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Actress Park So Dam seems like SHINee's Key, Rain and Kim Move Eun?

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Park So Dam printed that they attended faculty together, stating, "Seeing 21-year-old Kim Go Eun doing anythingout of doorsof facultywas once so cool. Whilst seeing her always doing something created an ambition in me to do neatly even after graduating. I am notcertain if being called the 'second Kim Go Eun' is a great or bad thing, yetI'msure that she is a chum who at all timessupplies a excellent stimulus."

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SHINee Enthusiasts  Livid At UNFAIR Seating Arrangements At “Golden Disk Awards”
Shinee Enthusiasts Livid At Unfair Seating Arrangements At “golden Disk Awards”

SHINee Enthusiasts Livid At UNFAIR Seating Arrangements At “Golden Disk Awards”

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127 / -9 The more I take into accounts it, this is bigoted for SHINee. They ranked 3rd and 2nd position and wona giant number of votes. Also, SHINee fans paid the most monetaryRecall to mindthe cashwe've got spent the beyondfour or five years. Mean other people The venue renting wouldnt wereimaginable without SHINee or Women Generation.

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Jack Black Opens up About Assembly SHINee’s Jonghyun at Gimpo Airport
Jack Black Opens Up About Assembly Shinee’s Jonghyun At Gimpo Airport

Jack Black Opens up About Assembly SHINee’s Jonghyun at Gimpo Airport

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Jack Black Opens up About Assembly SHINees Jonghyun at Gimpo Airportorionight January 20, 2016 0 Hollywood celebrity Jack Black currentlygot here to Korea so asto take part in Limitless Challenge, and spread out on his enjoy of meeting SHINees Jonghyun.

For people who dont know the story, Jack Black coincidentally bumped into SHINee at Seouls Gimpo Airport around this time ultimate year. He approached Jonghyun, asking if he were a rock star prior to revealing himself as Jack Black.

Then, on a Naver V app broadcast selling his new movie Kung Fu Panda 3 on January 20, Jack Black mentioned the experience. I presumed Jonghyun used to be a rock star when I first saw him, Jack Black said. It changed into because he was actuallyhandsome and there were numerousladies screaming.

Jack Black may just tell SHINee's Jonghyun used to be  a celeb  correct away?
Jack Black May Just Tell Shinee's Jonghyun Used To Be A Celeb Correct Away?

Jack Black may just tell SHINee's Jonghyun used to be a celeb correct away?

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Hollywood megastar Jack Black had an interview with Television personality Park Kyung Lim, which was once aired via Naver V app continue to exist January 20.

During this, the subject of his meet-up and nextimage amongst SHINee's Jonghyun turned into brought up. He explained, "That day, I made a new friend." On that day, he had asked Jonghyun if he were a rock star at Gimpo Global Airport.

He explained, "His hair was like that and there were numerous fans, so I in reality knew he was a celebrityappropriate away." Park Kyung Lim published he was a member of male idol workforce SHINee, adding, "He mentioned Jack Black on Instagram and Radio."

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Super Junior's Yesung, SHINee's Key & Taemin, EXO's Suho are 'lifelong friends' for 'Cosmopolitan'

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Super Junior's Yesung, SHINee's Keyand Taemin, and EXO's Suhogot at the aspect of 'Cosmopolitan', UNICEF, and Louis Vuittonfor their 'lifelong friends' photoshoot.

'Cosmopolitan' released the BTS video in their photoshoot, and the ladsglance great. They appear likethey are having a authenticjust right fourth dimension with every other, which makes sense since they're all known one another for some time they were training.

Cross Gene's Seyoung searches for an get away direction in his teaser video

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As an unknown gassy substance fills the chamber, Seyoung desperately tries to seem for some way out, all to no avail. In the end, he just comes to a decision to overlook his state of affairs and is going crazy--maybe it was once the fuel that made him go crazy?

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'Cosmopolitan's duvet men are Large Junior's Yesung, SHINee's Key and Taemin and EXO's Suho
'cosmopolitan's Duvet Men Are Large Junior's Yesung, Shinee's Key And Taemin And Exo's Suho

'Cosmopolitan's duvet men are Large Junior's Yesung, SHINee's Key and Taemin and EXO's Suho

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The 4good-lookingcanopy men are Great Junior's Yesung, SHINee's Key and Taemin and EXO's Suho. The guys are carrying slicked back hair, informalget dressed shirts, and of path Louis Vuitton's silver locket necklaces.

Like their fellow label mates, the four are supporting UNICEF and Louis Vuitton's 'Make a Promise' campaign, which SM Entertainment and Jcontentree magazine teamed up for.

Netizens notice SHINee’s idol fanboys

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Although rookie male group SEVENTEEN already has an excellent fan base, netizens found out that they were true fanboys of SHINee after seeing them cheer at theteamall the manner through a functionality at the awards show. Lovers of SHINee saw the Pledis Entertainment groups sturdy applause and praised the group, adding that the boys even stood up for the whole performance.

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Ailee apologizes for alleged impolite habit right through SHINee’s performance

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As SHINee performed at the awards show, many audiencespotted that Ailee was once on her telephonein its place of observing the the SM Entertainment group, causing many netizens to criticize her and get in contact with her disrespectful. After receiving numerous hate messages, however, Ailee clarified that she wasnt at the call up because she become bored, yet rather because she was seeking to install an application that coulddisplay screen the teamscall on her phone so she may just cheer on SHINee. The singer also added that she was a in point of factgiant fan of  the group.

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1473, 29 Does this actually call for an apology? Touching your phone for a 2ndat some stage in a sunbaes performance. So if a sunbae is appearing you cant leave out even 1 moment of it?

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SHINee Member Lee Taemin Confirms Solo Comeback In February

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Just about a year and a part after his solo debut, SHINee member Lee Taemin is having his comeback, tentatively scheduled for Feb. 2016.

The boy crew member is these daysgetting ready his uncoming album for a free up in February. Consistent with Korean news outlet XSports News, Taemin recently accomplished filming the song video in secret and is currently in the overall stages of getting ready for his comeback.

According to a commentary made by skill of SM Entertainment on Jan. 15, "Taemin is currently running on an album. We may bein a position toexpose the time table once it's far finalized."

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