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f(x)'s Victoria to famous person in new Chinese drama 'City of Fantasy'

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"City of Fantasy" is initially a singular via noted Chinese author and director Guo Jingming, depicts a war between two brothers who constitute the Ice and Hearth kingdoms in a fantasy world. The drama adaption will center of attention more at the fated tale between the Emperor and the girl he loves.

Luhan Rumored to Play Kris (Wu Yifan)'s Sibling in New Chinese Drama
Luhan Rumored To Play Kris (Wu Yifan)'s Sibling In New Chinese Drama "enchanted City"

Luhan Rumored to Play Kris (Wu Yifan)'s Sibling in New Chinese Drama "Enchanted City"

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Wu Yifan was named to take on the main lead as Kasuo, while Luhan was expected to play the grown-up character of Yingkong Shi, who is Kasuo’s younger brother. Other casts listed were TFBOYS’ leader Wang Junkai, Yang Mi, Angelababy, Xu Jiao, and more.

Previously, Wu Yifan and Luhan’s reunion on the same stage for CCTV’s New Year’s Gala show was unfortunately pulled off, as they were still embroiled in lawsuits with SM Entertainment.

Giveaway: Drama Caption Contest! (Part One)
Giveaway: Drama Caption Contest! (Part One)

Giveaway: Drama Caption Contest! (Part One)

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We are back with yet another giveaway this week, and for this one, readers are going to have to make a caption for the special screen capture from a drama below! It might be challenging, but it"ll be worth it. We have five posters of top idols to give away! In order to win one (1), you need to follow these simple rules:

3. Write a caption for the following screenshot. Simply write in the comment below how you would caption the picture. Be funny, be clever, and keep it short.

[Spoiler] Drama "City of the Sun" unveils its movie-like spectacular scenes

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He endured everything including the rough culture of the construction workers as well as the corrupted practices in the field. It was because he was determined to reach the top from bottom. However, his rival as well as a longtime lover, Han Ji-soo (Song Min-jeong) was feeling baffled as someone like him, who graduated from a prominent university as a top student in construction engineering major decided to work for a small sub-contractor company instead of a large general construction company.

Han Ji-soo works for Hanguk Construction and shares a special feeling with So Woo-jin (Jeong Min), who is the general manager of the headquarter of the department she works for. He is also a son of the owner of the company.

Although the couple, Kang Tae-yang and Han Ji-soo love each other, they have a different approach for success. Now they have So Woo-jin and So Hye-jin in each one"s life. The interest is now focused on how the love relationship among the two guys and two girls will move forward.

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[Drama Review + Giveaway] "pinocchio" - Episode 16, Winner Announced, Caption Contest Giveaway

[Drama Review + Giveaway] "Pinocchio" - Episode 16, winner announced, Caption Contest Giveaway

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As for the news world, although it was interesting to see MSC and YGN struggle between covering the Winter Olympics and the fire accident, I was somewhat disappointed by the ending we were given. Viewers figured that Cha Ok and Ro Sa were directly involved in vilifying Ho Sang a long time ago. As heartbreaking as it was to see Beom Jo and In Ha react to their mothers" cruel schemes, I wish we could"ve seen a little more in the texts. I expected a whole batch of politicians and big businesses to be involved in this. Ro Sa is evidently working with multiple connections; I just want more of a peek into just how big and widespread her manipulative scheme is. Leaving us with the evidence that simply shows Ro Sa and Cha Ok working together 13 years ago came as a "Well no DUH" moment for me.

Moments of frustration aside, I felt that the supporting characters really brought this episode to life. Reporter Jang especially shined in this episode when he was robbed of his line by In Ha, fooled by Dal Po, and when he heroically rose to the occasion, complete with a hilariously dramatic high-five-turned-hand-lock with camerawoman Im Jae Hwan (Choo Soo Hyun). Captain Pil Mo and Yoo Rae even shared a moment that was cute, possibly even… shippable? Hey, who knows!

Interesting points we"re seeing about what news should be. I agree with In Ha that news should reflect what we should see, but Cha Ok makes a good point by reminding us that news stations operate more like businesses than teaching tools.

[Video] Teaser trailer released for the Korean drama "City of the Sun"

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"City of the Sun" (2014)Directed by Jeong Heung-soon, Park Ki-hyeongWritten by Jeong Jae-hong, Lim Ri-ra, Park Ki-hyeongNetwork : MBC DramanetWith Kim Jun, Jung Joo-yeon, Jeong Min, Song Min-jeong, Kim Seong-kyeong-I, Lim Dae-ho,...20 episodes - Fri 20:50"City of the Sun" is a Korea and Japan co-production.SynopsisA drama about the corruption of a construction company and the supervisory agency that is parasitic to it. The main character of the drama struggles to make buildings fit for people to live in and reflects back on the true values that we humans have forgotten about.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/01/30

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[Drama Review + Giveaway] "pinocchio" - Episode 15, Winner Announced, Caption Contest Giveaway

[Drama Review + Giveaway] "Pinocchio" - Episode 15, winner announced, Caption Contest Giveaway

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Our band of reporters Dal Po, In Ha, Beom Jo, and Yoo Rae are nearing closer and closer to the truth about the recent fire incident, leaving Cha Ok visibly shaken. We got a lot of shots of Cha Ok appearing panicked, especially when she notices the cell phone, which contains the texts In Ha used to send her, was missing. At first I thought Cha Ok felt guilty for disappointing her daughter. The looks they exchanged when parting at the elevator were powerful, especially with In Ha giving her mother a crestfallen stare. But when Cha Ok says to herself at some point, "It"s alright, it"s alright. I erased everything," she seems to indicate that there"s incriminating information in that cell phone--perhaps regarding her relationship with Beom Jo"s mother, Ro Sa.

Now that the cell phone is in In Ha"s hands, it"s up to In Ha to find that information. Though, I wonder what will become of this mother-daughter pair once all of Cha Ok"s wrongdoings are exposed? Can the relationship still be repaired or will the show have the estranged family members cut off ties once and for all?

Aside from Dal Po"s surprise kiss for In Ha at the end, this episode didn"t have anything too exciting happening in it. I"m guessing this is all just build-up for something epic to come--which will hopefully unfold sometime next week!

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[Drama Review + Giveaway] "pinocchio" - Episode 11, Winner Announced, + Caption Contest Giveaway!

[Drama Review + Giveaway] "Pinocchio" - Episode 11, Winner Announced, + Caption Contest Giveaway!

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I like the progress this episode made, but I have to say that the plot twist pulled at the end, when Jae Myeong reveals that he actually wanted Dal Po to turn him in all along, was a weird surprise. This drama is usually good at shocking the viewers, especially with its fast pace when it comes to revelations and developments, but for some reason, I had a hard time accepting that Jae Myeong would set this up. I know that Jae Myeong is a kind soul deep down, but prior to this, we saw a really dark side of him, so dark that he was going on a killing rampage. He hasn"t just killed one person--he"s killed three, and he was on his way to making that murder toll go up to five. He has been really committed to this revenge up to now; it seems strange that he would allow Dal Po to take his operation revenge down a more peaceful, less violent route.

I"m also really curious as to what Dal Po"s idea of revenge is. Does he plan to just make Cha Ok look bad on TV? Destroy her news channel? Ruin her news career?

As for Dal Po"s breakup with In Ha, as sad as it was, we K-Drama viewers knew it had to happen at some point. K-Dramas always invent a way to separate the lead couple and then bring them back together in the end for a happy reunion. Usually K-Dramas use reasons such as family disapprovals, car accidents, amnesia, secret illnesses, etc. to tear their star-crossed lovers apart. I appreciate that In Ha and Dal Po"s breakup didn"t rely on such cliches and was actually for Dal Po"s own good. I"m predicting that they will probably get back together once Dal Po gets his revenge, so I"m not too worried about this couple"s future.

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[Drama Review + Giveaway] "pinocchio" - Episode 7 + Caption Contest!

[Drama Review + Giveaway] "Pinocchio" - Episode 7 + Caption Contest!

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Speaking of the news world, after a long (LONG) week of anticipation, we finally find out that our winner of MCN vs. YGN"s first head-to-head competition is In Ha! Like In Ha, I thought I would have an "IN YO FACE" moment against Dal Po since his statement that a Pinocchio can"t become a reporter was really uncalled for a few episodes back. But seeing Dal Po"s crestfallen reaction and, even worse, the victim"s reaction to how her mother was being misrepresented by the media, I felt bad for both Dal Po and the victim alike. It was a sobering moment for both Dal Po and me to realize that what"s more important than a news competition is the people who could get hurt by the news itself. Although Dal Po had a moment of depression, it was good to see him grow through it and to really ask himself that question, "Is it worth being a reporter?"

Now that Dal Po is faced with the difficult choice of being a reporter or being Jae Myeong"s brother, I"m interested in how Dal Po will find his answer to whether it"s worth doing this job or not.

It was refreshing to hear Hwang Gyo Dong (Lee Pil Mo) admit that he made a mistake as a reporter during the fire accident. Shows that it"s normal for reporters to make mistakes and misinform the public on the job. Now Dal Po knows this firsthand.

Park Hae-jin and director Jin Hyeok to come together for Chinese drama
Park Hae-Jin And Director Jin Hyeok To Come Together For Chinese Drama "sex And The City"

Park Hae-jin and director Jin Hyeok to come together for Chinese drama "Sex and The City"

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The first drama was released 3 years ago in four different states of China and topped the charts. Directed by celebrity director Zhao Bao Kang, this Chinese version of the male "Sex and The City" dealt with three middle aged men from different backgrounds and values. The three men who starred in the movie then are still popular today. Park Hae-jin is to star in the next one.

Park Hae-jin, Zhang Liang and Fu Xin Bo have been cast in the second drama since 2013 and while looking for the director, the productions company decided on Jin Hyeok who is known for his meticulous and powerful work. Jin Hyeok is responsible for "City Hunter", "Master"s Sun", "Doctor Stranger" and more.

Jin Hyeok took Park Hae-jin"s positive advice and decided to sign the contract with consideration from SBS. The crew from "Doctor Stranger" naturally would move with him out of loyalty.