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Song Hye Kyo Sunflower

Alex sings his cover of Sunflower on ‘Immortal Song 2′
Alex Sings His Cover Of Sunflower On ‘immortal Song 2′

Alex sings his cover of Sunflower on ‘Immortal Song 2′

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He stated, Im not interested in 1st, before singing his cover of A Person Who Gives Happiness. MC Shin Dong Yup commented, This song means something to me. A friend sang it at my wedding to congratulate me.

Alex performance was impressive enough to inspire jealousy from the other male singers, but he lost the round to Hong Kyung Min and Yurisangja took the final win.

Song Il Gook Would love To Have A Fourth Child
Song Il Gook Would Love To Have A Fourth Child

Song Il Gook Would love To Have A Fourth Child

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Song, called the King of Sageuks for his many historic drama roles, can currently be observed in the drama "Jang Young Sil." His first historical drama was "Jang Hui Bin" in 2002 and his first large hit of a historical drama was "Emperor of the Sea" in 2005. Up next was the MBC drama "Jumong," in which Song played Prince Jumong, the fellow who established the Goguryeo Empire. The drama was well cherished by the viewer ratings achieving 51.9 %national and averaging 40.98 percent. After that he played one more prince in the KBS drama "Kingdom of the Winds."

His latest role in the weekend drama "Jang Young Sil" is that of a guy who starts out as a servant but is goingdirectly toturn into one of the largest scientists of the Joseon empire. The real-life Jang Young Sil lived all over the 15th century and sooner or laterhave become a depended on adviser to King Seongjo.

Not having a fourth child is also a unhappiness for Song, but he does have 3fascinating triplets and a stellar occupation every bit a k-drama actor.

WINNER may be  appearing their new song survive 'Cultwo Show'
Winner May Be Appearing Their New Song Survive 'cultwo Show'

WINNER may be appearing their new song survive 'Cultwo Show'

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WINNER already has exposed their sense of humor on 'Cultwo Show' two years ago when they were aired on September of 2014. Fans once backlook forward to their comeback at the show. 

In the meanwhile, their new album, 'EXIT:E' with two identify songs, "Sentimental" and "Baby Baby", has been released on the 1st of this month. 

WINNER is expected to satisfy with fans regularly with the recent album, in additionvia their concert, 'WINNER EXIT Excursion IN SEOUL' in Seoul Olympic Stadium on the 12th and the 13th. 

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Brave Women Set Comeback Date and New Song
Brave Women Set Comeback Date And New Song

Brave Women Set Comeback Date and New Song

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Brave Women fix Comeback Date and New Songhellohalcyon February 10, 2016 0 On February 3, it used to be announced that Brave Girls will returning with five new members. Now a comeback date been announced and their new song is published to be titled, Changed.

After the free upin their single, For You, in 2013, Courageous Girls is creating a grand comeback in 3 years as a seven member group. Normalparticipants Yoojin and Hyeran are joined by capability of new additions – Minyoung, Yoojung, Eunji, Yuna, and Hayoon.

A representative from Brave Entertainment said, It glancedecades for this comeback because we needed to be completelyreadyto turn our very best image. Please watch over the rebirth of Brave Girls who have turn into more glamorous with more potentabilities and looks.

Song Il-gook, "I need a fourth yet my wife may not permit it"

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The fathers mentioned things that were never sent out on Television before. Lee Hwi-jae asked Song Il-gook if he needed a fourth and he said 'yes'.

Actor Eom Tae-woong also said, "I need a 2ndkid besides just in case Ji-on is lonely" yet Choo Sung-hoon said, "She'll be alright on her own too".

Lee Hwi-jae talked about his twins saying, "When I give one of them anything to devourthey are going totake into accountsthe opposite one and tell to be equal".

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Song Il Gook Discusses Choice for Fourth Child
Song Il Gook Discusses Choice For Fourth Child

Song Il Gook Discusses Choice for Fourth Child

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Song Il Gook Discusses Choice for Fourth Kid ehk38 February 10, 2016 0 On the February 10 Lunar New Year Special of The Go back of Superman Unreleased X Files, The Return of Superman airs in the past unreleased pictures from the fathers go back and forth to Jeju Island.

During their table talk, twins father Lee Hwi Jae asks Song Il Gook whether he has any mind about having more kids, Song Il Gook responds, I would like a fourth child.

Uhm Ji Ons father Uhm Tae Woong jumps into the communication and shares, Im concerned with a 2nd child, expressing his concern that his daughter may be lonely otherwise.

Himchan stocks  a quick preview to new song 'My Girl'
Himchan Stocks A Quick Preview To New Song 'my Girl'

Himchan stocks a quick preview to new song 'My Girl'

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Much like "Carnival," "My Girl" sounds lighthearted and airy; no less thanthat is whatwe willacquire from the short 13-second preview on Himchan's Twitter. Either songs appearto slot the cheery symbol of the group's comeback which have been bursting with pops of color. 

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'One Day One Chance' Song Video From 'School OZ' Hologram Musical Presentations SMTown Stars In An exhilarating New Way

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(Photo : SM Entertainment) SM Entertainments School Oz hologram musical can most effective be observed in South Korea, yet now the entertainment firm has released an reliablesong video from its star-studded musical.

On Saturday, the K-pop powerhouse unveiled a video for the song One Day One Chance from its hologram musical School Oz. The number, a bombastic, uplifting song, is led via TVXQs Changmin but functions the vocals of several SM Entertainment artists who seemin class Oz.

f(x)s Luna, Red Velvets Seulgi, EXOs Suho and Xiumin, and SHINees Key all appear in the music video at the facet of Changmin and be offering backing vocals at the track.

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Did Jaekyung divulge Rainbow's upcoming name song?
Did Jaekyung Divulge Rainbow's Upcoming Name Song?

Did Jaekyung divulge Rainbow's upcoming name song?

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The Rainbow leader shared the photo above, which provideslovers more of a glance at the woman group's comeback ideain addition the free up date! Their album 'Prism' is scheduled for a February 15th release just in time for Valentine's Day.

She also posted the message, "#Rainbow #Whoo #20160215," making fans come to the belief that "Whoo" is the most likely championship of Rainbow's comeback title track. DSP Mediapreviously asked you to guess, yetwe will still mustwatch for updates!

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The Most sensible 10 Funniest K-Pop Song Videos of All Time

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The Most sensible ten Funniest K-Pop Tune Videos of All Timekafox February 9, 2016 0 Has a K-pop music video ever make you burst out laughing? Probably the most nearly memorable music videos are ones with hilarious plotlines, slapstick gags, sophisticated jokes, and witty lyrics. This list has the top 10 most hilarious music videos that would accept yous smiling from ear to ear.

10. iKON Dumb and DumberDumb and Dumber via iKON is full of funny bits, adding Jinhwan in a tree hooting like an owl at 2:41 and the outcome of Bobby and B.Is combat at 1:47.

9. Large Junior Satisfied Cooking CookingCooking Cooking, by Super Junior subgroup Super Junior H, will have you smiling from ear to ear once the beat begins. The lyrics are about a guy who is forced to devour his girlfriend’s awful cooking, and the female friend is played by none other than Sunny of Girls’ Generation, who smiles and watches on as she feeds the individuals terrible meals.

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