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Sad Love Junho Lyrics

2PM's Junho is totally in love in Korean edition of 'Fire' short MV

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The MV is equivalent to his eastern PV, where he"s in Hawaii taking phase in the day with his girlfriend, aside from now with Korean lyrics of course. yet would possibly as smartly watch the MV to look more of Junho, right? 

He"ll be selling this song in Korea too, and carry out on tune presentations as it's miles all a component of his domestic solo album coming up. How excited are you?

Music & Lyrics: Is There a Line Between Love and Hate?

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Is it possible to love and hate someone at the same time and still have a romantic relationship? f(x) definitely portrays it as the same thing in this upbeat romantic release. As this song is set at the beginning of the relationship, the love and hate have more to do with confusion at whether to want someone romantically. This leaves the Facebook status of the relationship at its complicated. Though the dynamic between love and hate makes the person intriguing. The blend of the pulsing beat, techno backings and vocals make this song completely addictive from start to end, matching the songs message. Hate is a temporary aspect of the relationship in f(x)s Love Hate, something that enhances and also needs to be overcome to continue with it. The only question is do they overcome it or not?

2am’s “Love You, Hate You” off their first album, Saint oclock, is a surprisingly upbeat song far from the soulful ballads associated with the group. The majority of the song is rapping and the vocals use auto-tune which pushes the contrast further. The song speaks of someone whose relationship has become unsteady, but they are still in love the other person.

Romance seems synonymous with understanding in this song; Even though someone does something they hate, it doesnt mean they hate your entire being. Instead it provides to be an obstacle, one that 2am will wither have to overcome or run away from. This leaves the status of the relationship is still up in the air.

"twenty" Cast Kim Woo Bin, 2Pm's Junho And Kang Ha Neul Receive Love-Call For "running Man"

"Twenty" Cast Kim Woo Bin, 2PM's Junho and Kang Ha Neul Receive Love-Call for "Running Man"

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Kim Woo Bin appeared on Running Man with Rain following the conclusion of his drama, The Heirs. He also came out on the variety show when his movie The Technicians was in theaters. Junho appeared on Running Man with Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo in 2013 for their movie Cold Eyes, while Kang Ha Neul showed his variety skills on Running Man in March of 2014.

With some of the hottest actors in their 20s meeting the Running Man members, anticipation is on the rise for their interaction.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Reveals Hand-written Lyrics from
Super Junior’S Kyuhyun Reveals Hand-Written Lyrics From "hogu's Love" Soundtrack

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Reveals Hand-written Lyrics from "Hogu's Love" Soundtrack

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On March 5th, Kyuhyun’s fanpage ‘Secret’ unveiled the music sheet that the singer used during his recording for the OST song. The lyrics of the ballad track titled “Until I Reach Your Star” was shared online, receiving a positive response from fans anticipating its release.

The fans are already starting to express their excitement after seeing the lyrics of the song, which includes lines such as “Wait for me, until I find the path that leads me to you,” “Don’t forget, until I reach your star,” and many more lines romantic enough to melt any woman’s heart.

Music & Lyrics: Infinite’s Tough Love

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But lets not be negative here, theres actually an easy way out of all this misrepresentations of what love should be: let the Infinite members write their own lyrics. Members Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun and Hoya have all tried, either writing full songs or rap parts, and it turned out to be quite ok. Woohyun wrote Beautiful for their mini-album New Challenge, which was actually quite lovely (cheesy, yeah, but whats new in pop) and Sunggyu wrote his solo Light for their second album. While none of those songs are going to become famous for their groundbreaking lyrics at least they were light-hearted and, well, not worse than your average K-pop lyrics definitely.

Member Dongwoo actually wrote the rap parts for Paradise, and lets say that it was not as conventional and even the members had a hard time trying to explain them (yes, we are talking about sex).

So Infinite, you dont have to be obsession-idols forever. Actually, heres my advice: if you want to stand out and have your own image, just let Dongwoo write all of your lyrics. I assure you, that will do.

2PM"s Junho and Qi Wei release MV for "Love Is Back" OST

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The two took part in recording the OST separately in Seoul and Beijing due to their individual schedules. Qi Wei had shown concern about whether Junho would be able to well digest a song in Chinese, so she said in surprise when she first heard his recording, "Did he really sing this song?", complimenting him on his Chinese. She said, "He"s really good at Chinese. If I had known beforehand, I should"ve made the lyrics harder."

2PM's Junho asks Min Hyo Rin if she can 'Feel' his love in full PV, also featuring GOT7's JB and Jr.

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In the full version, Junho sings and dances with his usual high level of energy and charisma, which would make fans wonder why Min Hyo Rin doesn"t succumb to his charms right away, rather choosing to play hard to get. It also features GOT7"s JB and Jr.!

Junho, Suzy, Gikwang, Eunji, K.Will & IU perform love songs on Music Bank

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2PM's Junho, miss A's Suzy, BEAST's Gikwang, A Pink's Eunji, K.Will and IU have a special collaboration on Music Bank.

Junho’s self-composed song “This Is Love” ranks #1 on Japan’s ‘chaku uta’ chart
Junho’s Self-Composed Song “this Is Love” Ranks #1 On Japan’s ‘chaku Uta’ Chart

Junho’s self-composed song “This Is Love” ranks #1 on Japan’s ‘chaku uta’ chart

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2PM will be releasing their 2nd Japanese album titled Legend of 2PM on February 13th, and ahead of the date, they pre-released This Is Love on the 4th as a chaku uta (mobile download), and the song ranked #1 on the chaku uta daily charts right away. The song is composed by Junho, making the #1 place even more meaningful.