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Victoria Fx Airport Fashion 2012

Airport Fashion Spotlight: f(x)’s Victoria in Her Monochromatic Sleek Style!
Airport Fashion Spotlight: F(X)’S Victoria In Her Monochromatic Sleek Style!

Airport Fashion Spotlight: f(x)’s Victoria in Her Monochromatic Sleek Style!

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The Chinese member showed her sexy and sleek black outfit. She was wearing a limited edition leather biker jacket by IRO Hyde. The jacket had black and white outer panels which matched her black leather skinny jeans. Her ankle boots by Saint Lauren were perfect since it was in a black and white two-tone colour. She accented her black-and-white look with a pink clutch, also from Saint Lauren and a black hat, making her look sleek and stylish.

Victoria always shows up in any event with a fashionable outfit and for her whole airport look, it is unsurprisingly to see how stunning she looks knowing she is always prepared to go out and show her fashionable sense. She never fails to strut her style and shows confidence in it.

Girls’ Generation and Two times Galvanize with Their Wintry weather Airport Fashion

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Girls Generation and Two timesGalvanize alongside Their Wintry weather Airport Style melkimx January 11, 2016 0 Girls Generation and TWICE never fail to provokeat the fashion front! The 2lady groups arrived at Gimpo Airport previousas of late after wrapping up separate occasions in Beijing.

Girls Generation made an appearance at Jiangsu Satellite TVs Spring Gala Festival yesterday. Whilst YoonA gave the impact to be absent in this flight, she did attend yesterdays event.

girl generation and running man

AOA's airport fashion!

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Tiffany's red hot airport fashion!
Tiffany's Red Hot Airport Fashion!

Which APink woman has the maximum productive airport fashion?

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APink are spotted at the airport as they are on their way to Japan, take a glance at their pictures here, who has the maximum efficient airport fashion?