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Song Ji Hyo Broke Up

Kang Seung Yoon and Sandara Park have been seen getting cozy in the teaser for the song called "We broke up"

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CJ EM Digitial Studio and YG K+ released a video teaser for the web drama via YouTube on June 24, previewing the onscreen couple′s sweet moments and theme song.

We Broke Up is about ex-lovers who wind up living together due to unforeseen circumstances. The first two episodes will air on InsiteTV′s YouTube channel at 7 p.m. KST on June 29 and be broadcast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on YG Entertainment and YG K+′s YouTube channels thereafter. The web drama will also air on OnStyle every Friday at 7 p.m. KST beginning on July 3.

Lyn Brings the Target audience to Tears on “Immortal Song”

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Lyn Brings the Target audience to Tears on Immortal Songkminjungee February 13, 2016 0 KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Song” commemorated veteran singer Choi Baek Ho on the February thirteen episode.

Lyn, who was once the closing performer of the day, sings “Father,” whilst reminiscing about her own dad. The audience cries at the mix of her warm and sorrowful voice, and the lyrics that pull at the heartstrings. Lyn continues to sing till the end, regardless of being in tears herself, and cries profusely once her functionality is over.

The other performers of the day integrated Nam Sung Il, Park Ki Young, Sweet Sorrow, Lyn, So Jun Ho, Lazybone, and Kim Bo Kyung.

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Actor Woo Hyun Bears Striking Resemblance to Song Minguk in Early life Photos
Actor Woo Hyun Bears Striking Resemblance To Song Minguk In Early Life Photos

Actor Woo Hyun Bears Striking Resemblance to Song Minguk in Early life Photos

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Actor Woo Hyun Bears Striking Resemblance to Song Minguk in AdolescenceFootage ehk38 February 13, 2016 0 At the February thirteen episode of MBC typedisplay Infinity Challenge, actor Woo Hyun seems as a guest for the systems Meet My Unpleasant Friend special.

Woo Hyun and the oppositevisitors are asked to organize a photo from their prime, and Woo Hyun finds a photo from his childhood. Theres a photo from when I used to bemore youthful where I seem like Song Minguk, Woo Hyun says.

Meanwhile, comic Jo Se Ho, iKONs Bobby, Lee Chun Soo, and more also seemed as guests for the show. You can watch the preview below.

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Watch AOA Cream, 4minute, G-Friend, Teenager TOP, and more on February 6th 'Show! Song Core'!

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Other performers of the evening were Yoo Seung Woo, 4minute,G-Friend,IMFACT,Stellar,The Legend,TEEN TOP,Dal Shabet,Nop.K, Solji Dujinsu, Cross Gene,andVROMANCE.

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SM Entertainment Unearths Winning Fanmade Song Video For Red Velvet's 'Wish Tree' Contest

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The video, submitted by way of Jeong Minseo, follows a couple of easiestbuddies spending the Christmas holiday in combination from morning till evening. After having a meal and walking round thetown together, one of the crucialwomenstart toglance at her most sensible friend in a other way. As their day continues into the evening, the lady realizes that she may cause just fallen for her own friend.

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Song Ji Hyo and Gary Take a Food Destroy From the Mystery in Upcoming “Running Man” Special
Song Ji Hyo And Gary Take A Food Destroy From The Mystery In Upcoming “running Man” Special

Song Ji Hyo and Gary Take a Food Destroy From the Mystery in Upcoming “Running Man” Special

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Song Ji Hyo and Gary Take a Food Wreck From the Mystery in Upcoming Running Guy especial kminjungee February 11, 2016 0 SBS’s “Running Man” posted a photo of Song Ji Hyo and Gary on their legit Instagram on February 12. They uploaded the image with the caption, “#Song Ji Hyo and #Gary are recently attending the Running Man episode 286’s mystery special, ‘Mystery Mountain Cabin and the Seven Detectives,’ party.”

In the printed photo, Song Ji Hyo and Gary grill meat together, appearing their partnership. Fanatics are excited since thephotographnicelypresentations the affection between the “Monday Couple.” Song Ji Hyo and Gary also areincredibly concentrated whilst grilling meat, causing laughter. 

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8 Performances From “Immortal Song” You need to have to glance at Appropriate Now

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8 Performances From Immortal Song You want to haveto glance atAt the moment minjiya February 11, 2016 0 One of the vital best things about tune is that each and every artist has their own authentic style, and theres not anythingfairly like seeing an artist bring out his or her ability and personality in their reside performances. And I dont know about you, yetI like information technology when singers carry out covers, adding their own non-public twist and developingbrand new music. Thank you to the preferred KBS display “Immortal Song,” we might beready torevel in amazing new covers of Korea’s maximumliked songs each week.

Ailee Each person (Yoon Bok Hee)Beginning off the list sturdy is Ailee, one of Koreas reigning divas and a widespread performer on Immortal Song. This functionality of Yoon Bok Hees 1979 song All people is vintage Ailee brilliance, whole alongside Ailees charismatic degree presence: a wind device blowing her hair back, Beyoncé-style; and of course, an unbelievablevariety of deep low notes and strongtop notes. Bonus: a choir stuffed with adorable children! Watch Ailee belt it out (with Yoon Bok Hee beaming like a proud mother) here:

Hwang Chi Yeol Burden (Baek Ji Young)Hwang Chi Yeol, a former vocal instructor for INFINITE who rose to statusat theproveI will be able to See Your Voice, becomereferred to as the 2015 Large Rookie of Immortal Song. On an episode devoted to the Goddess of Ballads, Baek Ji Young, Hwang Chi Yeol chose to hide one of Baek Ji Youngs dance songs, the 1999 hit Burden. This performance showcases all of his charms: his rich, husky voice, his incredible dance skills, and his infectious energy. Enjoy Hwang Chi Yeols deubstep performance (he hilariously mispronounced dubstep in his introduction) below!

Video Of Loopy Talented Lady  Making a song With Kim Bum Soo Is going VIRAL In Korea
Video Of Loopy Talented Lady Making A Song With Kim Bum Soo Is Going Viral In Korea

Video Of Loopy Talented Lady Making a song With Kim Bum Soo Is going VIRAL In Korea

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Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Making a song with a really talented vocalist would possibly even make excellent singers fadedcompared sometimes. However, netizens were surprised when an unknown ladyused to bein a position to stay along ofmythical singer Kim Bum Soo. When the 2got here out to sing a duet for the crowd on a up to date broadcast, audience werent certain what to expect. However, oncethe woman opened her mouth, all and sundrychanged intobowled over to notice that she was capable ofcling her own opposed to the overpowering voice of the veteran vocalist. In fact, when the song came to an impressive conclusion, the two earned a status ovation from the audience.

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JYJ's Jaejoong Will 'Love You More' With Unlock Of New Song Video

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No.Xwas recorded before Jaejoong's enlistment, and is constructed from 12 tracks that covers quite so much of genres, addingdemanding rock, British pop, blues, ballads, and more.

"Love You More" became composed through RB singer-songwriter Tae Wan, who worked with JYJ's Junsu's unmarried "Flower" and the group's single "Back Seat," which was released in 2014.

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MV and Song Review AOA Cream - 'I'm Jelly Baby'

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Hyejeong gets a text and hugs her telephone to herself in gladdomestic dog love, but her mood darkens temporarily when she and the alternative girls see the boyfriend walk by with every other girl. They become into magical girls (ala 'Sailor Moon') and prank him to coach him a lesson; they freeze time and kick him, spook him by acting and then without notice vanishing, magically mess with his espresso, and more. No longer content to stay up for karma to do its job, these girls mete out hilarious punishment themselves.

The lighting tricks are in factbeautiful amusing, if now not amazing. I lovethe style their accessories magically pop into being, and the sparkly effects around their eyes are a pleasing touch too.

The cloth wardrobe had me laughing, because their magical lady uniforms appear to be ballet outfits, whole alongside cute, fluffy tutus. This is par for the path in that genre, though, where the garb is more adorable than cool. The other costumes were definitely made for the male gaze, replete with naked midriffs and legs, but the attractiveness of AOA Cream is that they wear the ones so well.

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