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Why Did Stellar's 17 Million View Fancam Now not Gain Momentum Like EXID?

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(Photo : Pharkil)(Photo : YouTube user pharkil)A fancam of Hani dancing to EXID's "Up Down" brought the gang overnight popularity and viral success, yet why have other groups' fancams not been as successful?

Stellar recently has a fancam of member Minhee appearing "Mask" with just about 17 million perspectives on FacebookwhileHani's viral fancamhas almost 19 million views on Youtube.

First, Facebook views aren'tvalueup to Youtube views. A view on Facebook is counted after simplest3 seconds of viewing, this method that that any person scrolling thru their news feed with autoplay on is incorporated in the count. At the other hand, Youtube calls for around 30 seconds ahead of a view is counted. Hence, why thesame Minhee fancam only has 600,000 views on Youtube.

Stellar get into the Lunar New Year spirit with hanbok-clad edition of 'Sting'

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The womancrew had returned with a logo spanking newidea that screams plain yet sexy, and as always, loversmost definitelywould like tofind out about the moves for their song. Unlike the former dance train where we saw the women in dresses, we see them in hanbok this time, and the girls set aside their standardattractive choreography for a cuter version.

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Stellar used crowdfunding to supply their new album?
Stellar Used Crowdfunding To Supply Their New Album?

Stellar used crowdfunding to supply their new album?

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The women used crowd investment platform makestar so as to elevatethe money for this particular project, and donors can give a contributionany place between 1000~1 million KRW. The praise for donating 1,000 KRW is a 'thank you' email whilst the rewards for donating 1 million KRW are noticeably more bountiful, adding a 'thank you' email, a certificate of sponsorship acknowledging that you supported the girls, track files, autographed albums, never-before-seen, autographed polaroid photos, a kiss-marked message, a signed CD, and the maximumauthentic of all, which is a 'morning call' audio report that at once addresses the call of whoever made a donation and a meal with Stellar. 

Stellar's initial purposewas onceto elevate 10 million KRW ($8,418 USD) yetthey have got already surpassed over 300% of their fashioned goal, having raised 34 million KRW (~$28,191 USD)! This funding these days has a general of 447 supporters and that number is most likely to grow till the funding officially closes on February 14. You'll be in a position tolend a hand fund the task here.

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Stellar unearths their ideal kind   Gayoung's final relationship
Stellar Unearths Their Ideal Kind Gayoung's Final Relationship

Stellar unearths their ideal kind Gayoung's final relationship

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Kim Chang Ryul said, "Stellar used to be first on real-time searches and Park Hae Jin changed into second. I heard that Stellar's Gayoung likes Park Hae Jin as her ideal type, so she asked for a screenshot of the real-time seek list because she cherished both names just being there." Shyly, she recognized that he was her ideal type. Jeon Yul chose Kim Soo Hyun, Hyoeun chose Nam Joo Hyuk, and Minhee chose Jung Woo Sung.

On best of that, Gayoung revealed that her closingcourting was over two years ago. When he pointed out that this will have tohad beenwhilst she was active as a singer, she brushed it off nonchalantly through saying, "It's okas it was the past."

4MINUTE, Dalshabet, Ryeowook, Stellar, and more for “Show Champion” February 3rd episode

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Share on FacebookShare on TwitterFor the February 3rd episode of Show Champion, Cube Entertainment womanstaff 4MINUTE made a comeback, appearing two tracks off their newest mini-album, Act.7.

Other performers of the evening included G-Friend, Ryeowook, Nop.K, Dalshabet, LABOUM, Mose Lady Jane, Stellar, IMFACT, Yezi, Jang Mi, The Legend, Go Gene, and PPIPPIPPAPPA.

Stellar's Jeon Yul finds which popular sort  display she needs to be on
Stellar's Jeon Yul Finds Which Popular Sort Display She Needs To Be On

Stellar's Jeon Yul finds which popular sort display she needs to be on

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When asked, "Is there a wide rangeproveyou needto look on?" she replied, "I trulyneedto have a look at 'Real Men's CBR training.  I'm truly so curious.  I'm focused on how it makes you feel."  

Kim Chang Ryul teased her, so she followed up with, "I wonder whetherI am still immature now.  I am really just right at endurance, so I wish tocheck it out for sure."

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Stellar's Minhee does not  cross on a strict vitamin to care for her figure?
Stellar's Minhee Does Not Cross On A Strict Vitamin To Care For Her Figure?

Stellar's Minhee does not cross on a strict vitamin to care for her figure?

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Stellar's Minhee made everyone green with envy through revealing that she would most commonlydevour as commonplaceregardless of living lifestyles as an idol throughout the group's appearance on 'Kim Chang Ryul's Old School' on February 3.  

She published that she sought afterto move on a 'mukbang' form show, explaining, "I truly like eating, so I believe that that kind of range show would be a greatfit for me . . . I actually like eating.  I especially like dining meat."

Regarding keeping up her figure, she said, "I handle it bit by bit.  If there is a broadcast the following day, I do adjust my food intake yet if there isn't any schedule, I just eat and hold it thru exercise."

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The alarm went off in the navy when Stellar visited to perform?
The Alarm Went Off In The Navy When Stellar Visited To Perform?

The alarm went off in the navy when Stellar visited to perform?

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When asked, "How's the response from the military?" as ladyteamscommonmilitary grounds to accomplish for the soldiers. They replied, "They go loopy in the army. I heard their shouts were so loud that the alarm went off. The floor shook so the camera shook, too."

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Dispatch compiles horny footage of STELLAR’s 19 comebacks

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STELLAR  is known for their sexy ideas that some consider are over the head and too much. This time around they have got made their go back with a subtler lolita idea and Dispatch has compiled quite so much of sexy photographs of the ladies on level as well.

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Stellar stocks  private  good looks  guidelines in flawless photoshoot with 'Figaro'
Stellar Stocks Private Good Looks Guidelines In Flawless Photoshoot With 'figaro'

Stellar stocks private good looks guidelines in flawless photoshoot with 'Figaro'

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Ga Young said, "Moisturizing is truly important. I did nottrulytake into consideration it in the past, yetI beganto look my skin no longer being in a position to recuperate every bit fast. I also cleanse meticulously. I get started amongst eye remover, detoxification cream, and foam cleaning which takes around 20 minutes. While you are going via this routine, you can not touch anything else else till youswear skin and lotion. You will have to toosteer clean of touching your face often."

Hyo Eun also shared her guidelines which used to be to drink numerous water. She said, "My skin when I drink so much of water in comparison to the days when I do not potablemany of water is an overly different. Also, you choice to put on moisturizer and lip balm sooner than you sleep."

Lastly, Min Hee, who is understood to have slim legs, acknowledgedso as to save you your calves from bloating, you want toposition a pillow below your legs while you sleep. She said, "Place a pillow under your legs and carry your legs upper than your chest. That wouldassist with your bloated calves."