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Weekly Idol Episodes List

G-Friend doll up in hanboks for next week's episode of 'Weekly Idol'

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The preview dropped presentationsthat they're dolled up in hanboks for the Lunar New Year's special, and there'snumerousa laugh in store! Most likelyno personwas once more excited than next week's guest MC, Yonghwa, who danced enthusiastically for the girls. The members then went into more than a few competitions like seeing who mayturn a Korean pancake the fastest - and of direction it looks to beYuju, because what shouldn't be this womanjust right at? Who would possiblywithout equal winner be, though?

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VIXX, Apink, and AOA weigh down garlic and consume lemon in hilarious relay for “Weekly Idol”

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Aired on January 20th, AOAs Mina, Apinks Hayoung, and VIXXs N made a unique appearance in combinationat the episode. Taking part in the Weekly Gourmet segment, they were given the undertaking to consume lemons and giving a whistle to signifythey'vefinished eating.

With Defconn first in line and performing some dance as he ate the sour fruit, Mina garnered attention for her worrisome facial expression, afraid that they would fail.

In a next relay mission, they were given the risk to win some fried rice for their gourmet meal if they succeeded in crushing garlic with best their elbows.

Leeteuk Finds  the call of the game  In the back of  Tremendous Junior’s Longevity on “Weekly Idol”
Leeteuk Finds The Call Of The Game In The Back Of Tremendous Junior’S Longevity On “Weekly Idol”

Leeteuk Finds the call of the game In the back of Tremendous Junior’s Longevity on “Weekly Idol”

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Leeteuk Findsthe call of the gameAt the back ofLarge Junior’s Longevity on “Weekly Idol”notclaira January 19, 2016 0 Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk will seem equally the special MC for the January 20 broadcast of “Weekly Idol” and at thedisplay he reveals that the secret behind his teams longevity is environmentpositive taboos.

As befitting his name as “Idol MC,” he reportedly led the prove skilfully with his emceeing and diversity skills. The visitors for the episode are Dal Shabet, who these daysgot here back as 4contributors amongst “Someone Like U.” Leeteuk had some words of recommendation for them as Super Junior heads into their 12th year.

“There are things that are supposed to never be stated between members,” he advises Dal Shabet, who are heading into their 6th year together. To leader Serri he says, “The leader mustconcentrateneatly to the opposite members. So even I’m at all times wary around maknae Kyuhyun.”

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Sunny falls for UP10TION Wei's sleazy aegyo on 'Weekly Idol'

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Wei, who by hook or by way of crook knew Sunny beloved the "sleazy approach," donned a headscarf and shot his most productive sleazy select up line at her. 

It will have to accept worked because Sunny fell for it correct away, saying, "Something about it makes my middle beat." Do I sense a boat oncoming here? 

The boys also showcased a a phase of the choreography for "So Dangerous," which left Sunny and Defconn were very well impressed. Sunny in specificdiscussed the lyrics that go, "If you favor guys with great butts, come persist with us," saying, "I nearlywere given stuck to them." 

UP10TION’s Kuhn Does a super Kim Woo Bin Influence on “Weekly Idol”
Up10Tion’s Kuhn Does A Super Kim Woo Bin Influence On “weekly Idol”

UP10TION’s Kuhn Does a super Kim Woo Bin Influence on “Weekly Idol”

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UP10TIONs Kuhn Does a super Kim Woo Bin Affect on Weekly Idolorionight January 13, 2016 0 UP10TION don't appear to behandiest talented so some distance asmaking a song and dancing goes, yet also it appears have a Kim Woo Bin doppelganger in their midst!

On the Janury thirteen episode of Weekly Idol, UP10TION member Kuhn is asked if he has any non-public talents. He responds, I can bein a position to do a excellent impression of Kim Woo Bin. He then lifts his fringe and does a stellar intense face, revealing his inside Kim Woo Bin doppelganger.

Host Defconn then comments, You even sound more or less like him. I bet you'll need to do a fair vocal impression of him. Kuhn supplies IT a shot, much to the amusement of the alternative guests.

TWICE, GFRIEND and Lovelyz Try to Make Heechul Blush on “Weekly Idol”
Twice, Gfriend And Lovelyz Try To Make Heechul Blush On “Weekly Idol”

TWICE, GFRIEND and Lovelyz Try to Make Heechul Blush on “Weekly Idol”

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TWICE, GFRIEND and Lovelyz Try to brand Heechul Blush on “Weekly Idol”orionight December 23, 2015 0 At the Christmas special of Weekly Idol, the women of TWICE, Lovelyz, and GFRIEND all take a crack at making Super Juniors Heechuls middle race.

Lovelyz participantssoak up the subject first, to a few success. Member Kei is especially successful, making Heechuls heart rate climb to 142 beats per minute with some aegyo. GFRIEND practice after, best to be shot down as Heechul says theyre more like siblings to him.

TWICE takes up the bat last, having Tzuyu, Nayeon, and Dahyun gang up on him with a triple-threat of aegyo. Whilst they are robust contenders, they arise just short of Lovelyzs score, making Heechuls heart beat climb to 141 beats per minute.

Heechul sends his regards to Jung Hyung Don on 'Weekly Idol'
Heechul Sends His Regards To Jung Hyung Don On 'weekly Idol'

Heechul sends his regards to Jung Hyung Don on 'Weekly Idol'

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However, he appeared to have enjoyed the recording that day because 3womanteamsgot here on: Lovelyz, G-Friend, and TWICE! Seeing this he said, "It's like these days is my birthday."

TWICE, Lovelyz, and GFRIEND Combat It Out on “Weekly Idol” Christmas Special
Twice, Lovelyz, And Gfriend Combat It Out On “Weekly Idol” Christmas Special

TWICE, Lovelyz, and GFRIEND Combat It Out on “Weekly Idol” Christmas Special

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TWICE, Lovelyz, and GFRIEND Struggle It Out on “Weekly Idol” Christmas Specialnotclaira December 23, 2015 0 The impending episode of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” could be a Christmas special featuring the 3 rookie womanteams Lovelyz, GFRIEND, and TWICE.

Temporary MC Heechul prepares limited edition Christmas gifts for his juniors and the ladiessing their own praises their competitive streak as they battle it out to look who gets the prize.

The 3 groups, who are known for their energy, have an “Excitement Face-Off.” Whilst all three groups wearcomedian costumes and idiot around, TWICE’s Nayeon and Dahyun first scouse borrow the displayby capability of rocking out to Super Junior’s “Rokkugo” while Dahyun re-enacts the “eagle dance” that made her noted on YouTube.

BTS’s Jin Impresses With His Knife Abilities on “Weekly Idol”

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BTSs Jin Impresses With His Knife Abilities on Weekly Idol”leejojoba December 16, 2015 0 At the December 16 broadcast of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” BTS gave the impression equally the idol of the week. In this episode, participants Jin and Rap Monster showed off their knife skills in the kitchen.

Super Junior’s Heechul stepped in as the special MC to fill in for Jung Hyung Don on this episode. He'sthe 2d one MC after INFINITE’s Sunggyu to fill in as the special MC in preference to Jung Hyung Don who is on hiatus from all of his presentationsbecause of his fitness concerns.

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BTS presentations off their funny dancing talents to woman workforce tracks on “Weekly Idol”

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Rap Monster takes the level next with an epic duvet of EXIDs Up Down, moving his hips hilariously but on point from facet to side, causing everybody on the set to roar in laughter. Super Juniors Heechul, taking a section of the display every bitprobably the most MCs along Defconn, enjoyed the gosuch a lot he even attempted information technology with Rap Monster as well!

Jungkook and Jimin takes on Up Down as neatly amongst their own non-publicair of secrecy (and moves). Watch it below:

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