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Tv Novel Sam Seng Ep 1 Eng Sub

"Six Flying Dragons" increases rather at the semblance of Jo Mal-seng

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Jo Mal-seng gave the impression for the primary time. Lee Bang-won (Yoo Ah-in) used to be running away with Lee Seong-gye (Cheon Ho-jin) when he turned into helped via Jo Mal-seng (Choi Dae-hoon).

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Lim Seong-gyoo cast for
Lim Seong-Gyoo Cast For "tv Novel Sam-Seng"

Lim Seong-gyoo cast for "TV Novel Sam-seng"

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Lim Seong-gyoo takes on the role of a hard-living character who lost his parents when he was young and grew up as an orphan. He gets involved in a three way relationship with rich guy Oh Ji-seong and Sam-seng.

Previously, Lim Seong-gyoo starred in the dramas "Doctor Champ", "The Duo", "ATHENA" and movies "a LOVE", "Friend, Our Story" and more.

Upcoming Korean drama
Upcoming Korean Drama "tv Novel Sam-Seng"
Ji Il-joo stars in
Ji Il-Joo Stars In "sam-Seng"

Ji Il-joo stars in "Sam-seng"

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Ji Il-joo said, "As much as this is my first modern day drama and lead role, I am going to work hard to express this character well and I am looking forward to working with Hong Ah-reum as well. I think I should be able to learn a lot from the seniors in the drama".

Meanwhile, "TV Novel Sam-seng" is based in the 1970s Seoul about Sam-seng who becomes a great physician after almost having died. To be aired on the 7th of January next year.