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Netizens Livid At CEO Of Celebrity Empire Entertainment After News of MISTREATMENT Of 9MUSES Members
Netizens Livid At Ceo Of Celebrity Empire Entertainment After News Of Mistreatment Of 9Muses Members

Netizens Livid At CEO Of Celebrity Empire Entertainment After News of MISTREATMENT Of 9MUSES Members

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On the show, the 9MUSES member published that the CEO of her agency Star Empire Entertainment always ignores her greetings when she meets him, to the marvel of viewers. The singer extra revealed the extraordinarypoint of favoritism in the corporatethrough adding that the CEO Shin Joo Hak doesnt do the similar to her label mates Kwanghee, Siwan, and Hyungshik, and that on one instance he even talented Kwanghee with a bag. Upon hearing this, many netizens expressed pity for Kyungri and lamented on the significance of luck and status to idols.

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented on the normal article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

912, 11 Even in university some seniors would make a large deal about greeting them and if you make just forget about y'all and walk by..I hate the onesfolks that CEO most likely has a bad personality too

Watch: BTS’s V Holds Kim Min Jae All through Painful Rub down on “Celebrity Bromance”

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Watch: BTS’s V Holds Kim Min Jae All over Painful Rub down on “Celebrity Bromance”ilmare42 February 11, 2016 0 BTS member V and actor Kim Min Jae continue their bro-adventures in the maximum recent episode of MBC’s new truthdisplay “Celebrity Bromance”!

In the former episode, Kim Min Jae and V arrived at a massage parlour, where the pair filled out paperwork and were givenable to have the massages that Kim Min Jae planned for them.

The tale continues in February 11’s episode, as they input the treatment room and Kim Min Jae pretends that he’s going to be the only massaging V, even mountain climbing on most sensible of V as he lies at the bed.

Watch: Lady Staff Individuals Compete in 60 Meter Sprint at “2016 Idol Celebrity Athletics Championships”

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Watch: WomanStaffContributors Compete in 60 Meter Sprint at “2016 Idol Famous person Athletics Championships”ilmare42 February 9, 2016 0 Six girl group members step up to the beginning line of work of the 60 meter dash in February 9’s episode of MBCs “2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships,” yetjust one can take house the gold!

SpoilerFor the large race, LovelyzYein, Oh My Girl’s Binnie, GFRIEND’s Yuju, BESTie’s UJi, SONAMOO’s D.Ana, and MINX’s Yoohyeon take their puts at the starting line as the crowd cheers loudly for their favorites.

As they prepare, commentator Yoon Yeo Choon predicts that Yuju could bethe only to win the gold, whilst Hyeri thinks it may smartly be UJi.

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Rising Celebrity Choi Woo Shik Poses for optimum  Film Magazine
Rising Celebrity Choi Woo Shik Poses For Optimum Film Magazine

Rising Celebrity Choi Woo Shik Poses for optimum Film Magazine

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Rising Megastar Choi Woo Shik Poses for optimumFilmMag leejojoba February 5, 2016 0 Actor Choi Woo Shik was onceselected every bitone of the crucial “11 Emerging Stars of 2016 in the Movies” in the February factor of Max Movie magazine.

During the interview, Choi Woo Shik spoke about receiving Very best Rookie Award at the 36th Blue Dragon Award. He commented, “I rigidity out about doing an easieractivity in my next project. Yetthank you to the popularity I received, I'm given possibilities to problem myself more.”

Choi Woo Shik lately rose to the head as the up and coming actor thru his paintings in the film “Set Me Free.” He gained a overall of six awards for his work in it, receiving highlight from the movie industry.

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Watch: BTS’s V and Kim Min Jae Display screen Their Close Friendship In “Celebrity Bromance”

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Watch: BTSs V and Kim Min Jae Display screen Their Close Friendship In Superstar Bromancekminjungee February 4, 2016 0 The primary episode of MBCs new cellularfact show, Celebrity Bromance (also referred to as Flower Boy Bromance), has been released!

BTSV and actor Kim Min Jae, who werepals since their trainee days, have most effective been readyto speak over messages and short encounters at tune programs. They in any case go the chance to just hang out and sit back amongsteach and every other. V unearths that its the 1st time in two and a part years hes been capable of merelypop out like this.

The episode offers a glimpse into just how close they are, exchanging informal jokes with each one other, and jamming out to songs like PSYs Daddy. V even urges Kim Min Jae to forestalltalking formally. They discussthe complete thing from V in want of to get his drivers license, to Kim Min Jaes appearance on Show Me the cash 4. V even speaks in satoori (regional dialect), appearing precisely how relaxed he is. This is solely the beginning, with the preview showing the 2 getting massages that Kim Min Jae has ready for them.

Celebrity Chef Lee Yeon Bok Is a Fanboy for Girls’ Generation’s YoonA
Celebrity Chef Lee Yeon Bok Is A Fanboy For Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

Celebrity Chef Lee Yeon Bok Is a Fanboy for Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

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Celebrity Chef Lee Yeon Bok Is a Fanboy for women Generations YoonAhellohalcyon February 4, 2016 0 On February 5, celebrity chef Lee Yeon Bok uploaded an image of himself and Girls Generations YoonA on his non-public Instagram. They eitherwill also beobserved posing warmly with a smiles and thumbs up. Together with the picture, the chef wrote:

Girls Generations YoonA got here to my eating place today. She is extremely pretty. Even this observationisn't enough, may there be an easier expression to describe her? Even the restaurant personnel were amazed, announcing she is excellentand type ~~ YoonA is jjang (the best)! ^^

Lee Yeon Bok is understood for his implausibleabilities in Chinese cuisine and has wonreputationthrumore than a fewpresentationsequivalent to KBSs SatisfiedIn combination and JTBCs Please Cope with My Refrigerator.

Dal Shabet's Subin to celebrity in 'Muscle Queen'
Dal Shabet's Subin To Celebrity In 'muscle Queen'

Dal Shabet's Subin to celebrity in 'Muscle Queen'

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Her company, Happy Face Entertainment, stated that "Soobin beganeducation diligently 3 weeks earlier than the shoot. She made time in between her busy schedules and went so some distance as to workout into the overdue hours of the night. She would steadily sleep less and opt to workout right through that time. We ask that everybody looks on her efforts favorably."

'Muscle Queen Project' will apply 7 physical running shoesand sevenfeminine celebrities on a quest to situation themselves in a giant selectionof alternative tasks.

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D.O. lists his A-list celebrity  pals like Jo In Sung, Lee Kwang Soo, and more
D.o. Lists His A-List Celebrity Pals Like Jo In Sung, Lee Kwang Soo, And More

D.O. lists his A-list celebrity pals like Jo In Sung, Lee Kwang Soo, and more

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Some of the large names that D.O. rubbed shoulders with are Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo, either one of whom D.O. built relationships with by way of 'It's Okay, That is Love.' His assembly of Lee Kwang Soo in specificused to be what set of a chain reaction of expanding his friendship circle in K-entertainment, as D.O. was readyto satisfy Song Joong Ki through Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Woo Bin through Song Joong Ki. 

D.O. added, "The hyungs give me sensible advice. There are quite a bit of things I be informed from them. It is not just acting but we also discuss life, experiences, and all varieties of other stuff. They actuallylend a hand a lot." 

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'Yong Pal' Celebrity Joo Won To Bring 'The Highest Of Him' To Thai Fanatics With Bangkok Concert

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After a a hit run on "Yong Pal" Joo Won is ready to take on his charms in a foreign country and to Thailand.

With tickets already on sale since Jan. 22, each and everyacquire of a price ticket is automatically counted for a drawing to win an autograph from the actor.

The valuelevels for tickets are between 1,500 THB to 5,500 THB with the maximum costlyequipmentadding a photo with the actor, hi-touch, a T-shirt designed by skill of Joo Won, an reputable poster and get correct of access to to the clicking conference held the day before.

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Kim Sae Ron Talks About Her Hobby for Schooling With The Celebrity
Kim Sae Ron Talks About Her Hobby For Schooling With The Celebrity

Kim Sae Ron Talks About Her Hobby for Schooling With The Celebrity

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Kim Sae Ron Talks About Her Interest for Schooling amongstThe fame ck525 January 31, 2016 0 Kim Sae Ron is now not the young and shy woman the crowd once knew.

The girl who had walked down the red carpet with Won Bin is now a quite mature lady who looks flawless in a peplum skirt and heels. In a contemporary pictorial with The Celebrity below the theme “Mysterious Girl,” she looked like a persona out of a mythfilmon account of her lost expression and messy hair.

When asked what she is keento be triumphant inrather than acting, she said, “Studying. I have a sturdy thirst for education. If I didn’t act and lived like any other teenager, I may just see myself trying to find a occupationassociated with education. If I am getting the chance, I'd also love tofind out about psychology. I suspectit shouldassist me in acting.”

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