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Global We Got Married EP 10 Making Film: Taecyeon Is An “Ahjumma Killer,” Gui Gui Gifts Taecyeon’s Manager Taiwanese Suncakes

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Global We Got Married EP 10 Making Film: Taecyeon, Gui GuiIn "Global We Got Married" Episode 10 "making film," the videos released on the show's official Youtube website showed behind-the-scenes footage of Taecyeon and Gui Gui filming for episode 10 of "Global We Got Married."

While filming for the scenes where Gui Gui and Taecyeon had to prepare for the housewarming party, Gui Gui apparently gifted Taecyeon's manager delicious suncake pastries from Taiwan. Gui Gui wanted to thank Taecyeon's manager for buying slippers for her during their honeymoon in Jeju Island.

While decorating their home in preparation for their housewarming party, Gui Gui, nicknamed the "game addict," was playing around with Taecyeon as the two tried to blow up balloons with helium. Gui Gui proposed that the loser of "rock, papers, scissors" should suffer the punishment of having a balloon popped right next to their ear.

Hongki and Fujii Mina head to Japan to film ‘We Got Married: Global Edition?
Hongki And Fujii Mina Head To Japan To Film ‘we Got Married: Global Edition?
'Masquerade' well-received in global film industry
'masquerade' Well-Received In Global Film Industry

'Masquerade' well-received in global film industry

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The plot revolves around Korean history in the year 1615 when the nation falls into disorder and is under political turmoildue todomestic power struggles. Gripped with panic and fear of assassination, King Gwanghaegun is getting more violent and aggressive with each passing day. In order to avoid assassination, the king directs the chief royal secretary to find him a double to fill in for him. Haseon, a beggar who has a surprisingly similar appearance with the king and a smooth tongue and a talent for copying the king's way of speaking, is selected and taken to the palace ignorant of the reason. One day, the king is poisoned as feared and Haseon takes the throne pretending to be king while Gwanghaegun recovers in secret. Things get complicated when Haseon begins to voice his own opinions and people start to notice the sudden changes in the king's behavior. The affection and appreciation that the fake king shows towards even thelowest ofservants touches the people, and also the audiences.

The plot of the Korean film "Masquerade" combines true historical eventsthat took place during the Joseon Kingdom with some imaginative twists(photo courtesy of CJ Entertainment).

Jeonju film festival puts indie films before global blockbusters
Jeonju Film Festival Puts Indie Films Before Global Blockbusters

Jeonju film festival puts indie films before global blockbusters

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As a partially competitive film festival, JIFF has three competition sections: the international competition with 10 feature-length films in the running; the Korean film competition with 13 films; and the Korean short film competition with 17 shorts. The international competition features films by first- or second-time directors from around the world. Since last year, this competition has included Korean films, as the organizers say that the quality of Korean indie films has risen vastly in recent years so that they can now compete at an international level.

"This year, we selected 'Padak', the debut animation film by Korean director Lee Dae-hee, for the international competition section. Korean indie films have been really strong since a couple of years ago", Lee said.

First-place winners of the competitive sections will get a prize of $15,000 - $10,000 from Woosuk University and an additional $5,000 from the festival.

Video Trailer released for the Korean film 'Summer of Director Oh'

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"Summer of Director Oh" (2015)Directed by capacity of Noh Jin-sooWith Ko Won, Lee Chae-dam, Eom Ji-hye, Park Jeong-yoon, Rahi, Hwang Ji-hoo,...SynopsisDirector Oh Soo-jin had a flavor of failure with her first movie. She thinks about a complicatedget backyetnobodyneeds her now. Then one day, opportunity reveals her but it is an erotic film...She is "Sky Girl" Oh Soo-jin. Seven years ago, Oh Soo-jin made a film called "Sky Girl" which ended insimplest 20,000 views. She floor her teeth to improve from her failure by creating a2d movie. One day she gets a choice from Park, a gangster and film director who asks her to make a porn motion picture amongst him. The actress of the movie is an AV girl from Japan. Oh Soo-jin denies the be offering and returns house just all that islooking ahead to her are unpaid hire and bills. Oh Soo-jin calls Park after looking at the AV girl's porn and suggests she turns all the set into a women-only production. She has a week to movie the movie with one hundred million won. Can she do it?Release date in Korea : 2016/03/03

Photos Added new poster for the Korean film 'My Friend's Older Sister'

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Directed via Chae Gil-byeongWith Park Cho-hyeon, Kim Seong-hwan-I, Joo In-cheol,...Synopsis"Do you want to have to reside in my house?"Living with my friend's hot sister!Joon-soo learns that his friend Hee-gyu's sister Hee-jin has no where to move after being scammed, so he suggests living with him. The 2get started living together. They are close like brother and sister yetthey are in a position to never be that. The two commence getting funny and Joon-soo can notfall asleep at the thought about Hee-jin snoozing just a wall clear of him. Mi-na, Joon-soo's female friend notices Joon-soo converting and seduces Joon-soo at his area where Hee-jin is. Is it the girlfriend or the sister?Release date in Korea : 2016/03/10

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Video Photos Added new posters, personality trailer and interview video for the Korean film 'The Wonderful Actor'

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"The Large Actor" (2015)Directed by capacity of Seok Min-wooWith Oh Dal-soo, Yoon Je-moon, Lee Kyeong-yeong, Ko Woo-rim, Choi Byeong-mo, Park Ji-hwan,...Also referred to as "Pinching the Star"Crank in : 2015/05/09Crank up : 2015/07/15SynopsisA motion picture which tells the tale of a deficient actor who handiest acts upon the stage.Release date in Korea : 2016/03

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Video Trailer released for the Korean film 'Su Saek'

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"Su Saek" (2015)Directed via Choi Seung-yeunWith Maeng Se-chang, Gong Myeong, Lee Tae-hwan, Lee Jin-seong-I, Kim Ki-hyun, Kim Si-eun,...SynopsisSusaek Station- Small suspicions and betrayals push fourabsolute bestbuddies to the point of no return. Yoon-seok, Sang-woo, Won-seon, Ho-young are 4 topchums living in Susaek, a deficientspace of Seoul. The landfill nearby, Susaek, fills the air with the smell of the city's garbage. When Korea gets the bid for the 2002 International Cup, Susaek is discussed as the spot for the hotfootball stadium. Wealthy developers crowd into the city and the locals are longing for the promise of redevelopment. In the meantime, Won-seon is recruited by the local gang and gets tied up in the redevelopment business, whilst the petty jealousy of Sang-woo starts to make cracks in their friendship...Release date in Korea : 2016/03/31

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Video Primary trailer and unlock date released for the Korean film 'Steel Flower'

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"Steel Flower" (2015)Directed via Park Suk-youngWith Jeong Ha-dam,...SynopsisEach night, a homeless ladyremains in desertedhomes to get by. In the winter, she leaves the bloodless environs of Seoul and heads to Busan, ultimatelylocating an empty area in an abandoned a section of town. She starts trying to findsome way to make a living, yetit istrickyto discovera rolewith out ahouse address, no Identification card, and no telephone number. She in the end does locate work, but her employer takes good thing about her and finally ends up firing her without paying any wages. No personturns out to be on her aspect in this harsh and abusive world. Park depicted a an identicaltale or so3 homeless women in his debut film, "Wild Flowers" (2014). WhilstMetallic Flower is in the similar vein, it be more concise since there are fewer characters on which to focus. He also tries to keep away fromthe use ofan analogous stereotypical characteristics of the film's antagonists. Jeong Ha-dam, who played the youngest woman in "Wild Flowers", seems as lead in this movie and leaves audience with an intense and lasting impression. (NAM Dong-chul)Festival20th Busan Overseas Film Festival (2015)Vision SectionRelease date in Korea : 2016/04/07

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Video Trailer released for the Korean film 'Spring Granny'

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"Spring Granny" (2015)Directed by way of Director ChangWith Yoon Yeo-jeong, Kim Go-eun-I, Minho, Kim Hee-won, Sin Eun-jeong, Yang Ik-joon,...SynopsisA lady who went lacking after an coincidence returns 10 years later and reunites with her grandmother.Release date in Korea : 2016/05