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Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Grace Anderson Connects With Her Korean Roots Thank you To BTOB And Ailee

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My brother, my mother and I saw 2NE1 in concert in August 2012. I distinctively bear in mind the microphone stand all the manner through one song became a beauitful tree with the participantsstatusat thefacets in dresses and it was a magical sight. On Friday, November 9, 2012, we saw Large Bang. I remember them thanking us for popping out because Storm Sandy just struck the Jersey Shore. They rode on segways and had great outfits on, and Daesung did his solo, ya know? After that I got into the insanity called K-pop. It was one of the mostbest possible and worst choices ane possesseach and every made- seriously and non-seriously at all. Well, the ones are my earliest K-pop memories."

THE DIFFERENCE: "I would say K-pop is other to any other pop track from anyplace else in the sector due to, obviously, the language. It is a language no onein the United Stateslearns in class and may also bewithout difficulty judged because it isanything out of the norm. Asians have sure stereotypes, yet I wager to upload to they all is the speculation that their music is bizarrebecause of language barriers, especially coming from a rustic that no personcan pay care to much.

Secondly, the reality that idols have explicit dances to every song. I'macutely conscious of artists and bands from alternative countries having routines to their music but not anything to this extent of intensity.

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BTOB’s Peniel and AOA’s Seolhyun Goof Off behind the scenes at “
song Core” In New 
Btob’s Peniel And Aoa’s Seolhyun Goof Off Behind The Scenes At “ Song Core” In New Pictures

BTOB’s Peniel and AOA’s Seolhyun Goof Off behind the scenes at “ song Core” In New pictures

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On July 18, BTOB‘s Peniel shared some adorable photos of himself with AOA‘s Seolhyun on Instagram as they waited backstage at MBC‘s “track Core.”

As the caption, he writes in English, “picture time with @sh_9513 whilst looking ahead to our turn all through #trackCore #ItsOk #middleAttack #BTOB #AOA.”

In his Korean caption, he also writes, “excellent activity at the general broadcast!” as this become once AOA’s ultimate week of marketing “middle Attack.”

BTOB"s Ilhoon, Peniel, and Hyunsik are next in individual teasers for "It"s Okay"

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As mentioned previously, thisis said to be the boys" first dramatized MV since their debut. Their upcoming song is about the hardships of youth, and each of the seven members have their own storyline.Can you guess what the story of each member may be?

BTOB’s Peniel spends quality time with loved ones in the US
Btob’s Peniel Spends Quality Time With Loved Ones In The Us

BTOB’s Peniel spends quality time with loved ones in the US

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Parents made me dress up for church today... Lol #suitandtie #formalwear 부모님이 교회간다고 양복입게만들었어요 ㅋㅋㅋ A photo posted by Peniel Shin (@btobpeniel) on Feb 1, 2015 at 2:58pm PST

Finally got to meet my nephew!!! #BabyJoJen #Jaden 드디어 조카만났어요!! #베이비조젠 #종은 A photo posted by Peniel Shin (@btobpeniel) on Feb 5, 2015 at 12:17pm PST

Robot vs me ! Random dance battle I did yesterday lol :P 로봇 vs 나 ! 어제 길에서 갑자기 댄스배틀했어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ A video posted by Peniel Shin (@btobpeniel) on Feb 6, 2015 at 3:03pm PST

BTOB Peniel’s Instagram Account Was Secretly Hacked By f(x)'s Amber
Btob Peniel’S Instagram Account Was Secretly Hacked By F(X)'s Amber

BTOB Peniel’s Instagram Account Was Secretly Hacked By f(x)'s Amber

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On January 5th, Peniel made a surprising update on his personal Instagram account with a message saying, “Who/Why are people trying to reset my Instagram password? What’re you gonna do with my Instagram account? Delete my pics? Upload your selfies? Lol.” A photo of his e-mail along with the new password request was also uploaded with the update, catching the attention of his fans.

However, before the fans can detest a possible hack on Peniel’s account, Amber immediately posted a reply saying, “Its was me all along mwhaha jk its okay noodle! U good bro,” revealing their close relationship.

Meanwhile, Peniel also surprised fans over the New Year’s as he announced his personal Snapchat account, following Amber, miss A’s Min and Irene Kim.

Ailee tells BTOB Peniel "Don"t touch me" during her win on M!Countdown

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The media outlet shares series of photos wherein we see Peniel seem to be congratulating Ailee on her win by placing his right hand over her shoulder.

However, Ailee jokingly gestured and make use of her title song "Don"t touch me" which makes Peniel flinched. Seems like the two are rather close to be interacting like this on stage.

Park Seungil, BTOB’s Peniel, U-KISS’ Kevin, Park Hanbyul and more participate in the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge”

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Just as the night ended, former basketball player and coach Park Seungil, who suffers from the same disease, posted his own special message after being nominated by Super Junior’s Siwon. The short video message - spoken by an unseen third person in the hospital room- allowed him to thank everyone who promoted awareness of the illness, revealing his own rendition of the challenge. He himself had nominated the following: Daejon High School alumni and current congressman Kim Yongtae, actor Yang Donggeun, and basketball player Seo Janghoon

Check out the rest of the clips below, and stay tuned for more videos from Brad, Joe J. Lee, Rome, Kiss Mes, and whoever else may be nominated this week.

Btob"s Peniel, F(X)"s Amber, U-Kiss"s Kevin Take On The "ice Bucket Challenge"

BTOB"s Peniel, f(x)"s Amber, U-KISS"s Kevin take on the "Ice Bucket Challenge"

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Amber then challenged EatYourKimchi"s Simon and Martina Stawski, her sister Jackie Liu, and miss A"s Min while Peniel nominated Busker Busker"s Brad, songwriter and producer Joe J. Lee, and C-Clown"s Rome. Kevin nominated his fans Kiss-Me"s to do the challenge.