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The Equator Man Cast

"the Equator Man" Lim Jeong-Eun Cast For "tone Deaf Clinic" With Park Ha-Seon

"The Equator Man" Lim Jeong-eun cast for "Tone Deaf Clinic" with Park Ha-seon

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"Tone Deaf Clinic" is about a woman who tries to overcome tone deafness for the man she loves and the clinic instructor who falls into the love line while trying to help her. This movie is directed by Kim Jin-yeong from "Fortune Salon" and "Clash of the Families" and features Yoon Sang-hyeon and Park Ha-seon.

Lim Jeong-eun takes on the role of Bora, a friend of the leading female character who becomes a rival unexpectedly while trying to help her out. The movie started filming on the 2nd and will be released at the later half of this year.

'Five Children' cast: So Yoo-jin, Kwon O-joong, Lim Soo-hyang, Wang Bit-na, Sin Hye-seon to seem in communicate display 'Happy In combination 3'

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"Five Children" cast: So Yoo-jin, Kwon O-joong, Lim Soo-hyang, Wang Bit-na, and Sin Hye-seon will megastar in the debate show, 'Happy In combination 3'

According to an insider in broadcasting circle on February 1st, the five actors will guest-star in KBS 2TV's entertainment communicate show, 'Happy Together 3'.

As their new weekend drama, "Five Children" will start on February 20th, drama lovers are being attentive to the heartwarming chemistry they are going to bring out together.

Cast of “Remember” Presentations Off Chemistry in Behind-the-Scenes Photos
Cast Of “Remember” Presentations Off Chemistry In Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Cast of “Remember” Presentations Off Chemistry in Behind-the-Scenes Photos

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Cast of “Remember” Presentations Off Chemistry in Behind-the-Scenes Footage notclaira January 24, 2016 0 Yoo Seung Ho, Park Min Young, Nam Goong Min, and Lee Si Eon currently proved their chemistry and teamwork in new behind-the-scenes photos released January 24.

The 4 actors are starring in the SBS drama “Remember.” Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young either play lawyers, whilstthe alternative two play high-profile businessmen who are enthusiastic about the case. However, the imagesdisplay none of the characters’ tension. Instead, all four actors are smiling brightly and being silly with one another.

Nam Goong Min stated on set, “My persona gets numerous negative comments.” Park Min Young added, “Now I’m scared just taking a look at him.”

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Actor Sung Dong Il Concealed His Fear Over His Mother’s Serious Condition From “Reply 1988” Cast
Actor Sung Dong Il Concealed His Fear Over His Mother’S Serious Condition From “Reply 1988” Cast

Actor Sung Dong Il Concealed His Fear Over His Mother’s Serious Condition From “Reply 1988” Cast

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Actor Sung Dong Il Concealed His Fear Over His Mother’s Severe Condition From “Reply 1988” Solid leejojoba January 21, 2016 0 Actor Sung Dong Il received the inside of track of his mother’s passing on January 20 at 8 p.m. whilst out of the country. He used to be having dinner with the “Reply 1988” cast participants at the Club Med in Phuket, Thailand where the team is staying at.

As soon as he won the call, he told manufacturer Shin Won Ho that his mother just passed directly tothe good beyond and that he had to leave correct away. Sung Dong Il’s manager packed his bag and the “Reply 1988” team arranged for the primary flight back to Korea.

Fellow actors Lee Il Hwa, Ra Mi Ran, Kim Sung Gyun and others consoled distraught Sung Dong Il. Some members accompanied him to the airport.

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"Imaginary Cat", bright get started and dull end in spite of fancy cast

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However, the drama didn't make it a long way and finally information technologyappeared like an never-endingday-to-day drama that dragged too long. It turns out Bok-gil (Han Ye-ri), the cat that Hyeon Jong-hyeon used to lift was in reality Haru, the cat that Na-woo used to have, but a taleas undeniable as this dragged much too long and handiestgot here to a conclusion in mid-way of the drama.

Intensity of the drama dropped and it didn't blend with the drama style today. If the call of the game of the cat was printedquicker and the drama targeted more on the romance between the boy and lady then it's going towere a other story. Now, the drama is simply dull.

Girl’s Day Hyeri Inspires Squad Desires With “Reply 1988″ Cast

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The photo displays Hyeri, together with actors Lee Dong Hwi, Ko Kyung Pyo, Ryu Jun Yeol, and Park Bo Gum status in a line, fanned out in front of the camera. The photo seems to were taken at the similar time as an previous photo shared by way of Ryu Jun Yeol. While Hyeris face is completely in the shot, fanshandiest get a look of Park Bo Gums face, the remaining in the line. Regardless, the affection the actors have for every other is obviouslyglaring in the photo, in spite of the loss of a caption.

Viewers are eagerly expecting the last two episodes of Reply 1988, that will air later this week. The last two episodes have left viewers scratching their heads, wondering whether the husband is Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol) or Taek (Park Bo Gum).

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Girls Generation's Seohyun Joins Star-Studded 'Moon Lovers' Cast
Girls Generation's Seohyun Joins Star-Studded 'moon Lovers' Cast

Girls Generation's Seohyun Joins Star-Studded 'Moon Lovers' Cast

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IU plays the leading role int he k-drama version. She's a modern daylady who swiftly travels back in time. In the normal novel, the girl traveled to the court of an emperor of the Qing Dynasty. In the k-drama edition she returns to the Korean Goryeo Dynasty. She reveals herself in the frame of a nobleman's daughter and her sister in that generation lives at the royal court. So, IU has the opportunity to fulfill several princes. There are a couple of and more than one is desperate to take over the throne.

Seohyun plays Princess Woo Hee. She is the ultimate princess of the Later Baekje Kingdom and she who becomes gisaeng or courtesan after the Baekje kingdom Falls.

Seohyun has expanded her acting resume lately. Seohyun and fellow Women Generation member Taeyeon dubbed the Korean versions of the animated movies "Despicable Me" and "Despicable Me 2." She made her drama debut in the 2013 SBS drama "Passionate Love," gambling a supporting role. Then she attempted a few musicals, acting in "Moon Embracing The Sun" and the Korean level adaptation of "Gone With The Wind."

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"The Flower in Prison" completes cast: Ko Soo, Jin Se-yeon, Jeon Kwang-ryeol and more

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"The Flower in Prison" is an adventure ancient drama about an excellentwoman who was once born in prison and a mysterious persona named Yoon Tae-won. This drama is created via director Lee Byeong-hoon and author Choi Wan-gyoo. Expectancies for "The Flower in Prison" are very prime as it is the offset time in 15 years that Lee Byeong-hoon and Choi Wan-gyoo are operating together.

Jin Se-yeon plays Ok-nyeo, the genius girl born in prison. Jin Se-yeon is one of the vital leading actresses of this provide day as she's been development on her filmography with quite so much of dramas.

Ko Soo plays Yoon Tae-won, a mysterious character from the Joseon Times. Ko Soo has at all times been a desirable actor for his exceptional performances in dramas, "Piano", "The Age of Innocence" and more. This might be his first historical drama.

Park Ji Sung to fulfill “Running Man” Cast, iKON, and Song Joong Ki at the  Football Field
Park Ji Sung To Fulfill “running Man” Cast, Ikon, And Song Joong Ki At The Football Field

Park Ji Sung to fulfill “Running Man” Cast, iKON, and Song Joong Ki at the Football Field

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Park Ji Sung to fulfill Running Guy Cast, iKON, and Song Joong Ki at theFootballBox harmonicar January 5, 2016 0 Koreas national soccer representative, Park Ji Sung, has been announced as an upcoming guest on the preferred SBS display Running Man! Now nothandiest will Park Ji Sung be getting his own special episode, yethe's slated to stand up opposed tovarious celebrities on the soccer field. The manufacturersprinted that theyre these days discussing the filming with the favored soccer star, and theyre making plans to have the player meet with other celebrities on the soccer field someday in January.

The fit will take position in China in Shanghais Space Stadium, at the similar venue the approaching 2016 Asian Smile Cup in China can be held. Besides the normal Running Man cast members, actor Song Joong Ki; soccer players: Jeon Hyuk Sik, Lee Dong Guk, Kim Dong Jin, Kim Jae Seong, Lee Chang Su, Lee Chung Seong, Jang Hyun Su, Jeong Dae Se, Ji So Yeon, and Han Guk Yeong.

In addition, rookie crew iKON will be enjoying the filming as special guests. They currently scheduled to wear a functionality at the event. In line with the producers, the writers havent yet utterly planned out the idea that for the special episode yet, and are still operating and debating over the primary points of the filming.

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Jung Woo and Pass Ara After all Meet “Reply 1988″ Cast
Jung Woo And Pass Ara After All Meet “reply 1988″ Cast

Jung Woo and Pass Ara After all Meet “Reply 1988″ Cast

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Jung Woo and Move Ara In the end Meet Answer 1988 Solid JiwonYu October 30, 2015 0 The forged of Reply 1994 and Reply 1988 met at last!

Jung Woo gave the impression more hooked up to actor Ahn Jae Hong (the primary male character) and Go Ah Ra regarded more attached to Ladies Days Hyeri (the majorfeminine character).

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