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My Daughter The Flower Kiss Scene

Kim Hee Sun’s Daughter Became Angry When She Saw Her Mom’s Kiss Scene with Lee Min Ho in “Faith”
Kim Hee Sun’S Daughter Became Angry When She Saw Her Mom’S Kiss Scene With Lee Min Ho In “Faith”

Kim Hee Sun’s Daughter Became Angry When She Saw Her Mom’s Kiss Scene with Lee Min Ho in “Faith”

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At the February 18 press conference for KBS‘ new weekend drama, “Wonderful Days,” ( a.k.a. “Very Good Days”), its heroine Kim Hee Sun opened up about being a mother and an actress.

When asked about her daughter Yeon Ah, Kim Hee Sun immediately smiled and proudly proclaimed, “She knows how to ski.” Embarrassed slightly by her outburst, Kim Hee Sun explained that she was “Yeon Ha’s mom” and “I plan to forget that while I am filming to focus on the drama for the next six months. Of course I am sorry to her about that. She is at an age when everything she does is adorable.”

Kim Hee Sun also related a story about her daughter who doesn’t really understand yet that her mother is an actress. She said, “‘When I was filming ‘Faith,’ she saw me kissing another person and became angry.” Yeon Ha had seen her mother kiss Lee Min Ho on screen during the 2012 SBS drama “Faith.”

Lee Yoo Young talks about her kiss and bed scene with Lim Ji Yeon
Lee Yoo Young Talks About Her Kiss And Bed Scene With Lim Ji Yeon

Lee Yoo Young talks about her kiss and bed scene with Lim Ji Yeon

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Regarding her provocative exposure and same-sex bed scene in the movie, Lee Yoo Young said, "I filmed a kiss scene with actress Lim Ji Yeon, who used to be a senior at school.  At first, kissing and embracing any person of the similar ender worried me.  However, doing this with a girlchanged intoa little more manageable and comfortable."

Then the scene of breaking a fruit with the thighs was brought up, and she revealed, "I attempted information technology in genuinelifestyles and I may just never do it," bowing her head.

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Lee Jang-woo and Son Eun-seo, "Filmed deep kiss scene for twelve hours correct once they first met"

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The two met every one other for the primary fourth dimension when filming a advertisement as a school student couple for a beverage emblem five years ago.

Lee Jang-woo and Son Eun-seo recollected the time when they first met every other. They said, "Right once we showtime met both other, we did deep kiss. We had to kiss for twelve hours"

The production team of 'Law of the Jungle in Panama' said, "Lee Jang-woo and Son Eun-seo's hot kiss scene may be aired in the impending episode". The episode will be broadcast at 10 PM on January 14th.

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"High-end Crush" Jeong Il-woo and Jin Se-yeon's kiss scene

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The still cuts display Jeong Il-woo and Jin Se-yeon taking a look at one another just a foot away apart. Jeong Il-woo's glanceturns out heated up as thoughhe is being sucked into a black hollow and in any other picture, he grabs Jin Se-yeon by way of the arm.

Jin Se-yeon at the other hand looks as if a shocked rabbit as she's looking out at Jeong Il-woo. Still, she looks as if she's about to kiss him any moment.

The scene was once filmed in Incheon. Jeong Il-woo and Jin Se-yeon rehearsed their regimen mannerprior tothe true scene changed into taken.

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WINNER’s Song Mino Says He Was once All In Right through Kiss Scene in Teaser Video

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WINNERs Song Mino Says He Was once All In All the manner through Kiss Scene in Teaser Videock525 January 10, 2016 0 WINNER’s Song Mino has published that he was in the zone whilst filming his kiss scene for the group’s song video teaser.

When asked about the kiss scene in his teaser clip, Song Mino says, “I was acting and 200% in the zone. I did so for the maximum productive results.”

Meanwhile, WINNER dropped their new album’s preview song “Pricked,” a duet with Nam Tae Hyun and Song Mino, on January 11 at the hours of darkness KST. WINNER could be making their comeback after a year and five months hiatus with their mini-album E on February 1.

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Fans terrorize Mino’s instagram after FIERCE kiss scene

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For his project unmarried alongsidecrew member Nam Taehyun being released forward of the teamscomplete comeback, WINNERSong Mino was observed kissing a lady in a brief clip from the songs music video. Even if the clip used to bereasonably short, fans were incredibly excited after finding that the YG Entertainment kissing in the music video. Fans flooded to Instagram, where they left many comments about the kiss for him to read.

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

Why is his instagram stuffed with frogsHes scared to death of frogsFans are angryyyyyHere's so lovelyThe cutest instagram terror Ive ever visibleㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ this is the cutest thingThat kiss scene truly is fierce even thoughFrogs each whereeee Source: Instiz

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Ko Hyeon-jeong in her communicate display mentions about kiss scene with Cheon Jeong-myeong, "Looked so attractive that folk misunderstood we were dating"

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Ko Hyeon-jeong gave out Absolute best Couple Awards as a phase of Ko Hyeon-jeong Awards in this day. Yoon Jong-sin asked her "What is your maximum memorable kiss scene?".

Ko Hyeon-jeong indexed the kiss scene with kwon Sang-woo in 'Daemul - Large Thing'. She complimented on kwon Sang-woo's wit mentioning, "kwon Sang-woo acknowledged 'Noona I am doing it now'".

She also stated about the kiss scene with Cheon Jeong-myeong in 'Fox, What Are You Doing ??'. Ko Hyeon-jeong explained, "People told me the kiss scene with Cheon Jeong-myeong was onceincredibly sexy. Because mustn't lack emotion or exaggerated, I did it immersing myself into the emotion. It made people saying, 'Look, study the kiss. The 2should be dating'".

Ko Ah-ra and Yoo Seung-ho's kiss scene

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Yoo Seung-ho, Ko Ah-ra, Kwak Do-won and Lee Kyeong-yeong attended the premiere of the film "The Joseon Magician" at the 22nd.

"We had a kiss scene in the motion picture and we had to do this in front of 50 group of workers members. They stood back and watched the entire thing from the rehearsals".

Meanwhile, "The Joseon Magician" is the tale of a woman who turned into being sent to the Qing Dynasty to get married, falling in love with a boy magician. The movie comes out on the 30th of December.

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Go Ara says team of workers  accrued  to observe her 'Joseon Magician' kiss scene with Yoo Seung Ho
Go Ara Says Team Of Workers Accrued To Observe Her 'joseon Magician' Kiss Scene With Yoo Seung Ho

Go Ara says team of workers accrued to observe her 'Joseon Magician' kiss scene with Yoo Seung Ho

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At the December 22nd press convention for 'Joseon Magician', Go Ara shared, "There were plenty of cutesy, love scenes with Yoo Seung Ho. There are lot of scenes I individually like as well." She continued, "A lot of workersindividualsgot herewhilstI used to be filming my kiss scene with Yoo Seung Ho. It was oncea suitefull of passion."

'Joseon Magician', featuring magical skills like Yoo Seung Ho, Go Ara, Kwak Do Won,Jo Yoon Hee,Lee Kyung Young, and more, will come to theaters on December 30. Do you observedyou'll be ready to exist watching?

Surprise Kiss Scene Between Yoo Seung Ho and Sun Revealed
Surprise Kiss Scene Between Yoo Seung Ho And Sun Revealed

Surprise Kiss Scene Between Yoo Seung Ho and Sun Revealed

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Surprise Kiss Scene Between Yoo Seung Ho and SunPublished ck525 November 30, 2015 0 Pictures of MAMAMOOSolar giving Yoo Seung Ho a surprise kiss were revealed.

Fans swooned at symbol posted by capability of MBC every1’s “Imaginary Cat” that showed the candy peck at the cheek shared between Yoo Seung Ho and Solar. The shy love between topfacultyscholars Hyun Jong Hyun (played by Yoo Seung Ho) and Jung Soo In (played by Solar) are adequate to make fans longing forthe impending episode.

In the images, Yoo Seung Ho looks stunned nonethelesscompletely happy to get maintain of a surprise kiss from Solar. The awkward yet affectionate air of new lovers still surround the two, which adds directly tothe entire sweetness of the photo.

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