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Nelly Furtado raves about Psy video
Nelly Furtado Raves About Psy Video

Nelly Furtado raves about Psy video

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Furtado revealed that she actually wanted Big Bang's T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyeon) to feature in her single "Big Hoops", which was released in April. She added that due to being "so far away in Canada", working with K-pop stars has been nearly impossible.

Nelly Furtado wants to work with Big Bang’s T.O.P

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On August 14th, Nelly Furtado held an exclusive music showcase in Singapore to promote her upcoming album The Spirit Indestructible. While being away for the past years, the singer is clearly not out of touch with whats popular on the airwaves and talked about Psys viral music video of Gangnam Style.

She also admitted that shed like to collaborate with Big Bangs T.O.P saying, I wanted T.O.P on my new song Big Hoops! She added that she envisioned that a collaboration would happen between her and a K-Pop artist.

Nelly Furtado Sings “Gangnam Style” at Her Concert
Nelly Furtado Sings “Gangnam Style” At Her Concert

Nelly Furtado Sings “Gangnam Style” at Her Concert

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Well-known singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado sang PSY’sGangnam Style” at her latest concert and it’s becoming a hot issue.

Her performing “Gangnam Style” in English at Manila, Philippines has recently been shown on YouTube and it looks like she even followed the popular horse dance choreography.

Famous people like T-Pain and highly influential news-sites like CNN have talked about “Gangnam Style” and they have even made parodies cementing the popularity of the song.

Nelly Furtado performs "Gangnam Style" during her Manila concert

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A few days ago, the Canadian singer-songerwriter Nelly Furtado revealed her interested in collaborating with Big Bang's T.O.P during a press conference prior to her concert in Manila, Philippines.

During her Manila concert, Nelly Furtado burst out her love for K-Pop and performed a surprising stage of PSY's viral hit, "Gangnam Style." The singer-songwriter not only sung English lyrics to the track, leaving PSY's vocals to sing the chorus in its original Korean form, Nelly Furtado did the famous "horse dance" on stage by herself.

Grammy Award Singer Nelly Furtado Enjoys Psy's
Grammy Award Singer Nelly Furtado Enjoys Psy's "gangnam Style"

Grammy Award Singer Nelly Furtado Enjoys Psy's "Gangnam Style"

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According to Universal Music, Nelly Furtado commented, "A couple days ago I watched the most interesting Korean music video. The 'horse-riding' dance move was the funniest part," while at a press conference in Singapore for her new album, The Spirit Indestructible.

Furtado, who was releasing an album for the first time in 3 years, commented, "There will be a variety of music in this album including rock, hip-hop, reggae and others. This album will be full of positive messages. This album will be the same feeling you get when you eat good food."

Nelly Furtado shows interest in collaborating with TOP

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At a press conference in Singapore for her fifth studio album, "The Spirit Indestructible", Nelly Furtado divulged her knowledge of K-pop artists to the press. The Canadian singer recalled when she first saw Psy's video for "Oppa Gangnam Style" and tried to describe the quirky dance moves. Despite her hiatus from the music scene for the last 6 years, the songstress is highly knowledgeable of what is currently taking over the radio waves.

Admitting to the fact that the pop scene is now much more diversified, Furtado explains how she wanted to feature TOP in her single "Big Hoops". She states to have heard of TOP close to 2 years ago through a friend. Unable to get in touch with him, she said, "The average K-Pop artist is not that easy to phone up...".

Towards the end of the video clip Nelly Furtado went on to say that an apparent K-pop or J-pop collaboration was in the works although not specifying with whom just yet.

Nelly Furtado wanted to work with Big Bang’s T.O.P!!
Nelly Furtado Wanted To Work With Big Bang’S T.o.p!!

Nelly Furtado wanted to work with Big Bang’s T.O.P!!

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“I’ve already enjoyed K-Pop over the years. I’m really lucky enough to live in a city where you can go to a little Korean barbeque place and watch as many K-pop videos you want on the TV screen,”  during a press conference that was recently held in Singapore, the ‘international artiste’ who is a fan of K-Pop and J-Pop talked about Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” MV that’s gone viral on the ‘net, and even admitted that she’d like to collaborate with none other than Big Bang‘s T.O.P!

She didn’t say too much, but she hinted, “We’ll see what happens. But I do foresee a collaboration of some kind with K-Pop or J-Pop. I definitely do love what they’re doing.”

She added that she envisioned that a collaboration would happen at some point between her and a K-Pop or J-Pop artist, this made fans all over the world would love to see.

Rising Star Group LC9 Covers Nelly's 'Only Just A Dream'
Rising Star Group Lc9 Covers Nelly's 'only Just A Dream'

Rising Star Group LC9 Covers Nelly's 'Only Just A Dream'

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Debuting only in May, and thus one of the rookie Kpop groups, seeing LC9 performances makes one say, this group has something different to offer for the music industry. Known as the counterpart of "Brown Eyed Girls", LC9 is starting their journey in the music scene.

Recently, LC9 released a cover for Nelly's "Only Just A Dream", a song that was very popular in the U.S. LC9 really nailed their own rendition of the song. Several members sang clearly and gave the song a unique touch. They even mixed in raps in Korean.

Eden really showed his rapping skills, Jun on the other hand belted out the other parts. All in all, their rendition was great.They have a natural voice that will capture every listener.

Rookie Group LC9 Does Great Cover of Nelly's "Just a Dream"

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Promising rookie group LC9 released a cover of American artist Nellys Just a Dream through their official YouTube channel on June 6.

The rookie group does a great job with covering this popular American song. Several of the members sing clearly without an accent, and does the song justice. E.Den does great with rap, especially with his husky voice. Jun, the visual, finally gets a singing part. Each member shows his talent and charm through this excellent cover.

You can watch more LC9 videos through their YouTube channel, including their harlem shake style Say What videos. If you havent seen it already, you can watch the music video for Mama Beat. Also, make sure to check out Soompis battle of the rookies featuring LC9 and History

G.NA gives BTOB’s Ilhoon a kiss for their last performance of “Oops!” on ‘Music Core’ Gives Btob’s Ilhoon A Kiss For Their Last Performance Of “oops!” On ‘music Core’

G.NA gives BTOB’s Ilhoon a kiss for their last performance of “Oops!” on ‘Music Core’

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G.NA tweeted on the 12th, Im so thankful to BTOBs Ilhoon who worked really hard! A photo after Music Bank! Ke. You gave me a lot of strength while we performed together! Keke. Now, I hope you show an even more amazing side with BTOB! Lets be strong! Keke, along with the adorable photo below.

In other news, she released her “Mind Sync” MV feat. Huh Gak as a gift for her fans with the end of her promotions for “Oops”.