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JYJ’s Junsu and Tablo’s Daughter Haru Seek suggestion from Epik Top All through Pre-Concert Are living Show

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JYJs Junsu and Tablos Daughter Haru Talk over with Epik TopThroughout Pre-Concert ResideDisplay ilmare42 December 12, 2015 0 On December 12, Epik High ready for their concert that night timethrough spending a while amongstenthusiastsvia a live broadcast on Navers V app entitled Epik High Concert Behind the scenes Opening Live.

Tablo explains, Its at all times chaos in the time leading up to a concert, but ifwe have got thirty mins left till the show, we've tea and have a look at to settle down. He says that numerousfolksbe expectingthe ambience backstage at a concert to be crazy, with individuals drinking and the complete lothaving a look like a song video, yet he presentations that the waiting house backstage is if fact exist told very kick back and quiet.

Epik High had an outstanding line up of visitors that night, adding Younha, JYJs Junsu, Nells Kim Jong Wan, and Lee Hi. In addition, they also had some special guests come visit them backstage, including Tablos daughter Haru and wife Kang Hye Jung, and Tukutzs son Yoon Woo!

Shaquille O'Neal Makes An Appearance On JTBC Variety Show 'Off To School'

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Stepping into the role of a Korean variety star, O"Neal seemed right at home, blending in well with his fellow cast-members as they took on the role of average high school students. Walking into a classroom full of excited young men, O"Neal appeared larger than life as he greeted his classmates with smiles, waves and fist-bumps.

Joining O"Neal at Seo Incheon High School were the show"s regular cast, Kang Nam and Kim Jeong Hoon, as well as former professional StarCraft player Hong Jin Ho, KARA"s Han Seung Yeon, rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo Ji and mixed martial artist Choo Sung Hoon, or Yoshihiro Akiyama as he"s known in Japan.

“Show Me the money 4″ Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinusean’s “Oppa’s Car” Takes Best Spot on Track Charts

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Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinusean‘s new track “Oppa’s Car” has briefly received massive repute at the charts.

As of 7 a.m. KST on August 17, their song from mNet‘s “Show Me the money 4” held the primary position spot on Genie, Olleh, Naver Music, and Soribada.

The song were met with some doubt through the audience of “Show Me the money 4″ when Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinusean first published it on August 14′s episode, yet it looks adore it has parts that attraction to other listeners. San E even called it the song that became once maximum in tune with popular tastes out of the entire tracks from the show.

The popular rap competition to have a sneak peak at Tablo' radio show
The Popular Rap Competition To Have A Sneak Peak At Tablo' Radio Show

The popular rap competition to have a sneak peak at Tablo' radio show

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A staff member from MBC FM4U′s Dreaming Radio stated, "The producers of Show Me the Money 4, who are currently gathering a lot of interest, will appear on the show for two days, on July 9 and July 16 to talk honestly."

Jay Park, Loco, Zico and Paloalto will appear first on July 9 at the Sangam MBC Garden Studio to perform live and talk. Jinusean, VerbalJint and San E will appear on July 16.

As it′s a live broadcast, listeners can look forward to hearing the unedited and honest stories of the Show Me the Money 4 rapper-producers.

Tablo on the fence about Zico
Tablo On The Fence About Zico"s Decision To Advance His Brother On "show Me The Money 4"

Tablo on the fence about Zico"s decision to advance his brother on "Show Me the Money 4"

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One judge didn"t seem to fully agree with Zico"s decision. As Tae Woon was stepping off the stage, Tablo called him over and told him, "[Zico] congratulated you a lot but I think you should really practice a lot before you step on the stage again. [Your rapping] left something to be desired. Compared to the other people that passed today it was lacking."

After coming down from the stage Tae Woon revealed his feelings in being criticized by Tablo. He said, "It doesn"t feel that great. I don"t think Tablo liked me all that much," unable to hide his disappointment.

Jung Eunji, VIXX’s N  and other stars have reportedly taken part in the show called “Off to School”
Jung Eunji, Vixx’S N And Other Stars Have Reportedly Taken Part In The Show Called “Off To School”

Jung Eunji, VIXX’s N and other stars have reportedly taken part in the show called “Off to School”

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According to multiple broadcast insiders, A PinkJung Eunji, VIXXN, actor Go Joo Won and Ricky Kim, and model Kang Seung Hyun will be joining the show to attend the Ulsan Hyundai Chungwoon High School, along with the shows regular cast members Kangnam and Kim Jung Hoon.

Go Joo Won is drawing interest as he has seldom appeared on variety shows before this program. A Pinks Jung Eunji, who will be coming back with her group and a new album soon, will likely be a hit with the students, as well as VIXX member N.

They will be joining the high school students classes for three days, beginning on July 7. It will air after the Jeju Island special of Off to School airs.

Tablo explains why he wears sunglasses on
Tablo Explains Why He Wears Sunglasses On "show Me The Money 4"

Tablo explains why he wears sunglasses on "Show Me the Money 4"

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He then explained, "I also come out on "Show Me the Money" wearing sunglasses, but that"s not because I want to. The stylist tells me to cover my eyes and that I look the coolest when I cover up as much as possible, so I do that. But I think I need to take them off a bit. I don"t know where to look and speak [when I have them on]," making everyone laugh.

Tablo  has    reportedly revealed the reason why he was preparing to   get out for the show called  “Show Me The Money 4'
Tablo Has Reportedly Revealed The Reason Why He Was Preparing To Get Out For The Show Called “Show Me The Money 4'

Tablo has reportedly revealed the reason why he was preparing to get out for the show called “Show Me The Money 4'

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Epik Highs Tablo revealed that he actually wasnt planning on coming back as a judge for Show Me the Money 4.

On June 24, Mnets Show Me the Money 4 held a press conference with Jinusean, Tablo, Verbal Jint, San E, Jay Park, Zico, and more in attendance.

During the event, Tablo addressed the controversy that always seems to follow the program around, When I participated last year, the hip hop mildang girl and Masta Wus Thats No No incidents all happened in our team. During that time I couldnt sleep.

The cast members of the show called “Who Are You-School 2015
The Cast Members Of The Show Called “Who Are You-School 2015" Has Said Their Farewell To The Audience In The Final Ep

The cast members of the show called “Who Are You-School 2015" has said their farewell to the audience in the final ep

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Kim So Hyun, who perfectly carried out her two roles, Go Eun Byul and Lee Eun Bi, expressed her gratitude towards the audience, saying, I took on a big role at a young age and there were many parts that I lacked in and couldve done better, but thank you for loving and supporting me all this time. She seemed especially sad to let go of her character and leave all the staff members.

Nam Joo Hyuk, who played Han Lee Ahn, said, I cant believe its over already, its very saddening. Thank you for loving me and I will work hard to grow as a better person. Who Are You-School 2015 was a project that let me branch out to other dreams.

Yook Sungjae, who played Gong Tae Kwang, shared, My character Gong Tae Kwang received a lot of love and I was very attached to the drama; its really sad to hear that its over. Im most reluctant to leave the actors Ive grown close to.

What internet users reacted to the ending of the show called “Who Are You: School 2015″
What Internet Users Reacted To The Ending Of The Show Called “Who Are You: School 2015″

What internet users reacted to the ending of the show called “Who Are You: School 2015″

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Yesterday was D-day of the highly anticipated finale of the KBS youth drama Who Are You: School 2015, which would provide the answer to the question that has had the K-drama world divided- who does Eun Bi (Kim So Hyun) end up with? Will she choose the male lead character Han Yi Ahn (Nam Joo Hyuk) or the second lead, Gong Tae Kwang (Yook Sungjae), who has made everyone question if he is really only a second lead? What about Eun Bis twin, Eun Byul, and the bully So Young (Jo Soo Hyang)?

The finale came and went, and depending on how you interpreted the ending, the episode answered all or none of those questions. It left the internet in an uproar and everyone had something to say, whether it was expression of elation or absolute frustration. Heres what it looked like. *Warning. There are spoilers all over.

// There were various interpretations of the ending: