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Seungri Hairstyle

Male idols who can pull off the pomade hairstyle
Male Idols Who Can Pull Off The Pomade Hairstyle

Male idols who can pull off the pomade hairstyle

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There are a number ofotherforms of pomade hairstyles move to around from short back and aspects to undercut pomade and more. What makes it even more amusing is that everyvoguecalls fora utterly uniquemodel styling.

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Fans going loopy over D.O’s hairstyle
Fans Going Loopy Over D.o’s Hairstyle

Fans going loopy over D.O’s hairstyle

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After findingphotographs of the SM Entertainment singer from a photo shoot carrying heavier bangs than usual, netizens couldnt prevent raving about how excellent he looks. A post on Instiz featuring several photos the singers photo shoot in additiona brief gif has wonnumerous attention online.

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Why is our infant and solovelyHe looks so fairly amongst bangs ㅠㅠㅠHere's too unhealthy for my centerSo Kawaiiiii!!!Hes back!!!!Please stay your hairpiece Source: Instiz

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Yang Hyun Suk's best  worry  is large Bang's Seungri?
Yang Hyun Suk's Best Worry Is Large Bang's Seungri?

Yang Hyun Suk's best worry is large Bang's Seungri?

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When the subject of discussion become posed as a question that went, "Yang Hyun Suk's biggestworryis large Bang?" Kim Myo Sung tentatively answered, "If you amplify upon that question, there is the rumor that 'Yang Hyun Suk's finest concern is possibly Seungri?' Seungri won an be offering from singer Shin back in June of 2014 to speculate in genuine estate, and passed her over 2 Billion Won (~$1.66 Million USD); however, the investment never took flight and he never heard from her back so he filed a lawsuit opposed to Shin. So YG published its intent to take joint felony action with Seungri yet eventually, the lawsuit was withdrawn in only ten days."

Gong Hyun Jin responded with, "There was the autotwist of fate too, wasn't there?" which Lee Eon Kyung answered, explaining, "There was a vehicle accident in 2014 and it was a largeadequate crash for the vehicle to be near-totaled. While youglance at the dashcam footage, you spot that Seungri's vehiclein an instantmove over two lanes, crash into the car in front of him, hit the guardrail and turn over. There were talks that he crashed into the guardrail because he switched lanes too recklessly."

Hong Jin Young then asked, "Wasn't there also a beyond scandal?" Kim Myo Sung replied, "Yes, there was. In Taiwan ultimate September 26 around 1 in the morning, an image was snapped at a nightclub. It was a image of Seungri stepping out of the club conserving hands with a lovelygirl in a white tee, and he had explained that it was his translator." Kim Yeon Ji chimed in and subsidized up the claims, saying, "She is a translator. I for my part know this lady."

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2NE1's Dara Looks Adorable With New Curly Hairstyle
2Ne1's Dara Looks Adorable With New Curly Hairstyle

2NE1's Dara Looks Adorable With New Curly Hairstyle

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Netizens mock post claiming Umji was prettier with her new hairstyle
Netizens Mock Post Claiming Umji Was Prettier With Her New Hairstyle

Netizens mock post claiming Umji was prettier with her new hairstyle

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Group member Umji has been criticized for her visuals in the past, with some netizens even suggesting that she used to behandiest added to the gangon account of her prestigious background. However, after the groups comeback teasers published new hairstyles for Umji and a few of her fellow group member, some lovers claimed that the hotglance helped enhanced her visuals. Yet while some fans believed that she looks prettier with her new hairstyle, many netizens mocked the idea, arguing as a substitute that the singer become still a visiblehollow in her group.

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at thenormal article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

K-Pop News Weekly Best 3: South Korea Uses K-Pop Propoganda, 'Family Guy' Parodies HyunA, Seungri's Fraud Case

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Last Sunday night, Fox's "Family Guy" featured an episode that brought characters of the animated sitcom to South Korea. Whilst in Seoul, the characters explored South Korean culture, adding K-pop and K-dramas. Womancrew Sistar was shown on screen several times, and the display ended with a parody of HyunA's "Bubble Pop" conducted by Peter Griffin and friends. K-pop lovers likewise noted that dances and degree outfits made favored by teams like Kara and EXO were also featured in the cover.

Tamar Herman is a multi-media journalist and the co-founder of KultScene. She is a freelance creator and replica editor, and has written for MTV Iggy, Noisey, and Paste Magazine.

Seungri Drops $1.65 Million Fraud Lawsuit Opposed to Former K-Pop Star

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(Photo : YG Entertainment) Giant Bang member Seungri has canceled his pending lawsuit opposed to singer Shin Eun Sung, who allegedly defrauded him for two billion won ($1.65 million USD).

"At first, letsno longer make touch with her, so we had no selectionyet to record the lawsuit," said YG. "However, we were soon in a positionto achieve her and resolved the misunderstanding."

Unfortunately, the primary points of why Seungri dropped the lawsuit would possibly never be revealed. When asked how the problemwas once resolved, an insider stated, "Since it is anon-public matter, 3rd parties were no longer informed. However, either side were able to reach an agreement easily."

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Seungri retracts lawsuit opposed to feminine singer who scammed him

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News broke on January 4th that the YG Entertainnment singer was officially accusing singer Shin Eun Sung of fraud after she allegedly scammed him out of 2 billion won (~$1,666,000). However, reports are now pronouncing that the BIGBANG member has cancelled the lawsuit. As news got here so soon after the initial reports, netizens have shown worry equally to why Seungri cancelled his lawsuit.

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Seungri withdraws his lawsuit opposed to Shin Eun Sung

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A rep is reported to have stated, "Because Seungri mayno longer get involved alongside Shin Eun Sung for a year, he proceeded with a lawsuit yet he becamereadyto prevail in her a while afterwards and the 2 were capable ofget to the ground of any misunderstandings." 

It's excellent to listen that what can have been a sophisticated affair was resolved with smartemotions for either parties! Let's hope the remainder of 2016 for our Large Bang maknae may besleek sailing. 

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BIGBANG’s Seungri Drops Fraud Lawsuit Opposed to  Feminine Singer
Bigbang’S Seungri Drops Fraud Lawsuit Opposed To Feminine Singer

BIGBANG’s Seungri Drops Fraud Lawsuit Opposed to Feminine Singer

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BIGBANG’s Seungri Drops Fraud Lawsuit Opposed toFeminine Singernotclaira January 7, 2016 0 BIGBANG member Seungri has withdrawn the investment fraud lawsuit he filed previous this month against a feminine singer.

According to a representative, the misconceptionwas once cleared up between the 2 of them after he becameready to touchthe feminine singer, who had disappeared following vast press policy of the issue. The two of them were reported to be close buddies at the time of the investment.

In 2014, Seungri invested 2 billion won (approximately $1.67 million) at the singer’s recommendation and afterwards invested any other 50 million won (about $41,900) into her genuine estate venture. However, the mission did now notmoveahead and he filed the charges against her, which were dropped inside 10 days.

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