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G.NA gives BTOB’s Ilhoon a kiss for their last performance of “Oops!” on ‘Music Core’ Gives Btob’s Ilhoon A Kiss For Their Last Performance Of “oops!” On ‘music Core’

G.NA gives BTOB’s Ilhoon a kiss for their last performance of “Oops!” on ‘Music Core’

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G.NA tweeted on the 12th, Im so thankful to BTOBs Ilhoon who worked really hard! A photo after Music Bank! Ke. You gave me a lot of strength while we performed together! Keke. Now, I hope you show an even more amazing side with BTOB! Lets be strong! Keke, along with the adorable photo below.

In other news, she released her “Mind Sync” MV feat. Huh Gak as a gift for her fans with the end of her promotions for “Oops”.

G.NA to conclude her promotions for “Oops” through ‘Music Core’ To Conclude Her Promotions For “oops” Through ‘music Core’

G.NA to conclude her promotions for “Oops” through ‘Music Core’

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G.NA took to Twitter to express her thoughts, writing, My last last stage is on Music Core today!ㅠㅠ The time went by so fast Through my promotions this time, I was able to be with my G.NIs again.. You know Im very thankful and love you right?♥ Lets gain strength and work hard until the end! keke I love you! Hwaiting!

The singer also released her Mind Sync MV feat. Huh Gak earlier today, which has been revealed to be a gift for her fans with the end of her promotions for Oops.

Theres no word so far on whether G.NA will be holding follow up promotions for Mind Sync, so make sure you tune in to catch G.NAs last performance!

G.Na and Teen Top’s L.Joe 'Oops' They Are Together, For Music Bank And Teen Top’S L.joe 'oops' They Are Together, For Music Bank

G.Na and Teen Top’s L.Joe 'Oops' They Are Together, For Music Bank

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G.Na and Teen Top’s L.Joe together for ‘Oops’Teen Top's L.Joe is featuring in G.Na's new release 'Oops.'

TEEN TOP’s L.Joe to go “Oops!” with G.NA on tonight’s ‘Music Bank’!
Teen Top’s L.joe To Go “oops!” With On Tonight’s ‘music Bank’!

TEEN TOP’s L.Joe to go “Oops!” with G.NA on tonight’s ‘Music Bank’!

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G.NA left fans curious about her mystery partner when she wrote on her Twitter, G.NIs!!♥ See you later on Music Bank keke Today.. since Ilhoon left for Taiwan I will be performing with a cute, younger guy who is one year older than Ilhoon~ We prepared Oops!♪ Who~~do you think it is? ke Please show your love and support!♥ Hwaiting! ke

But then L.Joe gave it away as he also tweeted, Oops! To all of my angels❤ Please watch the live broadcast of Music Bank today, along with a snapshot of him and G.NA backstage.

G.NA takes 1st win for "Oops!" on KBS Music Bank + other performances

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For the March 29th episode of KBS Music Bank, ZE:A-FIVE made their long awaited debut, performing their track, "The Day We Broke Up." Comeback performance included AA (Double A) with "Come Back."

Other performances tonight included Infinite, SHINee, Teen Top, Rainbow, Girl's Day, Kim Bokyung, Davichi, Heo Youngsaeng, U-KISS, G.NA, D-UNIT, 2AM, EXCITE, Ladies' Code, B.A.P, Hong Jinyoung, Huh Gak, and Rania.

The two artists up for the win tonight were G.NA and Busker Busker. G.NA takes the win for "Oops!" for the first time, winning with 7020 points over 6977! Congratulations to G.NA!

KBS Music Bank – 03.29.13 – G.NA’s “Oops” Wins!

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The winner of K-chart this week was the fabulous G.NA‘s song “Oops” (featuring Ilhoon from BTOB), beating Busker Busker with “Cherry Blossom Ending.” Congratulations G.NA! Today also featured the comeback performances of AA with the romantic song Come Back. Also, the debut stage featured the performances of ZE:A FIVE with cute song The Day We Broke Up. Other exciting performances today were by Girls Day, SHINee, INFINITE, U-KISS, TEEN TOP, B.A.P, Rainbow, RaNiA, Davichi, D-UNIT, Ladies Code and many more!  

G.NA Reveals Dance Practice for "Oops!"

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G.NAs dance practice for Oops! was revealed earlier today on on Cube Entertainments YouTube channel.

While the live performances of the song feature BTOBs Ilhoon and many other backup dancers, this particular dance practice shows G.NA and her manager in a very humorous manner.  

G.NA made her comeback two weeks ago with her fourth mini album Beautiful Kisses and her title track Oops! Written by Lim Sang Hyuk and Son Young Jin, the song carries a sweet melody bound to captivate listeners and remind them of when they fell head over heels for someone. The lyrics express a woman’s affections for a younger man and whether he would accept her for who she is if he were to become her boyfriend.

G.NA unveils "Oops!" dance rehearsal clip

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Recently coming back to the music scene with the release of her 4th album "Beautiful Kisses," G.NA reveals the rehearsal video for her title track, "Oops!".

On March 28th, Cube Entertainment uploaded the special clip in their official Youtube channel, featuring G.NA in a rehearsing studio. She was featured solely showing the sexy choreography for the track and was later on joined by her own manager for a comical twist.

G.Na Practices ‘Oops’ with Her Manager

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On March 26, G.Na revealed her choreography practice for Oops! from her Beautiful Kisses mini album. Not only did G.Na flaunt her sexy dance moves, G.Na’s beloved manager came in and out of the video, creating hilarious cameo appearances.

G.NA releases practice video for “Oops” Releases Practice Video For “oops”

G.NA releases practice video for “Oops”

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G.NA has dropped her newest mini-album, ‘Beautiful Kisses‘, featuring her title track “Oops!