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Oh In Hye Bed Scene

KBS Drama Awards Most sensible Excellence Award winner So Ji-sub, "Sin Min-ah, let's move and take the comfortable and erotic evening scene"

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The award ceremony, emceed by way of Jeon Hyeon-moo, Kim So-hyeon-I, and Park Bo-geom, happened at KBS Annex Developmentbeginning at 8:30 PM on December 31st.

He acknowledgedall the manner through the acceptance speech, "I'm so satisfied that I may play the role as Kim Yeongho. I mightlove to thank the entiregroup of workers members, who will have to be runningdemanding somewhere even now".

So Ji-sub also mentioned, "Congratulations, Min-ah for your award" about the distinction Award Actress in Mniseries Sin Min-ah received. He added, "Next week is the overall episode. Let's pass and take the relaxing and erotic evening scene". The target marketat the venue gave a large cheer as he executed his words.

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Ko Hyeon-jeong in her communicate display mentions about kiss scene with Cheon Jeong-myeong, "Looked so attractive that folk misunderstood we were dating"

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Ko Hyeon-jeong gave out Absolute best Couple Awards as a phase of Ko Hyeon-jeong Awards in this day. Yoon Jong-sin asked her "What is your maximum memorable kiss scene?".

Ko Hyeon-jeong indexed the kiss scene with kwon Sang-woo in 'Daemul - Large Thing'. She complimented on kwon Sang-woo's wit mentioning, "kwon Sang-woo acknowledged 'Noona I am doing it now'".

She also stated about the kiss scene with Cheon Jeong-myeong in 'Fox, What Are You Doing ??'. Ko Hyeon-jeong explained, "People told me the kiss scene with Cheon Jeong-myeong was onceincredibly sexy. Because mustn't lack emotion or exaggerated, I did it immersing myself into the emotion. It made people saying, 'Look, study the kiss. The 2should be dating'".

Fiester Jei shoots lesbian kissing scene in new internet drama
Fiester Jei Shoots Lesbian Kissing Scene In New Internet Drama

Fiester Jei shoots lesbian kissing scene in new internet drama

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South Korean dramas dont normally take the possibility of doing homosexual themes, alternatively Lily Fever is doing just that. Now nothandiest are there intimate kissing scenes between two girls, the keysolid is a K-pop idol, Jei from Fiestar.

Jeis lesbian kissing scene is yet to air, butfanatics have noticed a preview of it and the video clip is going viral. The clip can also bevisible below, watch at your own discretion.

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Ko Ah-ra and Yoo Seung-ho's kiss scene

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Yoo Seung-ho, Ko Ah-ra, Kwak Do-won and Lee Kyeong-yeong attended the premiere of the film "The Joseon Magician" at the 22nd.

"We had a kiss scene in the motion picture and we had to do this in front of 50 group of workers members. They stood back and watched the entire thing from the rehearsals".

Meanwhile, "The Joseon Magician" is the tale of a woman who turned into being sent to the Qing Dynasty to get married, falling in love with a boy magician. The movie comes out on the 30th of December.

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Spoiler 'Oh My Venus' unveils behind-the-scenes pictures of Seong Hoon and So Ji-sub's automobile coincidence scene

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Seong Hoon analyzed his script very wellsooner thanthe true shooting beganso as to highest the scene. His a successbirth of the ardent feelings in the scene touched the hearts of all of theteam of workersindividuals who were staring at on the filming set. When the camera was grew to become off, he cared about So Ji-sub's protection and took care of him considerately.

An insider associated with Seong Hoon asked the drama audienceto stick tuned for more of his bountiful appeals that may be brought out duringthe approaching episodes.

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Go Ara says team of workers  accrued  to observe her 'Joseon Magician' kiss scene with Yoo Seung Ho
Go Ara Says Team Of Workers Accrued To Observe Her 'joseon Magician' Kiss Scene With Yoo Seung Ho

Go Ara says team of workers accrued to observe her 'Joseon Magician' kiss scene with Yoo Seung Ho

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At the December 22nd press convention for 'Joseon Magician', Go Ara shared, "There were plenty of cutesy, love scenes with Yoo Seung Ho. There are lot of scenes I individually like as well." She continued, "A lot of workersindividualsgot herewhilstI used to be filming my kiss scene with Yoo Seung Ho. It was oncea suitefull of passion."

'Joseon Magician', featuring magical skills like Yoo Seung Ho, Go Ara, Kwak Do Won,Jo Yoon Hee,Lee Kyung Young, and more, will come to theaters on December 30. Do you observedyou'll be ready to exist watching?

Fans Shocked Over Rainbow Hyunyoung’s “Drunken Make Out” Scene

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The scene is attractive and comical, and fans were inspired alongside Hyunyoungs acting as its the primary time doing a scene comparable to this. It starts with a slightly intoxicated Hyunyoung and her male co-star status in a stairwell. Shes many times tries to sing their own praises how sexy she is, whilst the reluctant guyturns out to be undecidedof ways to reply. All at once she slips at the stairs and falls into his arms, then presumes to begin kissing him passionately while folks walk past, chucking at them beneath their breath. Take a glance at the scene for yourself below!

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Which scene used to be selected by way of the audience as the maximum lovey-dovey scene in 'We Were given Married'?

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The displaydecided on 14 of the maximum efficient scenes which made the viewers's hearts move pitter-patter, and the scene which that had all and sundry squealing from cuteness overload was once Jonghyun and Gong Seung Yeon's 'judo elegance of love' segment!

The scene which took 2ndpositionbecame Yonghwa and Seohyun's 'wedding shoot first kiss' scene, just one vote shy from tying for first place with Jonghyun and Gong Seung Yeon's scene.

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Basterd Ruin New Flooring In Korean Rap Scene With 'Intro'

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The lead unmarried "All" introduces mind-boggling rap talents from the boys. The wrong pronunciation of key English words every now and then convey you lotclear of the song, yet after the primaryconcentrate its no longer much of a problem. The contrast of Voss and XID's voice is authentic and at times resembles G-Dragon and T.O.P (by no way a bad thing).

Any passion in rap has at all times ended in a scrounged up face because of the heavy use of sirens, but in "Kill Me" they arebring to a halt and save the ears from conceivable musical disaster. The track does a super homage to Snoop Dogg (or is it Lion now?) and Wiz Khalifa's song "Young, Wild and Free".

"Get Out My Way" is the susceptible link in the outrageously cool sound we've been presented, but the rap is still on point so no lawsuits here! If the name of the song is a premonition for the long term then goapart because those boys are able to take at the industry.

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Song Ji Hyo Spotted Filming a marriage  Get dressed Scene With Chinese “Running Man” Star
Song Ji Hyo Spotted Filming A Marriage Get Dressed Scene With Chinese “running Man” Star

Song Ji Hyo Spotted Filming a marriage Get dressed Scene With Chinese “Running Man” Star

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Song Ji Hyo Spotted Filming a marriageGet dressed Scene With Chinese Running GuyCelebrity leejojoba November 6, 2015 0 Sina Entertainment of China currently published a photo of actress Song Ji Hyo in China.

They reported, “A netizen took a snapshot of Song Ji Hyo and Michael Chen (Chen He) filming the film ‘Premium Rush’ (tentative English title). Song Ji Hyo looks difficult in a wedding dress. At the other hand, Michael Chen is status next to her in a red sweat suit.”

The motion picture is produced by way of China’s Jimei Films and is a joint production by South Korea, China, and France. It’s an action comedian movie directed by Xiao Song.

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