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We Got Married Emma Wu

Global We Got Married EP 11 Preview: Gui Gui Finally Meets 2PM Nichkhun; Taecyeon Jealous Of Emma’s Kiss Scene With Aaron Yan!

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Fellow 2PM members Wooyoung and Junho, as well as JYP's duo group, 15, were also among the guests of the housewarming party. During the party, Park Jimin and Baek Yerin dedicated a song to Taecyeon and Gui Gui with their beautiful voices.

MONSTA X's Wonho says he does not  wish to get married
Monsta X's Wonho Says He Does Not Wish To Get Married

MONSTA X's Wonho says he does not wish to get married

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Shownu and Minhyuk answered, "A woman who cannot drink," Hyungwon said, "A smartconsumer alongside manners," and Kihyun responded, "A woman with beautiful eyes." However, Wonho replied, "I'm celibate. I don't have anypassion in marriage. My more youthful brother will raiseat thecircle of relatives name, so I am not worried about that."

Jeong Woo and Kim Yoo-mi are getting married on January 16th

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The two acknowledgedthru their agency, "We appreciate the hobby and congratulations from many people" and "While we appreciate much interest in our dramas and videos at the moment, we have been making ready for our wedding quietly because we did notneedthe development to motive any inconvenience to the works".

The couple also said, "We are going to residea horny and humble lifestyles equallywe attempt to shape a healthy and forgedcircle of relativesin accordance with mutual recognize and attention and live below Divine Providence as the manner water flows. We're going toattempt to alive a just right life as an actor in addition a member of a family".

Jeong Woo and Kim Yoo-mi showed their dating in November, 2013 and feature kept their love sturdy for the ultimate two years. The non-public marriageritemay be held plain and humble respecting their families' wish. Jeong Woo's contemporary appearances come withfilm "The Himalayas" and tvN's go back and forthformdisplay 'Youth over Flowers'. Kim Yoo-mi is lately taking a wreck after her appearance in drama, 'Can We Love?' Kim Yoo-mi debuted as a style for advertisements in 1999 and seemed in more than a few dramas adding MBC's 'God of War' and JTBC's 'Heartless City'

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Kwak Si Yang finds how close he's to 'We Were given Married' wife Kim So Yeon off screen
Kwak Si Yang Finds How Close He's To 'we Were Given Married' Wife Kim So Yeon Off Screen

Kwak Si Yang finds how close he's to 'We Were given Married' wife Kim So Yeon off screen

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The MCs asked him, "Do you in truth like Kim So Yeon?" I mean... what reaction did those MCs expect? "No, no I don't. She's in point of factno longer my type"? A unexpected declaration of love? His reaction, however, used to be a other story. He stated very cutely and sweetly, "I truly like her." Too cute!

When asked, "Have you two met privately?" asking how their courtingbecome when they were not filming for 'We Got Married,' Kwak Si Yang replied, "We every now and thentouchevery one other. All through Christmas, I did not know where to shop for a cake, so I contacted her. I met her in short at the dept store."

Soooo they were in combination on Christmas? One of the crucialmaximum romantic vacations for couples in South Korea (strangely enough)? What was the cake for? Wink wink.

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Park Hae Jin to be married next year?
Park Hae Jin To Be Married Next Year?

Park Hae Jin to be married next year?

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I broke up with a pal of mine some time ago, and promises back then that if neither folks were dating any individual by the summer of 2017, we'd get in combination and get married. I still keep in brain that promise with her, and if she does display up at the promised location in 2017, In deficient health propose to her at the spot. However, if shes married with youngsters by then, I am hoping that she will be able to nonethelesspop out to the spot so I might beready to give her my blessing.

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I wager ane wont be capable of marry youThe type of romanticGuy if I were that womani might exist counting my days to 2017Here's like a drama..Such a romantist..Haejin Ill see you there at 2017I pray that she will marry sooner than that.. Source: Instiz

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MONSTA X’s Wonho Doesn’t Plan on Ever Getting Married
Monsta X’s Wonho Doesn’t Plan On Ever Getting Married

MONSTA X’s Wonho Doesn’t Plan on Ever Getting Married

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MONSTA Xs Wonho Doesnt Plan on Ever Getting Marriedorionight January 12, 2016 0 It appears MONSTA Xs Wonho very much enjoys his bachelor life!

MONSTA X guested at the January 12 broadcast of Lee Guk Joos Youngstreet, where Lee Guk Joo asked the contributorswhat kind oflady they wish to marry. Their answers varied; Shownu and Minhyuk stated their ideal wife doesnt drink, Hyungwon said he needs to marry a girl who is sensible and has just right manners, and Kihyun said he wants to marry a woman with lovely eyes.

However, Wonho stunned the DJ by way of responding that he prefers to stay a bachelor. I haven't anypassion in getting married, he said. My little brother is married and willraise on the circle of relatives line, so I dont have to fret about that.

Ha Jae-sook gets married, scuba diving brings love together

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Ha Jae-sook had discussed her boyfriend at the MBC Televisiondisplay "Radio Star". They werein combinationfor two years and they were making plans on getting married in December.

Ha Jae-sook said, "I am satisfied to have met somebody who I will walk with. He is a decentguy and I am hoping to make a excellent family. I would like United States to transform a sharing couple".

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Girls' Generation's Seohyun And EXO's Chanyeol Wrap Up Filming For Chinese-Korean Film 'So I Married An Anti-Fan'

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So I Married An Anti-Fanis primarily based off of a graphic novel abouta bestbig name who falls in lovewith a reporter. Whilst the male lead is portrayed by way of the Chanyeol,Seohyun plays a supporting role asa trainee at the similar entertainment corporate as his character.

While here's Seohyun's first movie role, the singer isn't anybeginner actress. She in the pastseemed in the 2013 drama Passionate Love. She could also beshowed for theupcomingSBSdramaStartling by Every Step: Ryo.

Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang Get Intimate for a Photo Shoot on “We Were given Married”

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Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang Get Intimate for a Photo Shoot on We Were given Marriedkiddy_nights January 9, 2016 0 Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang of We Got Married did a couples photo shoot at the January nine episode.

The two attempted their highest to appear to bea true couple, which intendednumerous touching and being with reference toeach and every other to painting intimacy. The genuinesituationgot here in the 3rdidea of the photo shoot, in which they were asked to appear like a couple on a bed.

One of the photo editors asked the two whether it is going to existk for Kim So Yeon to pose on most sensible of Kwak Si Yang. The 2 tried this, and afterwards, Kwak Si Yang acknowledged in an interview, I presumedI used to be going to die. I haven't been so formidable in posing for a photo shoot, so I used to be embarrassed, even if information technologychanged into good. I couldnt focus.

Oh Min Suk and Kang Ye Won Are Overjoyed by way of New Doggy on “We Were given Married”

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Oh Min Suk and Kang Ye Won Are Delightedvia New Pup on “We Were given Married”leejojoba January 9, 2016 0 At the January nine broadcast of MBC’s “We Got Married,” Oh Min Suk and Kang Ye Won make a decision to foster a puppy.

Kang Ye Won tells Oh Min Suk that they are going to be fostering a 60-day-old puppy. Oh Min Suk, who was once already taking a look into getting a puppy, is happy to pay attentionthe scoop and starts arising alongside names for the puppy.

The couple come up with the call “Yomi” and look ahead to the puppy to arrive at their newlywed home. When the puppy arrives, the couple is overcome with joy.

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