosive reaction of cheers from the rest of the cast members, particularly when she let loose her terms of endearments for her husband.