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Rain's "Please Come Back, Mister" first take, bulldog love

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Rain's first scene turned into taken for three hours in a residential space in Seoul at the 11th final month. Kim In-kwon (Myeong-soo) becomes Rain (Hae-joon) and reunites with his dog Kang-ja. Rain arrived early on the website and looked round the neighborhood. He also greeted each and every member of the group of workersand ready himself for work.

Rain's first opponent was a dog. He also has a dog so he were given friendly with the dog in no time and worked smartly amongst it. To make the scene where the dog runs to him more realistic, he repeated mendacity down on the cold ground in spite of the cold.

Rain said, "This is my first drama in 2 years and I suspectit is an honor. I'msatisfied to paintings with fantastic actors and actresses and I could beready to do my best".

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Park Si-hoo and Yoon Eun-hye's 'After Love' to be out on March 10

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In one of the vitalpersonality stills unveiled this time, Park Si-hoo's unhappy eyes incite interestat the storyline of this romance movie. Park Si-hoo will provide a romanticist aspect of his in addition a cold-hearted facet of a guy whose loving middle all dried up and thus he can not open up his love againsta lady with whom he's fallen in love.

Yoon Eun-hye has taken on the difficulty to turn out to be in her acting styles via her movie role, Eun-hong, a woman, who can't omit her first love. As observed in the printed withal images, Yoon Eun-hye plays the nature of a naturaland wonderful soul. She canexhibitthe kind of pure love towardjust one man.

Movie "After Love" is a mild romance movie about a destined come upon and love between a man, whose emotions are like a dried up oasis, and a woman, who can't forget her first love

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Do Min Joon from “My Love From Any other Star” would possibly  now not be an alien?
Do Min Joon From “my Love From Any Other Star” Would Possibly Now Not Be An Alien?

Do Min Joon from “My Love From Any other Star” would possibly now not be an alien?

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In a post through the Kpop Herald, HB Entertainment, the production team in Korea, released a reaction to the reports saying, The editing is out of our hands as we've gotin part given them copyright permissions. But, there won‘t be much to shift around or switch equally the drama given to them is similar to what used to be aired in Korea.”

My Love From Some otherMegastar aired in South Korea in 2013 and became starred by Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun. 

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“My Love From the Star” to Broadcast Other  Finishing in China
“my Love From The Star” To Broadcast Other Finishing In China

“My Love From the Star” to Broadcast Other Finishing in China

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“My Love From the Star” is at first a romantic comedy that tells the tale of an alien, Do Min Joon, who has lived on earth because the Joseon era, and finally ends up falling in love with most sensible star Cheon Song Yi in modern day South Korea. The catch is that Do Min Joon has a limited quantity of time with Cheon Song Yi earlier than he shouldgo back to his house in outer space, thus keeping apart them. The drama in the end ends with Do Min Joon locatingsome wayto pass back to Earth by way of his ceaseless efforts, and due to this fact reunites with Cheon Song Yi, living thankfully ever after.

“My Love From the Star,” which originally aired from December 18, 2013 to February 27, 2014 at the Korean network SBS, became China upside down when it garnered a checklist of just about4 billion perspectives on quite so much of video sites. Regardless of its reputation on the internet, it might not be aired on Chinese tvbecause of being not able to pass quite much of local regulations and inspections. Two years later, on January 29, “My Love From the Star” is after all being broadcast on Chinese television.

However, compared to the relatively less regulated web content, television content in China has a strict set of regulations to abide by. Extraterrestrial beings and ghosts are taboo, and Do Min Joon, originally an alien, become “cleansed” of his alien prestige by authorities. Also, whilst “My Love From the Star” originally has 21 episodes, it'll take 30 episodes in China, because of the a shorter allocated broadcasting time.

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Netizens Are In LOVE With The Visuals Of BEAST’s Doo Joon
Netizens Are In Love With The Visuals Of Beast’s Doo Joon

Netizens Are In LOVE With The Visuals Of BEAST’s Doo Joon

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A fresh post on Pann raving about the Cube Entertainment singers visuals has gaineda huge number of attention online lately. After seeing SNS pictures of the singer in addition photos of him in ancient dramas, netizens were amazed to peer how good-looking he looks without reference to his outfit.

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

D.O. was once  passionate about his first love in prime school?
D.o. Was Once Passionate About His First Love In Prime School?

D.O. was once passionate about his first love in prime school?

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EXO's D.O. sat down with Yonhap news for an interview to discuss about his new film 'Pure Love' at a cafe in Seoul on February 1. The idol, who has transitioned smartly from an idol into an actor, began, "Before I debuted as a singer, I assumed about acting. By potential of pure chance, I were givento seem in 'Cart,' and there were a massive number ofthose thatbeloved my acting. I am so satisfied that I will do what what I love--dancing, singing, and acting, all at once. Idols have theresponsibilityof at all times laughingand appearing a pleased side. At the other hand, I suspectthe truth that actors can keep up a correspondence alongside the target marketthru their acting is the biggest appeal."

D.O. also published what his best secret to acting is, saying, "The acting manner I employ is to glance atvery well how others react and to hear what they say on set."

The idol-turned-actor recalled his first love all over the interview, confessing that the sorrowfulreminiscence of his first love helped him get into his role better. He said, "My first love was once when I used to be a senior in prime school. It wasn't the kind of happy and blameless love like the only in 'Pure Love.' It becamea dark and unhappy memory born from my obsession. This type of memory helped me immerse into my acting for the latter part of this film."

Love Blossoms for Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo in New “Descendants of the Sun” Poster
Love Blossoms For Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Gyo In New “Descendants Of The Sun” Poster

Love Blossoms for Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo in New “Descendants of the Sun” Poster

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Love Blossoms for Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo in New “Descendants of the Sun” Posternotclaira February 1, 2016 0 The maximum important poster for the impending drama “Descendants of the Sun” has been unveiled.

In the poster, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo percentage a quiet, intimate moment in a crisis area. Lit by way of a ray of warm sunlight, Song Joong Ki is sweetly tying Song Hye Gyo’s shoelace for her whilst she looks at him longingly.

The biweekly KBS drama is decidedto informthe tale of a soldier and a box medic whose love blossoms while being dispatched into unfamiliar territory together. Folks are taking a lookahead to the upward thrust of the Song-Song couple in 2016, as Song Joong Ki plays an elite soldier who strongly believes in protective the weak. Song Hye Gyo might begambling the role of a skilledphysician with a sturdypurposeful streak, who believes in a personal Gangnam train more than the Hippocratic oath.

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‘Signal’ Starts With A ‘Real-Life’ Love Triangle
‘Signal’ Starts With A ‘Real-Life’ Love Triangle

‘Signal’ Starts With A ‘Real-Life’ Love Triangle

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The comic storyslightly lingers there prior to the plot moves at lightning speed directly to the crimes that can be its focus. A detective from the past, played by Jo Jin Woong, is aiding Park Hae Young, a detective from the existing day to solve crimes that experience since grow to bebloodless cases. But it isn't entirely a one-way walkie-talkie communication. No longerbest does Park Hae Young discover who the killers truly were but also the clues he supplies to the beyondlend a handsave you murders from happening.

The police branch where Lt. Park Hae Young works has not replaced much in the decades since Jo Jin Young's character Lee Jae Han worked there. As then there are a lot ofsorts of police officers. There are the officials who like to let snoozing dogs die and there are the officers who pursue the realityregardless of what it prices them.

Once Park Hae Young starts receiving communications from the past, he ends his sideline celebrity detective paintings and becomes eager about his work as a police officer.

"Madame Antoine" Han Ye-seul's sincere, motherly love

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Han Ye-seul had raised her daughter on her own after the divorce and cried on her own. Still, when she called her daughter, she pretended that she reputable her daughter's mindand prefernot anything was wrong. She even told the recent mother to cope with her daughter and became around with tears in her eyes. The instant when she told the lady who broke aside her family, to stay up her daughter, must've been heartbreaking for a mother.

Han Ye-seul's motherly act made a deep impression. It turned out that she was now notbest funny, but she had an emotional aspect of her as smartly which was ample to make everybody cry.

Director Kim Yoon-cheol said, "Ko Hye-rim were given divorced by her first love and has a teenage daughter. I wondered if the 'unmarried' Han Ye-seul would be excellent enough for this role but she did more than that and it surprises me. She made me consideranything that isn't reality".

EXO’s D.O Talks About His First Love in Prime School
Exo’s D.o Talks About His First Love In Prime School

EXO’s D.O Talks About His First Love in Prime School

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EXOs D.O Talks About His First Love in TopCollege kminjungee January 30, 2016 0 At the January 30 broadcast of KBS2s Entertainment Weekly, Pure Love co-stars EXO’s D.O and Kim So Hyun communicate candidly about their acting, and mind about every other.

D.O explains, My first love was once when I used to be in high school. Whilst ane can’t tell if that changed intogenuine love or not, the ones feelings influenced how I acted in Pure Love, because I assumedso much about how I felt back then.

Pure Love may be released someday this February, so look forward to seeing those two on the silver screen! “Entertainment Weekly” airs each Saturday, at 9:15 p.m. KST.

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