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K-Movies Which are Coming Soon To North American Theaters
K-Movies Which Are Coming Soon To North American Theaters

K-Movies Which are Coming Soon To North American Theaters

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(Photo : CJ Entertainment ) The social media-inspired romantic comedy, "Like for Likes" will premiere in make a choice North American theaters on February 26.

The tale of fashionable dearest as influenced by Facebook, marks the silver screen comeback of Yoo Ah In, following the meteoric good fortune of his 2015 Ryoo Seung Wan blockbuster, "Veteran" and the critically-acclaimed era film, "The Throne."

"Like for Likes" pairs Yoo with Lee Mi Yeon (Reply 1988), as a more youthfulguy who falls in love with an older woman, making the film a "noona romance."

done-Ladies’ Code expected to be coming circular again soon

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Since the fatal accident, the rest members of the crowd accept returned to their training and feature even released a song devoted to the deceased members. However, it turns out that that the Polaris Entertainment group will after all be creating a formal comeback, with reports indicating that they're going to be making a unencumber in the spring. After hearing the reports, many netizens have expressed their fortify and anticipation for the teams comeback.

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

1629, 20 Well constantly cheer for you~well never overlookUpward push and EunB. Even if youswon't be utterly healed I'm hopingwe willpay attention amazing song from you!

'Brown Eyed Boys' LC9 Disband In Way 'Everyone Saw Coming'
'brown Eyed Boys' Lc9 Disband In Way 'everyone Saw Coming'

'Brown Eyed Boys' LC9 Disband In Way 'Everyone Saw Coming'

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(Photo : Quek Yu Shan | Special Thank you to LUKIE BEAT Media Team, SH Entertainment and Starfly Entertainment )A month after their contract expired, LC9 officially disbanded.

Nega Network, the firmbelow which LC9 debuted, released a remark on Jan. 23 in the process the group's authentic fancafe. The disbandment got here3 years after LC9 debuted, yetin keeping with one former member was once predictable.

The official liberate from Nega Network in regards to the group's finishpublished LC9's contracts had expired on Dec. 21, and were now not renewed.

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Crush drops yet some other teaser symbol for his coming near comeback!
Crush Drops Yet Some Other Teaser Symbol For His Coming Near Comeback!

Crush drops yet some other teaser symbol for his coming near comeback!

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Amoeba Culture has published the reputable comeback song title, "Don't Forget," together with the image. Crush gave a preview of the unmarriedall over his solo concert back in November of 2015, and it looks as ifhe isin the endable for the completeinternational to pay attention it! Knowing Crush, the comeback is going to without a doubtgalvanize us another time amongst his soulful vocals. Crush hasn't told us on preciselywhat type of song "Don't Forget" will be, so test back steadily for any updates!

H.O.T rumored to be coming back in combination for 20th anniversary concert

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An insider published on January 15, "All the participants of H.O.T have determinedto arrange to celebration for their 20th anniversary concert." The insider also alleged that scheduling for the concert has yet to be concrete and there are not anyinformation about an upcoming album.

H.O.T debuted in 1996 with their album 'We Hate A wide variety of Violence' and disbanded in 2001. Loverswerelooking forward to their go back ever since, and contemporary comeback rumors stirred up numerous excitement.

V.O.S are 'coming soon' for a 'Re:Union'!

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Talented veteran trio, V.O.S, will in the end exist making their go back amongst all 3contributors on January 14 with 'Re:Union, The Real'!  Before that, they teased with images that acknowledged "coming soon" on January 12. 

The members every looks good-looking in his particular person teaser symbolwhilstit is sogreatto peer them all in combinationback in the crowd picture.  Their exhibitmay be on January 13!

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Yoon Si-yoon, Park Ki-woong and Lee Min-ki are coming back

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Yoon Si-yoon who debuted in 2009 with the MBC sitcom "High Kick During the Roof", have becomea celebthe following year with "Bread, Love and Dreams". He persisted to megastar in other dramas and build on his reputation. With one hundred or so more days to go, he hosted the marriage of the chief he's been with for so long.

Park Ki-woong may be coming back. Park Ki-woong signed up to be a conscripted policeman regardless ofthe truth that he made it to the Seoul District Police Firm advertisement team.

Park Ki-woong is recently serving at the secondassignmentcrew of the Seoul District Police Agency. He is because of exist discharged on the 7th of February or a little later than that in line with the Lunar New Year holiday.

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Liam Neeson is coming to Korea soon for the filming of 'Operation Chromite'

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TAEWON Entertainment, the production corporatein control of the film told Star News on January 8, "Neeson will be coming to Korea for the filming of 'Operation Chromite.'" 

Earlier, media has reported that Neeson would be coming to Korea in January yetmain points as to when precisely he would be touchdownwere not revealed. 

Neeson, who has been forged for the role of Total Douglas MacArthur, is joined by way of a star-studded cast adding Lee Jung Jae, Lee Beom Soo, and Jin Se Yeon. 

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Look Out Toronto – Got7 is Coming!
Look Out Toronto – Got7 Is Coming!

Look Out Toronto – Got7 is Coming!

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They are joining VIXX as headlining performers with the Kpop Con boasting 3 nights of concerts featuring the freshest K-pop acts! On May additionally 20th, the conference volition open and VIXX will perform. At the evenings of Also can 21 and 22, Got7 will have their own concerts. In addition, 3 more headlining artists will be announced in the approaching months, so stay your ears open for more exciting announcements for Canadian fans!

For ticketing information, take a glance at Toronto Kpop Con’s web page here. Got7 tickets aren't yet on sale, yetyou'll be able to still acquire tickets to see VIXX!

How many of you'll exist attending the convention? Related Tags GOT7Post NavigationOldTaleJung Hyung Don Officially Leaves Please Deal with My Refrigerator

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Hyeri expresses sadness at the short  coming near conclusion of 'Reply 1988'
Hyeri Expresses Sadness At The Short Coming Near Conclusion Of 'reply 1988'

Hyeri expresses sadness at the short coming near conclusion of 'Reply 1988'

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Currently, 'Reply 1988' has just four more episodes left and the forged and production crew are acknowledged to be busily wrapping up the ultimate of the filming. Many lovers of the display are anxiously anticipatingthe belief of the drama, especially as its storyline had struck a chord with them with thick plots and ambitiousperforming from the cast. 

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