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Running Man 94 Recap

SBS Entertainment Show
Sbs Entertainment Show "running Man" Episode 238 Recap

SBS Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 238 Recap

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We open at the SBS building, where we waste no time in meeting today’s guests aka our water fairies: actresses Kim Seo-hyung (A New Leaf, Empress Ki) and Ye Ji-won(Cantabile Tomorrow). Seo-hyung immediately brings on the laughs by striking a hilariously confident pose without saying a word. Ha, just take a look at that expression.

Ji-won also happens to be Jae-suk’s college classmate, though tries to avoid the same-year association by greeting Jae-suk as “oppa.” Then she momentarily forgets herself a second later when saying that “Jae-suk-ie” is the most popular alumnus in their year.

This week’s Water Fairy Race is to promote and create awareness of the upcoming 7th World Water Forum taking place in Daegu in April. The team breakdown is as follows: Gray (Seo-hyung, Jong-kook, Haha), Blue (Ji-won, Jae-suk, Kwang-soo) and Black (Ji-hyo, Suk-jin, Gary).

SBS Entertainment Show
Sbs Entertainment Show "running Man" Episode 237 Recap

SBS Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 237 Recap

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On this brisk March morning, the guys note Ji-hyo’s absence the opening, which can only mean one thing: female guests. Time to meet today’s guests: EXID’s Hani (of that addictively catchy “UpDown” song, actresses Nam Ji-hyun (What’s With This Family),Jung So-min (Big Man), and Yoon So-hee (Secret Door), rounded out by rookie idolYerin (GFriend).

With all of these beauties, Ji-hyo gets a lackluster reception. In any case, today’s Freshman Race coincides with the beginning of a new academic year (as schools in Korea start in March, as opposed to say, August or September in the States).

Then it’s time to announce our pairings: Jae-suk and Hani, Jong-kook and Ji-hyun (“You’ll go through a lot today!” “He nags a lot!”), Gary and So-min, Kwang-soo and So-hee, and Suk-jin and Yerin. Which leaves a disappointed Haha with Ji-hyo. Haha (to the staff): “Why are you all doing this to me?”

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Sbs Entertainment Show "running Man" Episode 236 Recap

SBS Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 236 Recap

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Now shivering around the mud pit, our teams will split into three pairs based on ability level (high, mid, and low). Last pair standing wins a point for their team, and the first team to grab two points wins the first mission. The others get upset when Shinhwa places their strongest, Min-woo and Andy, as their “weakest” members, though if you think about it, it’s a pretty strategic choice.

The mid-level pairs are called out first, and Min-woo tells the ZE:A boys to go easy on their sunbaes. But with contenders like Gary, Jae-suk, and Hye-sung, I’m pretty sure the idols will have to be the ones to be careful.

Sure enough, the boys split and the other two teams jump on the opportunity. Jun-young gets pushed out of the pit, and so does Hyung-shik a few moments later. Jae-suk is left outnumbered 2:1 after Gary gets pushed out, and then scares off his pursuers by splashing his own face with muddy water.

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Sbs Entertainment Show "running Man" Episode 235 Recap

SBS Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 235 Recap

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Shoo starts to tear up as soon as she mentions that this is her first trip on her own in eight years. Her oncoming tears startle everyone, and Haha takes over by explaining that she feels sorry for not going to Jeju Island with her family. He oddly ties that heartbreaking story back into their cooking, and then it’s time to taste their curry kimchi sujebi and shrimp nachos.

All the judges have been looking forward to tasting Fei’s cooking; evidently, her reputation precedes her among the chefs in Korea, who have heard about her skills. Kwang-soo tries to add that he helped too, but the conversation soon turns back to the food.

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Sbs's Entertainment "running Man" Episode 232 Recap

SBS's Entertainment "Running Man" Episode 232 Recap

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Suk-jin is quick to point out that Jae-suk didn’t attend (due to a scheduling conflict), but Jae-suk says he gave a larger monetary gift to the newlyweds (a customary practice in Korea, though the amount usually depends on how close one is to the family or signifies greater social status. In this case, Jae-suk would be joking about boasting a fatter wallet, and in the end, likely gave more in apology for not being able to attend).

Anyhow, Jong-kook has some famous friends (Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae-hyun, and Jo Sung-mo, to name a few), and Kyung-min says while the viewers could anticipate that he and Jong-kook are buddies, he honestly had a hard time trying to place everyone else’s guests, all, “Who are you here for?” Ha.

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Sbs Entertainment Show "running Man" Episode 231 Recap

SBS Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 231 Recap

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All of our cast members are blindfolded as soon as they arrive and dragged away to individual rooms. It’s there they’re told (by white-haired professors) that they must recover their own bodies before they disappear. In order to do that, they must complete a series of missions in different-level rooms that will eventually lead them to where their bodies are kept in a cryogenic state.

A helpful animation shows what needs to be done: find the right room that matches their key, complete the mission, use the acquired key to find the next room, and so on. The first person who recovers his or her own body is today’s victor.

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Sbs Entertainment Show "running Man" Episode 229 Recap

SBS Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 229 Recap

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Seo-jin is encouraged to move to a different location, since it’s only a matter of time until the others catch on and suspect. Chae-won worries that Seo-jin won’t get any airtime at this rate, but that’s honestly the least of his worries: “I don’t want to be on air. I have no selfish desire [for airtime] on this show.” Pfft, how is everything that comes out of his mouth so hilariously grumpy?

Interestingly, Chae-won makes sure both Seung-gi and Se-jin have left before talking to Kwang-soo in hushed whispers. What’s more curious is that Suk-jin points out how flustered Seung-gi looked earlier, and looks up to see Kwang-soo and Chae-won signal that they’re both eliminated. Oooh, there’s another secret mission, isn’t there?

"running Man" Episode 227 Recap

"Running Man" Episode 227 Recap

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So they’re off to find Hyun-jin, and thankfully they only have to head into a nearby building. After learning where Hyun-jin is, Kwang-soo tries passing off generalized directions to Jong-kook two seconds after he announces what floor their guest is on. So they all travel up as a group together—apart from Jae-suk, who’s already climbing up the stairs.

They all rush in to greet Hyun-jin in his office, bombarding him with compliments and food. Needless to say he’s pretty confused and draws away from Jae-suk who picks his nose and tries to touch him with that finger. And then Haha puts that finger back into Jae-suk’s own mouth.

"running Man" Episode 226 Recap

"Running Man" Episode 226 Recap

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Anyhow, Hye-ja has such beautiful sparkling eyes that just pull you in, and a soft voice that still commands your attention. She’s adorably worn sneakers for today’s appearance, too, and Kwang-soo makes his first misstep by suggesting the veteran actress wears sneakers all the time. I love how Haha whispers, “You’ve met her for the first time today…”

Jae-suk recalls Hye-jung as the wife of his insect cousin, Tablo aka the bush cricket (If I recall, Tablo appeared in the radio show special on Infinite Challenge). And of course, Chun-hee is best known as the original klutz.

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Korean Entertainment Show "running Man" Episode 225 Recap

Korean Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 225 Recap

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Of course Woo-bin and Kwang-soo are well-aware of this mission, but this name-writing mission has a catch: They’ll need to eliminate the other seven cast members, but each nametag corresponds to a certain type of pen. Only by matching these together will they be able to oust the others, and getting it wrong (i.e., writing a name with the wrong pen) will result in their own elimination.

Kwang-soo makes sure to tuck that calligraphy pen away before pulling Jong-kook aside later to show him the caseful of pens. A smiling Hyun-woo joins them and his aegyo attempts at trying to get Kwang-soo to open the case are downright adorable.

Even though this is an individual mission, Jong-kook and Kwang-soo convince Hyun-woo that three is a perfect number for an alliance. Aww, Hyun-woo just eats it up excitedly, and Jong-kook warns Kwang-soo against betraying them.