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Radio Star With Snsd 2013 Eng Sub

SNSD to Spill on Dating and Relationships on ′Radio Star′
Snsd To Spill On Dating And Relationships On ′radio Star′

SNSD to Spill on Dating and Relationships on ′Radio Star′

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As the subtitle suggests, the fact that some of the SNSD members are publicly dating was one of the hottest topics that day. The MCs started by asking, “Does Mr. Mr indicate the two men?” and poured out questions regarding the two members’ public relationships.

When the MCs asked, “Did you already know about the two couples before the news came out?” the girls answered, “There are no secrets between the members.”

SNSD to Guest on ‘Radio Star’
Snsd To Guest On ‘Radio Star’

SNSD to Guest on ‘Radio Star’

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The SNSD members attended Radio Star when they released I Got a Boy last year, showing off their smooth talking, and even creating trendy online phrases such as ‘dae da na da.’

All 9 Members of Girls' Generation(SNSD) to Make TV Appearance on MBC
All 9 Members Of Girls' Generation(Snsd) To Make Tv Appearance On Mbc "radio Star"

All 9 Members of Girls' Generation(SNSD) to Make TV Appearance on MBC "Radio Star"

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All 9 Members of Girls Generation to Make TV Appearance on MBC Radio StarGirl group Girls' Generation will be making an appearance as guests on MBC "Radio Star."

SNSD Makes Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Sweat on
Snsd Makes Super Junior’S Kyuhyun Sweat On "radio Star"

SNSD Makes Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Sweat on "Radio Star"

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According to the show’s producers, Kyuhyun, who has become known for his straight talk, was largely subdued as his SM labelmates shared stories and jokes about Kyuhyun, causing him to sweat bullets.

The producers added, with both Kyuhyun and the SNSD members knowing a lot ofthings about one another, the members all moved to try and avoid bringing up any bombshell revelations about one another.

Henry Finds His Opposition In opposition to Plastic Surgical treatment  Commercials on “Radio Star”
Henry Finds His Opposition In Opposition To Plastic Surgical Treatment Commercials On “radio Star”

Henry Finds His Opposition In opposition to Plastic Surgical treatment Commercials on “Radio Star”

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Henry Finds His Opposition In opposition to Plastic Surgical procedureAdvertisements on Radio Superstar JiwonYu January 29, 2016 0 Super Juniors Henry gave his truthful opinion on plastic surgery.

During the show, he said, I suspectother people are seeking toinspire others to get plastic surgery throughputtingthe ones ads, and obviously showed opposition towards this issue.

Henry continued, The govtmust ban hospitals from putting plastic surgery ads. The surgery itself isn't the problem. The trouble is that the criteria of good looks is changing intoincreasingly unified. What need to be more vital is ones personality, not physical appearance.

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EXID’s Hani Talks About Her Dating With JYJ’s Junsu on “Radio Star”

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EXIDs Hani Talks About Her Dating amongst JYJs Junsu on Radio Big name JiwonYu January 13, 2016 0 At thecontemporary episode of Radio Star on January 13, EXIDs Hani, Kwak Si Yang, and Hwang Jae Sung gave the impression on the show.

A lot of attention was once on Hani because she latelyshowed her relationship with JYJs Junsu. Even the normally bright Hani lookedfairlyfearfulright through this broadcast.

Hani unfolded with, In truthI used to be scared, announcing she turned into sorry against her participants for breaking this news when their profession is attaining its peak. I presumed IT was impolitetoward the loversnot to say anything, so I determinedto lookin thisdisplay today.

EXID's Hani admits she took anxiety pills earlier than 'Radio Star' recording

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On the show, Hani admitted that on account of her excessive anxiety, she took two anxiety pills (cheong shim hwan: pills to transparent one's chest) appropriateprior to recording. And thus, she was acknowledgedso to respond to the MCs questions with composure.

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'Radio Star' manufacturer talks about Hani's first recording after her dating news
'radio Star' Manufacturer Talks About Hani's First Recording After Her Dating News

'Radio Star' manufacturer talks about Hani's first recording after her dating news

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It was oncein the pastprinted that Hani becameenjoying a recording of MBC's 'Radio Star' on January 6.  As it was her first big choicedisplay appearance since news of her dating alongside Junsu, there has beena huge number ofpastime about whether she will be able to mention the subjectat the show. 

'Radio Star' producer, Hwang Gyo Jin, stated on January 7, "During the recording of 'Radio Star' back on the 6th, Hani effectivelyfinished IT with the opposite MCs and participants. It was her first time at a position of discussion after acknowledging her relationship with Junsu, so she was very nervous.  That's why the production team was also very careful. She is one of thesewise and well mannered friend, so we moderatelydiscussed Junsu in some waythat mightno longer make the ambience awkward.  You can ascertain the precisemain points during the broadcast."

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Will Hani mention boyfriend Junsu on an upcoming episode of 'Radio Star'?
Will Hani Mention Boyfriend Junsu On An Upcoming Episode Of 'radio Star'?

Will Hani mention boyfriend Junsu on an upcoming episode of 'Radio Star'?

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A lot of attention has been fixated at thecurrentlycame upon Hani and Junsu couple, so it is no marvel that a lot of other folks are wondering whether she would possibly mention her beau on an upcoming episode of 'Radio Star'!

It's been published that on January 6, she arrived at the MBC developmenttogether withcomic Kim Sook, actor Kwak Si Yang, and comedian Hwang Je Sung for a recording of 'Radio Star.'

Although she's mentioned her ideal kind and the like in recordings of displaysearlier than the dating news release, this can be one of her first broadcasting appearances after the fact. Knowing the MCs of 'Radio Star,' whew, it'll exist tough, and it seems like a lot of individuals will be tuning into the episode!  

Honey Lee lists all of the YG trainees that she rubbed shoulders with on 'Radio Star'

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Honey Lee said, "At the time, Dara turned into active in the Philippines and I used to be in YG for approximately a year.I trained with Park Bom, Minzy, and CL. I was a faculty student at the time, and all the style through the day I mightcrossto university and in the evening, I would be busy practicing at the studio. It was like I was a primecollege senior again," recalling her time as a trainee below YG.

When the MCs asker her if she was like "Dara of 2NE1," Honey Lee replied, "I'm no longer too sure. Perhapsthis is so," and joked, "I may smartly bein control of the height."

When the functionality was over, the MCs raved, "Maybe it is because she was a YG trainee, yetit isobtrusive that she learned how to dance." We agree, the lady can dance!