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“Produce 101″ Ultimate  Lady  Staff to Be Controlled  through YMC Entertainment
“produce 101″ Ultimate Lady Staff To Be Controlled Through Ymc Entertainment

“Produce 101″ Ultimate Lady Staff to Be Controlled through YMC Entertainment

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Produce 101 UltimateLadyTeam to Be Controlledby capacity of YMC Entertainmentan0ya March 9, 2016 0 YMC Entertainment, house to artists like Ailee, Fortunate J, and Baechigi, could bein command of managing the 11-member girl group launched through Mnets Produce 101.

The acclaim for Produce 101 has exploded in thebeyond couple of weeks and quite a bit of trainees have already receivedcast fanbases, eitherlocally and internationally. This has no longerlong goneneglected by advertisers, concert organizers, and other industry players, who are already trying to negotiate deals with YMC Entertainment.

The firm says they have been approached by universities and large companies about concert appearances. Some requests come from overseas, particularly from China and Japan, proving the displays wide popularity.

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Unregistered Entertainment Agencies Discovered to Be Collaborating in “Produce 101″
Unregistered Entertainment Agencies Discovered To Be Collaborating In “produce 101″

Unregistered Entertainment Agencies Discovered to Be Collaborating in “Produce 101″

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Unregistered Entertainment Agencies Discovered to Be Taking part in Produce 101crystalcove March 8, 2016 0 Apparently, some agencies that experience their trainees participating in the Mnet girl group trainee survival show, Produce 101, don't appear to beofficially registered with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, stirring controversy.

Even although the trainees participating in the display takenow not formally debuted, the agencies managing them will have to be registered if they are ceaselesslyperforming on television. If the firmisn't officially registered, it (and comparable persons) is matter to maximum two year imprisonment or 10 million won fine (approximately $8200).

In  response to the controversy, Mnet states, We began inquiring about and collecting the registration from agencies after being contacted via the Korea Ingenious Content Agency. We promptfirmsthat do not have their registration to register. All agencies with trainees final in the program are making plans to sign up by March 15. It also saidit is going to ask all of the other agencies that participated in the program to register.

Reporter Declared Blameless  Opposed to Defaming YG Entertainment and Seungri
Reporter Declared Blameless Opposed To Defaming Yg Entertainment And Seungri

Reporter Declared Blameless Opposed to Defaming YG Entertainment and Seungri

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Reporter Declared BlamelessOpposed to Defaming YG Entertainment and Seungrikokoberry March 7, 2016 0 The reporter facing fees of libel from YG Entertainment and BIGBANGs Seungri has been declared innocent by capability of the prosecution.

Chief prosecutor Shim Woo Jung printed that Reporter K who were sued for defamation citing the law in regards to the promotion of knowledge and verbal exchange network use and give coverage toof info has been declared innocent.

Last August, YG Entertainment pressed rates against reporter K for libel because ofquite so much of articles that K wrote. Such articles come with mentioning Yang Hyun Suks beyond drug scandal, a lawsuit from a YG worker named A, and Seungris past vehicle accident. The quite much of lawsuits sued for a general of around 2 hundred million won (at existing rate approximately $166,000).

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SM Entertainment Tops Either Physical and Virtual Gaon Charts for the Fourth Quarter of 2015
Sm Entertainment Tops Either Physical And Virtual Gaon Charts For The Fourth Quarter Of 2015

SM Entertainment Tops Either Physical and Virtual Gaon Charts for the Fourth Quarter of 2015

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SM Entertainment Tops Either Physical and Virtual Gaon Charts for the Fourth Quarter of 2015kminjungee March 7, 2016 0 On March 4, Gaon Chart printed that SM Entertainment has the maximummarketplacestocks for the fourth quarter of 2015.

SM takes the number 1 spot for digital album sales for the fourth quarter with 11.4 % of the market share. Gaon Chart says that the full digital sales of Girls Generations Taeyeon’s first solo album “I,” which was once released October 7, 2015, and f(x)’s fourth album “4 Walls,” which become released October 27, 2015, had the largestaffect in SM’s ranking.

Not simplest that, yet SM also tops the physical album sales chart for the fourth quarter with EXO’s wintry weather album, “Sing For You,” which was released December of final year.

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Tablo Clarifies Courting Between HIGHGRND And YG Entertainment
Tablo Clarifies Courting Between Highgrnd And Yg Entertainment

Tablo Clarifies Courting Between HIGHGRND And YG Entertainment

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(Photo : Jean Libert for Kpopstarz ) For other folks thatcould also beat a loss for words between what the dating between HIGHGRND and YG Entertainment is, Epik High's frontman Tablo gave the wholemain points in a contemporary interview with Sports Illgan.

HIGHGRND is an autonomous start-up founded by Tablo with the authority and blessings of YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk. Therefore, the indie label isn't affiliated with YG Entertainment despite the reality that Tablo himself is signed below the powerhouse agency.

"President Yang gave me this authority," Tablo acknowledged in the interview. "He should exist thinking that by letting me lead the label independently in all probabilityI canget a hang ofcompletelyother products from YG. He has no wisdom of all our decisions. He also isblind to our ongoing plan. Legally, we are two various companies."

Dream T Entertainment Finds Earliest Imaginable Girl's Day Comeback Date
Dream T Entertainment Finds Earliest Imaginable Girl's Day Comeback Date

Dream T Entertainment Finds Earliest Imaginable Girl's Day Comeback Date

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(Photo : Dream T Entertainment)Girl's Day's firm Dream T Entertainment has in spite of everythingprinted when Girl's Day will have their long awaited comeback.

In an exclusive interview with Korean news outlet Sports Chosun on March 3, a representative of Dream T stated, "Girl's Day has no plans for a comeback in the primarypart of the 2016."

"Right now, if we hurry, Girl's Day might bein a position to unencumber a new album in July or August," the representative continued, then followed up via explaining the agency's reasoning. "We would like to resume Girl's Day promotional activities after Hyeri has a enoughrelaxation period. We determined that this iswhat iseasiest for eitherthe gang and the individuals."

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Press Release RYU Entertainment has just opened an legit website online for its fanatics & friends

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- 'RYU Ent.' suppliesfacilities of artist management, contents planning, functionality business, and others striking vision in the enlargement as a general entertainment in the US. Established in April 2011, 'RYU Ent.' is arrangedof alternative divisions from leadership operation division, contents making plans department, visual branding, acting business, media and marketing, design, and vending business. With our affiliated firms consisting of a new media contents brand platform 'RYUGEN', contents and social contribution task RYU , and finally the cofounded style brand 'clud', we are in the development of running in coming up our industry in 2016. Especially in the year of 2016, with the goods from our company's products and cofounded brand 'clud', we are planning to listen onselling our brand 'RYU' to the world platform via online, choose shops, and pop-up store. Fans and Project Supporters, please give us ongoing care and loving supports.

- Currently, 'RYU Ent.' runs the united states administration for the company's CEO/ manufacturer MIN PD, internationaloperating photographer/ director Jun Shim, and NFL Football player SeungJun Oh while recruiting a modern Jazz artist Danny Jung as a spouse management. 'RYU Ent.' is operating as a totally unique management guests that is helping artists from numerousother channels. Moreover, during the recruitment of the company's creative artist neighborhood in this year, the corporate volitionattempt to create overseas creative contents and the platform's infrastructure. This will likely bring the growth of the network resulting in new attempts for refreshing projects and reduction to build a devicewhich willassist artists to paintings in alternative fields.

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SM Entertainment K-Pop Idols Are Loved By skill of Korean Cosmetic Brands

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Although idols from many alternativecorporations acceptrecommendedother brands, netizens are claiming that each and every cosmetic logo in Korea has had SM Entertainment artists as models. In fact, a post on Pann has compiled a long and ambitious list of brands and SM artists who have modeled for them in the past.

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

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Namgoong Min Asked About His New Female friend on “Entertainment Weekly”
Namgoong Min Asked About His New Female Friend On “Entertainment Weekly”

Namgoong Min Asked About His New Female friend on “Entertainment Weekly”

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Namgoong Min Asked About His New Female friend on “Entertainment Weekly”notclaira March 5, 2016 0 Actor Namgoong Min, latelynoted or notorious for his role in the drama “Remember,” used to be startled at the mention of his girlfriend on “Entertainment Weekly.”

He seemedat the March five broadcast to play a “truth or lie” game with the host. To the remark “I can cook well,” he responded in the negative, saying, “I at all times order in.” When he changed into asked if he sang well, he denied it, yet he sang a little in user to give audiencean opportunity to make a decision for themselves.

Regardless of his truthfulness about his loss ofskill in sure areas, Namgoong Min was self-assured about his body. “I’ve had scenes where I took off my garments before. Lee Shi Un saw my frame and he said, ‘Look at his chest.’”

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Surprise date with Park Hae-jin in Weekly Entertainment reasons pedestrian traffic congestion in Hongdae area

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Park Hae-jin made a hot debut bringing over the 'younger boy' syndrome ten years ago and now has re-emerged as one of the freshest stars this year. At Park Hae-jin's appearance, the Hongdae spacewas once paralyzed literally.

The filming of the entertainment news prove had to be halt because of the exceptionallength of the crowd. Park Hae-jin asked, "Are you certain they are here to peer me?" and also cared about the security of the pedestrians,

As the location in the arena did no longer calm down, they gave up the 2nd onetry tomovie the show and had to transport to a greaterdomainback to continue filming.