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Hwang Jeong-min, So Ji-sub and Song Joong-ki to superstar in "Battleship"

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Actor Hwang Jeong-min who holds a checklist of 35 million audiences with the videos "Ode to My Father" (14,261,582), "Veteran" (12,414,009) and "The Himalayas" (7,243,039) takes at the function of Lee Kang-ok who is tricked into being taken to Battleship Island. He believes he's being taken to Japan to be offeringcoverage to his daughter yetfinally he becomes the bold father who will do the rest to live to inform the tale and offer defense to his child.

So Ji-sub who made a quick appearance in the motion picture "The Throne" and currently starred in the drama "Oh My Venus", takes on the role of Choi Chil-seong, the maximum productive fighter in Kyeongseong. He reasonsproblemfrom time to time in Battleship Island as a result of his hot mood but he is trustworthy on the inside.

Song Joong-ki's first comeback movie is going to be "Battleship Island" as he is taking on the role of Park Moo-yeong, a solider for national independence who sneaks into Battleship Island to save a key user in the independence movement. Song Joong-ki is readyto turnan entire new aspect of him that isother from the role he played in "A Werewolf Boy".

Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, and Song Joong Ki to Celebrity in a New Historic Film

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Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, and Song Joong Ki to Megastar in a New HistoricMovie JiwonYu January 14, 2016 0 Actors Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, and Song Joong Ki are showed to star in a new historical film Battleship (tentative title).

The production corporate of the film said on January 15, Battleship is according tothe japanese colonial generation where 400 Joseon folksattempt tobreak out a battleship to which they were forced to board. This film is directed by potential of director Ryu Seung Wan, who also directed Veteran.

Hwang Jung Min will play the role of Lee Kang Ok, who used to be scammed into boarding the battleship thinking that he's going to Japan. So Ji Sub will play the role of Choi Chil Sung, who brought peace to your entire Jongno house alongside his scuffling with skills. Song Joong Ki will play the role of Park Moo Young, who forums the battleship to rescue the folkcollaborating in the independence movement.

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So Ji Sub, Hwang Jung Min And Song Joong Ki Will Superstar In Ryoo Seung Wan's Next Film

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Song Joong Ki, whose closing picturetaskwas once the supernatural hit, "A Werewolf Boy," marks his cinematic comeback with "Battleship Island." The film follows his upcoming role in the highly expected KBS2 action drama, "Descendants of the Sun," where he stars as a U.N. peacekeeper.

So Ji Sub, who recently finished the romantic comedy, "Oh My Venus, portrays a personality amongst dark appeal, who uses crude force to get ahead. The motion picture marks his first main silver screen appearance since starring in the 2012 action thriller, "A Corporate Man."

“Running Man” PD Promises Song Joong Ki Will Go back to Guest Back After His Harm Heals

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Running Guy PD Promises Song Joong Ki Will Go back to Guest Back later His Harm Healsorionight January 12, 2016 0 Running Man manufacturer Im Hyung Taek recently promised that actor Song Joong Ki, who used to be once a member of the customaryfastened cast, will return again to take partat thedisplay in the future.

On January 11, the solid filmed a distinctfootballfit in China at the similar venue that the 2016 Asian Smile Cup might be held. Im Hyung Taek sat down with Sports Chosun once filming wrapped up to discuss the special.

Viewers were in point of facthaving a lookahead to seeing Song Joong Ki reunite with the original cast. Unfortunately, he suffered a significant leg injury and changed intonot able to take part in the special. Song Joong Ki actually regretted no longer being ready to participate in the mission, so he promised me personally, When my leg is healed, Unwellfullyget back and play in the games on Running Man.

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Song Ji Hyo and Song Joong Ki Proportion an Emotional Hug on “Running Man” Set

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Song Ji Hyo and Song Joong Ki Proportion an Emotional Hug on Running Guy prepare orionight January 11, 2016 0 A photo of Song Ji Hyo and Song Joong Ki sharing an emotional hug is making rounds around the Internet.

The moment used to be captured right through the filming for a different episode of Running Man on January 10, and posted to a Chinese Television channels authentic Weibo account. In the photo, Song Ji Hyo is observed alongsidea nearly teary glance on her face, giving Song Joong Ki a large hug. However, the explanationat the back of her expression is unknown. Every other photo become shared of the actor joking around with Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin.

Song Joong Ki was once a member of the presentationsmountedforged at its inception; however, he departed the display after episode 41 to listen on his acting career.

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Park Ji Sung to fulfill “Running Man” Cast, iKON, and Song Joong Ki at the  Football Field
Park Ji Sung To Fulfill “running Man” Cast, Ikon, And Song Joong Ki At The Football Field

Park Ji Sung to fulfill “Running Man” Cast, iKON, and Song Joong Ki at the Football Field

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Park Ji Sung to fulfill Running Guy Cast, iKON, and Song Joong Ki at theFootballBox harmonicar January 5, 2016 0 Koreas national soccer representative, Park Ji Sung, has been announced as an upcoming guest on the preferred SBS display Running Man! Now nothandiest will Park Ji Sung be getting his own special episode, yethe's slated to stand up opposed tovarious celebrities on the soccer field. The manufacturersprinted that theyre these days discussing the filming with the favored soccer star, and theyre making plans to have the player meet with other celebrities on the soccer field someday in January.

The fit will take position in China in Shanghais Space Stadium, at the similar venue the approaching 2016 Asian Smile Cup in China can be held. Besides the normal Running Man cast members, actor Song Joong Ki; soccer players: Jeon Hyuk Sik, Lee Dong Guk, Kim Dong Jin, Kim Jae Seong, Lee Chang Su, Lee Chung Seong, Jang Hyun Su, Jeong Dae Se, Ji So Yeon, and Han Guk Yeong.

In addition, rookie crew iKON will be enjoying the filming as special guests. They currently scheduled to wear a functionality at the event. In line with the producers, the writers havent yet utterly planned out the idea that for the special episode yet, and are still operating and debating over the primary points of the filming.

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Coming Soon in 2016 #3 From Song Joong-ki to Lee Jin-wook, hotties on their way

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They are coming at last. Song Joong-ki's KBS 2TV drama "Descendants of the Sun" is coming this February. Song Joong-ki plays a soldier appropriate after his National Duty. His role is Yoo Si-jin, a distinct forces foreign dispatch solider.

Some worried that his just right looks may interfere with his personalityyet all that went away when the teaser used to be released. He looks sexier and warmer than ever earlier than and he has matured to be a true man.

Park Hae-jin is coming back with tvN drama "Cheese in the Trap" as Yoo Jeong, an excellent guy. He becamethe primary in line for this role once news of it got here out and so much ofloverscannot wait to look his transformation.

Cast Participants Ask Cha Tae Hyun to name Park Bo Gum, Jo In Sung, and Song Joong Ki in “2 Days & 1 Night”
Cast Participants Ask Cha Tae Hyun To Name Park Bo Gum, Jo In Sung, And Song Joong Ki In “2 Days & 1 Night”

Cast Participants Ask Cha Tae Hyun to name Park Bo Gum, Jo In Sung, and Song Joong Ki in “2 Days & 1 Night”

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Cast Participants postulate Cha Tae Hyun to name Park Bo Gum, Jo In Sung, and Song Joong Ki in “2 Days 1 Night”notclaira January 3, 2016 0 At the December 3 episode of KBS 2TV’s “2 Days  1 Night,” the members head off to Hongcheon in Gangwon Province. Once the cameras start rolling, Cha Tae Hyun asks the staff, “Is each personpronouncing they won’t do our program? Be honest.” Yoo Ho Jin PD is flustered via the query and answers, “It’s taking decades because we’re thinking it over carefully.”

Long-time member Kim Joo Hyuk left the displayclose to the finish of 2015, bringing the member count to five. The provecan behaving a look to update him after featuring main league baseball player Choo Shin Soo as a guest closing episode.

Defconn and Kim Jong Min ask Cha Tae Hyun to give a casting call to his close friend Jo In Sung, yet Cha Tae Hyun replies, “He says he won’t do it.” Jo In Sung gave the impression as a guest on the show in 2014.

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Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Wrap Up Filming for “Descendants of the Sun”
Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Wrap Up Filming For “descendants Of The Sun”

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Wrap Up Filming for “Descendants of the Sun”

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Descendants of the Sun has up to now drawn attention for being entirely pre-produced, which was an unusualtrain in the Korean drama industry until very recently. Many star-studded dramas are now completely written and produced before airing to allow parallel broadcasting in either Korea and the strictly regulated Chinese television. Some contemporary examples of this pre-production style are “Saimdang, the Herstory” starring Lee Young Ae and Song Seung Hun, in addition Uncontrollably Fond starring Kim Woo Bin and miss As Suzy.

The filming process for Descendants of the Sun used to be not entirely smooth: Song Joong Ki was hospitalized for multiple days ultimate month after suffering injuries on set, forcing him to cancel some scheduled shoots. Fortunately, his accident did no longermotive delays in the overall filming schedule, and the production crew has drivenahead with its initial plans to have the premiere take position in February.

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Video 'Descendants of the Sun' preview trailer unveils: Intense combat of exam on each and every other, Song Joong-ki vs Song Hye-kyo

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The printed video functions romance between Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki, that may make your middle flutter. Song Joong-ki asks Song Hye-kyo, "Since you are a doctor, I bet you would now not have a boyfriend? You may be also busy". "Since you're a soldier, you will have to not have a girlfriend? Because you're too intense", Song Hye-kyo retorts. Song Joong-ki says, "Someone wishes to give a solution here" and then the 2 looked at every other smiling.

The scene with the questions exchanged to inspectone another makes the audiencewatch for the romance between Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki.

The new drama, 'Descendants of the Sun' starring Song Hye-kyo will end filming originally of December this year. The production will crossin the process theultimate editing and the drama can be set to move on air after all of January or firstly of February next year after "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" has ended.

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