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We Are Boyfriend Japanese Album Download

Boyfriend release full MV for "Here" from 2nd Japanese album

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As what image the boys have been showing to their Japanese fans from their latest releases, Boyfriend are being carefree in the video while enjoying the summers showing their youthful and lively appeal.

Boyfriend to release 1st Japanese full length album "SEVENTH MISSION"
Boyfriend To Release 1St Japanese Full Length Album "seventh Mission"

Boyfriend to release 1st Japanese full length album "SEVENTH MISSION"

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"SEVENTH MISSION" will be available in four different versions. There will be two limited releases, A and B, a Lawson and HMV release, and a CD Only version. Limited Edition type A comes in a special box, together with a member character charm, and an extra DVD with an hour long video of the group's "NIPPON BUDOKAN PREMIUM SHOWCASE LIVE." Limited type B has a DVD including a 30 minutes long special movie, while the additional contents for the Lawson and HMV release have yet to be revealed. The latter does come with a 48p photobook.

All three aforementioned versions include an eleven song tracklist, while the regular CD Only release comes with a bonus track, making its tracklist 12 songs long.

Along with details on the various versions, the title of the album was also explained. While the group only has six members, "SEVENTH MISSION" contains seven missions, where the seventh mission stands for the fans. When the Boyfriend members and the fans are put together, "SEVENTH MISSION" is created.

AOA To Hold 1st Tokyo Concert, 2 Months After Release Of Japanese Album 'Ace Of Angels'

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AOA has spent a lot of time in Japan since their debut, taking part in 2 FNC family concerts as well as a participating in Japan"s A-Nation 2014 and Tokyo Runway 2014. In August of this year the group celebrated the opening of their official Japanese fan club with a special opening ceremony for which the members prepared various events, including dances and skits. During the event, fans were able to closely interact with the group, making it an event to remember.

AOA"s solo concert "ANGELS WORLD 2015 - Oh BOY ACADEMY" will be held December 18 in Tokyo, Japan. To help promote their concert, the seven angels of AOA got together to record their own personal announcement, in which the group expressed their excitement and nervousness about their upcoming show. Be sure to check out the video below!

Supernova's Latest Japanese Album Tops Oricon Chart Upon Release

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Supernova made their debut on September 21, 2007, with six members - Kim Sungje, Kim Kwangsoo, Park Geonil, Song Jihyuk, Jung Yoonhak, and Yoon Sungmo. Supernova are currently promoting with five members as Kim Sungje fulfills his mandatory military service.

Ryu Shi Won to free up a New Album and release Japanese Tour
Ryu Shi Won To Free Up A New Album And Release Japanese Tour

Ryu Shi Won to free up a New Album and release Japanese Tour

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With his go back to TV, Ryu Shi Won will also expand his activities to music.

According to associates, he's going to release the hot album “Again” on October 6, which is his first since 2012. He has also signed a new contract with the japanese firm Universal Music.

Ryu Shi Won has been well-loved in Japan, acting over one hundred concerts after advancing into Japan in 2004. However, he stopped activities after his divorce lawsuit and attack controversy in 2012.

2PM Junho Tops Oricon Charts With Unlock of His Japanese Solo Album
2Pm Junho Tops Oricon Charts With Unlock Of His Japanese Solo Album
2Pm"s Junho Tops "oricon" With Japanese Solo Mini Album "so Good"

2PM"s Junho tops "Oricon" with Japanese solo mini album "SO GOOD"

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We knew Junho"s solo mini album would prove to be a success, as his songs topped Tower Records" pre-reservation chart earlier this month.This is already Junho"s 3rd solo Japanese album and he produced all 8 songs in "SO GOOD"!

Ss501"s Kim Kyu Jong Is Deep In Thought For His Japanese Solo Debut Album Images

SS501"s Kim Kyu Jong is deep in thought for his Japanese solo debut album images

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His debut album, including his title track "Drawing Love" will be released on July 21! You know it"s going to be a hit not just because it"s Kim Kyu Jong we"re talking about, but also because "Drawing Love" is written and composed by XEPY, who composedJungGiGo and Soyu"s hit song "Some".

Nicole charts at #1 on Tower Records
Nicole Charts At #1 On Tower Records" "k-Pop Chart" With Her Debut Japanese Album "something Special"

Nicole charts at #1 on Tower Records" "K-Pop Chart" with her debut Japanese album "Something Special"

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Her company B2M Entertainment reported that her debut Japanese album "Something Special" was released last week on June 24, and today, the album is sitting comfortably at the #1 spot on the "K-Pop Singles Weekly Chart". That"s because she had the highest number of album sales for the week of June 22 to 28!

BEAST’s Son Dongwoon Releases 3 Cover Images of His Japanese Mini Album, ‘Kimishika’

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The production video of his track "Tsuyoku Omou (ツヨク想う)" is receiving hot responses as well. The video portrays contradicting scenes of stylish group performances on stage and simple solo street performances. Son Dongwoon"s sincere passion for music could be seen through this music video, and it touched many viewers" hearts.

Son Dongwoon began promoting for his solo album "Kimishika" on June 9, and he will continue going back and forth between Korea and Japan until the album"s release. He will visit Tokyo, Chiba, Osaka, Nagoya, and more to hold various events and meet with his fans.