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Watch: Namgoong Min Dresses Up as Elsa From “Frozen” on “SNL Korea”

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Watch: Namgoong Min Dresses Up as Elsa From “Frozen” on “SNL Korea”ilmare42 March 12, 2016 0 Actor Namgoong Min transforms into Elsa from “Frozen in the newest episode of “SNL Korea”!

Namgoong Min dons the costume as a section of the show’s parody of the preferredfilm “The Danish Girl,” which stars Eddie Redmayne as artist Lili Elbe, who used to beone of the crucial first known recipients of sex-change surgery.

In the parody, Namgoong Min sees a tender girl in the streetdressed in an Elsa gown and tiara. His wife then walks into their rentalto discover him dressed from head to toe as Elsa, adding a braided blonde wig. “I don’t would like tomove back to the style I used to be,” he says to her seriously, and then holds up a purple toy replicate that lighting up.

Hollywood Megastar Hugh Jackman Heads To Korea For 'Eddie The Eagle' Promotions
Hollywood Megastar Hugh Jackman Heads To Korea For 'eddie The Eagle' Promotions

Hollywood Megastar Hugh Jackman Heads To Korea For 'Eddie The Eagle' Promotions

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"It is a film with a massive number of humor, it is alarge story, a super underdog story," Jackman acknowledged at the click conference."It's a film with numerous heart. By capacity of the finish of it, it'll have you cheering and may also bring a tear in your eye. So I'm hopingthe folks of Korea will love the motion pictureup to we enjoyed making it."

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Updated solid for the approaching Korean drama "Entourage Korea"

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Updated forged for the impending Korean drama "Entourage Korea" (2016)Network : tvNWith Seo Kang-joon, Park Jeong-min-I, Jo Jin-woong, Lee Gwang-soo, Lee Dong-hwi,...SynopsisA black comedy drama which unearthsthe fact about stars and the entertainment world.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016

Kim Seong-ryeong Voted Most pretty Omit Korea in History

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Miss Korea 1988 Kim Seong-ryeong has been voted the most lovelyPass over Korea ever, followed through Kim Sa-rang, who won in 2000, and Ko Hyeon-jeong, a runner-up in 1989. The Chosun Ilbo commissioned online book place Yes24 closing month to behavior a survey about 60 years of the Miss Korea pageant. Of the 2,504 respondents, 1,442 were women. Kim Seong-ryeong won 24.8 % of the vote, Kim Sa-rang 16.1 percent, and Ko 13.6 percent. The competitionbegan in 1957.

It discovered that some 450 Miss Korea contestants are active in showbusiness, be it as actresses, items or Television presenters. Kim Seong-ryeong is still a sought-after actress, as are Kim Sa-rang and Ko. Kim Seong-ryeong said, "I'm stunned and satisfied that I got here top. I amone of the crucial oldest Miss Koreas who are still active in entertainment industry". She still uses the nickname Miss Korea 1988 on social networks and looks back on it fondly. "It made what I'm now. I might beready to continue to do my absolute best to take care ofattractivenessin ordernow not to break my name equally a Miss Korea winner".Yes24 also attemptedto determineanything close to the present-day symbol of an establishment that looks increasingly more out of kilter with the times. Some 25.1 percent of respondents acknowledged they see little need for the pageant any more, and 16 percent who said the negative effect outweigh any positives.Only 4.8 percent said there is a smartwant for the contest and 17 percent that the effect is overwhelmingly positive. Some criticized the pageant for objectifying ladies and environment a uniform same old of beauty, yet others said this is aexcellent platform to blow their own horns Korea's cosmetic to the arena and serves as an occasional source of power in their day by day lives.Asked if they take note who won last year's pageant, a whopping 83 percent said no. Undaunted, the 60th Miss Korea pageant takes position in July this year.

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Photos Park Shin-hye, Korea's national good looks in Paris

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She wore a geometrically patterned long get dressed which made her glancenot anything short of a Hallyu goddess. She matched a mini chain bag to movein conjunction with her outfit and tied her hair up in a ponytail.

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Korea rapper below  Hearth after insulting BTS, EXO and their fans
Korea Rapper Below Hearth After Insulting Bts, Exo And Their Fans

Korea rapper below Hearth after insulting BTS, EXO and their fans

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Korean rapper B Unfastenedis understood for featuring in WINNERs Song Minhos song in addition insulting BTS and EXO in public via SNS and interviews. He has been highly criticized for his SNS posts with pictures of EXO Sehun referring him to being homosexual every bitsmartly as disrespecting BTS. Yet he has these days been on hearth for his posts opposed to EXO and BTS fans as well.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens and fans criticize B Free for his beyond posts and contemporary posts against BTS, EXO and their fans.

Fan: @realbfree What you assertisn't a diss or a insult but it's far libel and harassment. Do you have confidence y'all studiedit's alright for anyoneto namea feminine a whinge when he has a son and daughter himself at home?

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Tiger JK & Bizzy and Han Young Ae announced as a phase of 14th Korea Times Tune Festival lineup
Tiger Jk & Bizzy And Han Young Ae Announced As A Phase Of 14Th Korea Times Tune Festival Lineup

Tiger JK & Bizzy and Han Young Ae announced as a phase of 14th Korea Times Tune Festival lineup

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In addition to idol groups FTISLAND and AOA, RB singer Wheesung, punk rock band No Brain, unfashionable and doo-wop trio the Barbarettes, trot singer Lee Ae Ran and pop singer Wax, rappers Tiger JK Bizzy and singer Han Young Ae will be acting as well!

Though best two-thirds of MFBTY (including Yoon Mi Rae)will be performing, the concert will unquestionably exist rocking with power amongst Tiger JK and Bizzy.

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Fan Account Of iKON’s Bobby Taking care of PREGNANT Fan At Concert Is going VIRAL In Korea
Fan Account Of Ikon’s Bobby Taking Care Of Pregnant Fan At Concert Is Going Viral In Korea

Fan Account Of iKON’s Bobby Taking care of PREGNANT Fan At Concert Is going VIRAL In Korea

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Translation: I attended the iKON concert with my pregnant fan and watched from the back since it willhad beenunhealthyYet then Bobby and Chanwoo came down in combination and spotted us. After noticing us, Bobby saw my pregnant friend and put his jacket round her T_T

Translation: But after the fanatics reached their hands toward the jacket, he took it back simplestto return and put it over her. He'sany suchgreatsuperbpleasant prissy nice nice nice nice man.

Translation: My friend stated she would give! it to me But I couldnt obtain the gift but were giventhe danger to wear the jacket once. I told her to give the jacket to her baby. Telling her or him that it used to be from Bobby ^^

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These 19 CANDID Footage Of Son Naeun In Genuine  Existence Are Going VIRAL In Korea
These 19 Candid Footage Of Son Naeun In Genuine Existence Are Going Viral In Korea

These 19 CANDID Footage Of Son Naeun In Genuine Existence Are Going VIRAL In Korea

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Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thecommon article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this text being published.

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Korean drama beginning nowadays 2016/03/07 in Korea

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"Pied Piper" (2016)Directed via Kim Hong-seon-IWritten by Ryoo Yong-jaeNetwork : tvNWith Sin Ha-gyoon, Jo Yoon-hee, Yoo Joon-sang, Jeon Gook-hwan, Choi Won-hong, Park Seong-geun,...Mon, TueSynopsisIn the days missing communications, the drama suggests the answers to the social conflicts by way of the activities by a negotiation team, who tries to solve complicationsvia talks and conversationtill the finish of the answer even beneath the tough-and-go circumstances.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2016/03/07

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