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Who Is The Girl In The Psy Music Video

B1A4 Drops RomanticMusic Video for “Sweet Girl”

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In the video, the guys woo their “sweet girl” withquite a lot of romantic gestures, adding fairytale dancing below the stars, a kiss at the forehead amongstgorgeous fireflies, flashy magic tricks, and frolicking in the clouds. They also serenade her as a collection while dressed in some snappy fits and dancing with unfashionable microphones.

Girl’s Day has reportedly nailed the “Running Horse” Choreo in the music video designed for the song called “Ring My Bell”

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These days, it seems a dance hook is just as important as a musical hook to the success of a pop song, and Girls Days new music video has both. On their unique dance hook, member Minah comments, In the first refrain, theres choreography where we act like were riding on a horse while doing the dog leg dance. Since dog leg dance isnt the prettiest name, I think we will have to make up another one. I guess we can combine run with horse to call it running horse dance.

Girl’s Day have reportedly shown off their amazing bodies in the music video for the song called “Ring My Bell”

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With their new album Love just days away from being released, Girls Day has released a music video teaser for their title track Ring My Bell.

“The new song ‘Ring My Bell’ is a fun and upbeat song that perfectly fits summer. The cool and energetic music video will be enough to blow your summer heat away,” a representative of their managing agency said.

Girl Group “The Ark” Releases Debut Song and Music Video Titled “The Light”

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This song is about a person who used to only care about herself and no one else, but suddenly discovers happiness when she starts living for someone else and learns to be selfless. The portrayed emotions can be felt in relationships between lovers, friends, or family, making it very easy for the general public to relate to.

The music video tells the story of an immature high school student and her caring mother. The mom lives only for the happiness of her daughter, but when her daughter suddenly dies in a car crash, the mom is then left all by herself.

Brown Eyed Girl's Ga In Accused of Plagiarism in Her Latest Music Video

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“Just look at the Time and date stamp on videos and that will tell you your answer. #ResearchPpl. [4] How can one speak on a stripper when you’ve never lived in a stripper shoes? Strippers dance sexy NOT Xoticy BIG Difference. No comparing. [5] Just because it’s new to you doesn’t mean it’s New. [6] I want attention? HA Attention don’t pay bills. I help women via dance #Fact #Xoticy Created by Myself. My style of dance. My sexy. [7]” (March 15th)

In other news, Ga In’s title track “Apple” has been banned from non-cable networks due to its suggestive lyrics, and the original choreography for “Paradise Lost” is not allowed to be performed on said networks as well due to the dance’s nature.

Nana and YDG Team Up For FUNNY Studios' Music Video “Girl at the HRS”
Nana And Ydg Team Up For Funny Studios' Music Video “Girl At The Hrs”

Nana and YDG Team Up For FUNNY Studios' Music Video “Girl at the HRS”

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The video features Jeff Bernat as he narrates the love story of a female drill sergeant (played by After School‘s Nana) and a private (played by YDG). As YDG and other privates, including Internet star Chef King Biryong, are forced to suffer through gas chamber training at a Hun Ryun So, or training center, their drill sergeant walks in and prevents their escape.

In a gas-induced stupor, YDG then has a flashback of himself and Nana as children. Adorable internet sensations Baby Yebin and Baby Rayul make cameos in the video as the young versions of Nana and YDG, with the former feeding “honey butter chips” to the latter.

Girl’s Day Yura and Hong Yoon Jae Recall Their Past Love In Music Video For
Girl’S Day Yura And Hong Yoon Jae Recall Their Past Love In Music Video For "on A Rainy Day"

Girl’s Day Yura and Hong Yoon Jae Recall Their Past Love In Music Video For "On a Rainy Day"

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This is not Hong Yoon Jae’s first time in a music video. After making his debut in 2011 as a model, Hong Yoon Jae has kept himself busy as a CF model for a variety of companies as well as a music video actor. He has appeared in the music videos for 2NE1’s “Do You Love Me,” Seo In Young’s “Oh My Gosh” and Sugarbowl’s “Half Joke Half Truth” (working title).

Get That K-Pop Look: Girl's Day In 'Something' Music Video

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This week, we"re taking a look at one of the main looks in the new Girls Day hit, "Something." The women wear a few outfits in the video, including some flamenco looking red dresses, swan-white numbers, and a little good ol" fashioned leopard print. The outfit most evocative of a modern take on the 90s goth look is one that we see consistently throughout the video - a slimming all-black outfit that remains intimidating and demure despite revealing some belly and a leg. Read on for tips on putting together a similar look that"s sure to raise appreciate eyebrows anywhere you wear it.

There"s something pretty tantalizing about a mesh sleeve. It"s enough cover so that the wearer feels comfortable, but it teases to anyone else that there"s a lot of long limb under those sleeves. This version goes great with the black maxi but would also be the perfect accent to a high-waisted zebra print skirt or some distressed boyfriend jeans.

Instead of looking for a single mesh top with lacy cuffs, just invest in a good pair of lace bangle cuffs. These add a bit of a mysterious, witchy look to any boring outfit.

Girl Group Pritz to Edit Music Video Following Nazi Symbol Controversy
Girl Group Pritz To Edit Music Video Following Nazi Symbol Controversy

Girl Group Pritz to Edit Music Video Following Nazi Symbol Controversy

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The rookie girl group has been under fire for their stage outfits following a report by Wall Street Journal that pointed out the striking similarities between Pritz outfits and the black uniforms worn in Nazi Germany. Netizens claim the red-and-white armbands have been inspired by the swastika symbol, which is commonly associated with Nazism.

Pritz debuted in last April, and they recently made their comeback with Sora Sora. The edited version of their music video will be released on November 18.

Woollim’s New Girl Group Lovelyz Releases Music Video for “Good Night Like Yesterday”

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A classic ballad song, Good Night Like Yesterday showcases the groups great vocal skills. It was written by singer-songwriter Yoonsang, who has previously written songs for various talented female artists such as IU and Gain.

In the music video, Sunggyu of Infinite makes a guest appearance. The members of Lovelyz emphasize their pure looks, dressed in all-white matched with flower accessories.

Watch Lovelyz music video for Good Night Like Yesterday below.