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NU’EST Announces Winner of “Let’s Dance” Cover Contest

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We previously reported that NU’EST was holding a dance cover contest for their latest song, “Hello,” through LOEN’s official Youtube channel.  The agency uploaded a new video on April 1 showing the NU’EST members personally viewing and judging the entries.

The video shows each member discussing what the most important criteria are in judging the submissions, ranging from Ren’s focus on fashion and facial expression to Baekho’s emphasis on the contestants’ ability to hit the three most important moves in the choreography. The video also shows the members watching the entries with both excitement and seriousness, marveling at the participants’ creativity and dance skills.

There were a total of 162 entries and each member of NU’EST picked 2 of their favorites. Together they picked the winner, who will receive a signed, limited edition of NU’EST’s album,  a personal message from the members, and the necktie from NU’EST’s outfit.  You can watch the message at the end of the clip, as well as a short video compilation of the entries.

[Drama Review + Giveaway]
[Drama Review + Giveaway] "pinocchio" - Episode 16, Winner Announced, Caption Contest Giveaway

[Drama Review + Giveaway] "Pinocchio" - Episode 16, winner announced, Caption Contest Giveaway

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As for the news world, although it was interesting to see MSC and YGN struggle between covering the Winter Olympics and the fire accident, I was somewhat disappointed by the ending we were given. Viewers figured that Cha Ok and Ro Sa were directly involved in vilifying Ho Sang a long time ago. As heartbreaking as it was to see Beom Jo and In Ha react to their mothers" cruel schemes, I wish we could"ve seen a little more in the texts. I expected a whole batch of politicians and big businesses to be involved in this. Ro Sa is evidently working with multiple connections; I just want more of a peek into just how big and widespread her manipulative scheme is. Leaving us with the evidence that simply shows Ro Sa and Cha Ok working together 13 years ago came as a "Well no DUH" moment for me.

Moments of frustration aside, I felt that the supporting characters really brought this episode to life. Reporter Jang especially shined in this episode when he was robbed of his line by In Ha, fooled by Dal Po, and when he heroically rose to the occasion, complete with a hilariously dramatic high-five-turned-hand-lock with camerawoman Im Jae Hwan (Choo Soo Hyun). Captain Pil Mo and Yoo Rae even shared a moment that was cute, possibly even… shippable? Hey, who knows!

Interesting points we"re seeing about what news should be. I agree with In Ha that news should reflect what we should see, but Cha Ok makes a good point by reminding us that news stations operate more like businesses than teaching tools.

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[Drama Review + Giveaway] "pinocchio" - Episode 15, Winner Announced, Caption Contest Giveaway

[Drama Review + Giveaway] "Pinocchio" - Episode 15, winner announced, Caption Contest Giveaway

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Our band of reporters Dal Po, In Ha, Beom Jo, and Yoo Rae are nearing closer and closer to the truth about the recent fire incident, leaving Cha Ok visibly shaken. We got a lot of shots of Cha Ok appearing panicked, especially when she notices the cell phone, which contains the texts In Ha used to send her, was missing. At first I thought Cha Ok felt guilty for disappointing her daughter. The looks they exchanged when parting at the elevator were powerful, especially with In Ha giving her mother a crestfallen stare. But when Cha Ok says to herself at some point, "It"s alright, it"s alright. I erased everything," she seems to indicate that there"s incriminating information in that cell phone--perhaps regarding her relationship with Beom Jo"s mother, Ro Sa.

Now that the cell phone is in In Ha"s hands, it"s up to In Ha to find that information. Though, I wonder what will become of this mother-daughter pair once all of Cha Ok"s wrongdoings are exposed? Can the relationship still be repaired or will the show have the estranged family members cut off ties once and for all?

Aside from Dal Po"s surprise kiss for In Ha at the end, this episode didn"t have anything too exciting happening in it. I"m guessing this is all just build-up for something epic to come--which will hopefully unfold sometime next week!

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[Drama Review + Giveaway] "pinocchio" - Episode 11, Winner Announced, + Caption Contest Giveaway!

[Drama Review + Giveaway] "Pinocchio" - Episode 11, Winner Announced, + Caption Contest Giveaway!

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I like the progress this episode made, but I have to say that the plot twist pulled at the end, when Jae Myeong reveals that he actually wanted Dal Po to turn him in all along, was a weird surprise. This drama is usually good at shocking the viewers, especially with its fast pace when it comes to revelations and developments, but for some reason, I had a hard time accepting that Jae Myeong would set this up. I know that Jae Myeong is a kind soul deep down, but prior to this, we saw a really dark side of him, so dark that he was going on a killing rampage. He hasn"t just killed one person--he"s killed three, and he was on his way to making that murder toll go up to five. He has been really committed to this revenge up to now; it seems strange that he would allow Dal Po to take his operation revenge down a more peaceful, less violent route.

I"m also really curious as to what Dal Po"s idea of revenge is. Does he plan to just make Cha Ok look bad on TV? Destroy her news channel? Ruin her news career?

As for Dal Po"s breakup with In Ha, as sad as it was, we K-Drama viewers knew it had to happen at some point. K-Dramas always invent a way to separate the lead couple and then bring them back together in the end for a happy reunion. Usually K-Dramas use reasons such as family disapprovals, car accidents, amnesia, secret illnesses, etc. to tear their star-crossed lovers apart. I appreciate that In Ha and Dal Po"s breakup didn"t rely on such cliches and was actually for Dal Po"s own good. I"m predicting that they will probably get back together once Dal Po gets his revenge, so I"m not too worried about this couple"s future.

2014 MelOn Music Awards: WINNER Nabs Best New Artist Award, Block B Takes Home Best Dance Artist Male Award

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IU kicked off the ceremony with the ballad her remake of Cho Deok Baes 80s hit My Old Story. Her stage was preceded by a video introduction of a woman who was reminiscing about the past. She was accompanied by live instrumentals from a band comprised of senior citizens.

She then sang Meaning of You. She was accompanied by an adorable childrens choir for Meaning of You making her performance a multi-generational stage.

Enes and Julian of the international program Non-Summit presented the first award from the Top 10 to Girls Day, followed by YG Entertainments Akdong Musician who were seated by Winner.

CL and Minzy join WINNER for their "All In For Dance" Adidas CF

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The two ladies showed off their moves alongside WINNER in the "#allinfordance" commercial that urged viewers to show their moves to the world. Fittingly, everyone is decked out in Adidas from head to toe for the commercial.

WINNER show off their dance moves in new "Adidas" CF

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Recently, they showed off their various dance moves in a commercial for "Adidas," showing a passion for dancing helped by the brand"s comfy sneakers. Ranging from simple moves to impressive breakdancing, it looks like the boys are having a fun party!

[Exclusive] Ladies’ Code Films Reaction Video for the “Pretty Pretty” Cover Contest Winner

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Soompi teamed up with Polaris Entertainment last month to bring a fun cover contest covering Ladies’ Code’s single “Pretty Pretty.” The girls looked through all the great submissions so it was very difficult to pick the winner, but the girls have finally picked the winning video!

[Exclusive] Ladies’ Code “Pretty Pretty” Cover Contest + Winner’s Video Uploaded onto Official YouTube Account!

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Submission period: November 14 to December 4 (3 weeks) Remember that the girls will be looking at the videos submitted themselves! The higher the views and “thumbs up” counts will increase the chances of winning!   Instructions (1) Upload cover video onto YouTube (2) Title MUST include: [Soompi] Ladies’ CodePretty Pretty Cover (Soompi username) (3) Comment on this page with: Your YouTube link and Twitter account   Material The single and instrumental version is available at iTunes ~ Click Here And the music video “Pretty Pretty” for reference:  

D-minus 5 days until deadline! Participate in the “INFINITE DANCE FEVER” contest NOW!
D-Minus 5 Days Until Deadline! Participate In The “Infinite Dance Fever” Contest Now!

D-minus 5 days until deadline! Participate in the “INFINITE DANCE FEVER” contest NOW!

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For those GALAXY Music members who have yet to hear about our event, and also for those who are hesitating to participate, we wanted to let you know once again that "INFINITE DANCE FEVER" is a dance contest for ALL GALAXY Music members across the world! ANYONE with passion for music and dance can participate.

The clock is ticking folks! The deadline for submission is the25th of October. So act fast and do not miss out on the opportunity to showcase your hidden talent to the world!