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Yang Hyun Suk's best  worry  is large Bang's Seungri?
Yang Hyun Suk's Best Worry Is Large Bang's Seungri?

Yang Hyun Suk's best worry is large Bang's Seungri?

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When the subject of discussion become posed as a question that went, "Yang Hyun Suk's biggestworryis large Bang?" Kim Myo Sung tentatively answered, "If you amplify upon that question, there is the rumor that 'Yang Hyun Suk's finest concern is possibly Seungri?' Seungri won an be offering from singer Shin back in June of 2014 to speculate in genuine estate, and passed her over 2 Billion Won (~$1.66 Million USD); however, the investment never took flight and he never heard from her back so he filed a lawsuit opposed to Shin. So YG published its intent to take joint felony action with Seungri yet eventually, the lawsuit was withdrawn in only ten days."

Gong Hyun Jin responded with, "There was the autotwist of fate too, wasn't there?" which Lee Eon Kyung answered, explaining, "There was a vehicle accident in 2014 and it was a largeadequate crash for the vehicle to be near-totaled. While youglance at the dashcam footage, you spot that Seungri's vehiclein an instantmove over two lanes, crash into the car in front of him, hit the guardrail and turn over. There were talks that he crashed into the guardrail because he switched lanes too recklessly."

Hong Jin Young then asked, "Wasn't there also a beyond scandal?" Kim Myo Sung replied, "Yes, there was. In Taiwan ultimate September 26 around 1 in the morning, an image was snapped at a nightclub. It was a image of Seungri stepping out of the club conserving hands with a lovelygirl in a white tee, and he had explained that it was his translator." Kim Yeon Ji chimed in and subsidized up the claims, saying, "She is a translator. I for my part know this lady."

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MelOn Song Chart Proclaims  Giant Bang's 'Bang Bang Bang' The preferred Song Of 2015
Melon Song Chart Proclaims Giant Bang's 'bang Bang Bang' The Preferred Song Of 2015

MelOn Song Chart Proclaims Giant Bang's 'Bang Bang Bang' The preferred Song Of 2015

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T.O.P's remark suggests that a large Bang hiatus may just come as early as a year's time, despite the truth that if the neighborhood follows the trendof different boy teams like Super Junior and area out their enlistment times, the following few years may see more solo releases from Big Bang contributorsin its place of organization albums.

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Big Bang's 'Fantastic Baby' is the primary K-Pop MV to achieve two hundred million perspectives on YouTube!

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It's been just about4 years since "Fantastic Baby" got here out back in March of 2012, yet that mythicalword will never grow old. It ischange intoanything of an immortalized announcing that you utter each and everyprobabilityyou'll be in a position toin all probability squeeze it into a conversation.

Now that the MV has reached two hundred million views, it's the easiest time to bring that phrase back in vogue. This view count is even more fantastic (baby) because Big Bang is the primary K-Pop crewto prevail in the 200 million views (not counting Psy who is a solo act).

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Yeo Jin Goo Is All Guy for Dong Bang Yu Haeng Magazine
Yeo Jin Goo Is All Guy For Dong Bang Yu Haeng Magazine

Yeo Jin Goo Is All Guy for Dong Bang Yu Haeng Magazine

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Yeo Jin Goo Is All Guy for Dong Bang Yu Haeng Mag leejojoba January 25, 2016 0 Actor Yeo Jin Goo is now not a boy, yet a man.

Yeo Jin Goo, who grew to become 20 this year, posed for the canopy of the February factor of Asian magazine Dong Bang Yu Haeng (also referred to as Eastern Trends).

This is the primary pictorial as he opens a new bankruptcy of his existence every bit an adult. In the pictures, Yeo Jin Goo leaves his boyish symbolin the back of and takes on a masculine charisma grabbing the eye of his fans.

Big Bang's G-Dragon And 2NE1's Sandara Park Grow to be The Face For Moonshot
Big Bang's G-Dragon And 2Ne1's Sandara Park Grow To Be The Face For Moonshot

Big Bang's G-Dragon And 2NE1's Sandara Park Grow to be The Face For Moonshot

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Moonshot first introduced in October 2014 via YG Entertainment, and, since then, has been one of the maximum up to date new attractiveness brands in Korea. Their products are to be had at Sephora shops in Singapore and Malaysia.

Sandara is latelywebsite hosting JTBC's kind showSugarman, while G-Dragon and the large strikeparticipants are busy completingthe japanese leg in their MADE international tour.

G-Dragon Takes On 1st Quilt Song Since Large Bang Debut

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(Photo : KpopStarz)Anticipation for WINNER's authentic 2016 comeback continues to build, with 3 teasers and a pre-release song already giving lovers a flavor of what they could also bein a position tobe expecting when the crowd makes their long awaited return.

After covers from Lee Hi, Taeyang, and maximumcurrently Akdong Musician, G-Dragon has been showed to be the following artist to hide one of WINNER's upcoming songs. In step with reports, G-Dragon will soon exposea canopy of WINNER's "Baby Baby."

According to YG-Life, "Baby Baby" is G-Dragon's first duvet song since debuting with Large Bang. His canopy of the song follows no longerbest fellow YG Entertainment artists, yet likewiseout of doors K-pop artists Zion. T and Dean.

The love continues as Large Bang's 'Let's No longer Fall in Love' MV reaches 50 million views

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That's right, the MV on YouTube has gotten midway to one hundred million views since its unencumberright throughthe fast few months since it is August 4th release.  With the muted colours and person storylines for each and every member, it be no wonder such so much oflovers accept watched, and rewatched the song video. 'Let's Not Fall in Love' is the fourth music video from the group's ''MADE' series to be successful in more than 50,000,000 views.

the love story continues, scandal the love triangle continues

Big Bang's Taeyang Covers 'Baby Baby' Forward Of WINNER's New Album Release

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"Taeyang! Vocals on point as usual," "YG in reality knows how to hype a comeback. I cannotlook ahead to this. Taeyang sounding like a god as usual. YG artists are bestelegance man," and "Thank you Taehyun for growingthe kind of masterpiece of a song! Can not wait for WINNER's album! And excellent job to the alternative artists doing justice to the song!" acknowledged the top-rated YouTube comments.

With still 10 days to head before WINNER's comeback release date, fans are wondering who is next a selection of the YG circle of relativesto present a pre-release hide for the boy group.

Who do you wantto seem adjacent in WINNER's pre-release cover series? Would you want to have to pay attentionsome other song from their still-unreleased album, or would you rather have a 3rd "Baby Baby" cover? Sound off in the comments phase below!

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K-Pop News Weekly Most sensible 3: Large Bang Talk about Future, China Absolves Tzuyu, Lee Seung Gi Says Farewell
K-Pop News Weekly Most Sensible 3: Large Bang Talk About Future, China Absolves Tzuyu, Lee Seung Gi Says Farewell

K-Pop News Weekly Most sensible 3: Large Bang Talk about Future, China Absolves Tzuyu, Lee Seung Gi Says Farewell

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Following a media frenzy, Chinese state media published an editorial final week that explicitly said it used to bein thenation-states of the legit "One China" policy for a Taiwanese citizen to publicly wave a Taiwanese flag after TWICE's member Tzuyu got herebeneathfireplace from anti-Taiwanese-independnece singer Huang An. The 16-year-old faced fierce complaint from Chinese netizens (Internet users) and her company, JYP Entertainment, faced a crisis with upcoming Chinese activities getting cancelled, while Tzuyu turned into a hot subjectforward of last week's Taiwanese presidential election.

China's stance was published after Tzuyu issued video apology for causing the placement alongside her actions. Because the clarification, Tzuyu was greeted with an building up in popularity.

On Thursday, South Korean singer-turned-actor Lee Seung Gi printed to fans that he's enlisting in the army on Feb. 1. The preferred entertainer released the song "I'm Going To The Army" as a gift for the fans who have supported him right through his career, and as a promise for his go back in two years.

Big Bang's T.O.P Heads To Paris In Taste For Dior Style Show
Big Bang's T.o.p Heads To Paris In Taste For Dior Style Show

Big Bang's T.O.P Heads To Paris In Taste For Dior Style Show

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T.O.P used to be spotted at incheon Global airport dressed in a sky blue blouse alongside a jacquard knit and slenderare compatible pants all beneath a army cashmere long coat.

Dior Homme is the menswear department of Christian Dior SA, the French clothing store and is under the ingenious direction of Kris Van Assche since spring/summer 2008.

Aside from T.O.P attending the Dior Fashion Show, him together withthe alternative Big Bang individuals are these dayscompletingthe japanese leg in their MADE world tour.

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