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Miss Ajumma Spoilers

[Spoilers] miss A’s Fei and MBLAQ’s Seungho dance the paso doble and tango on ‘Dancing With the Stars 3′

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Fei and Kim Soo Ro showcased their incredible flexibility and perfect chemistry once again as they danced to the tango for I Will Follow Him from the Sister Act OST. The judges commented that their dancing was on poin,t and although they performed a gospel song, their power and chemistry were very evident. The pair received a total of 23 points as well.

Hit or Miss: Kang Dong Won Tests the Limits of style to Advertise “A Violent Prosecutor”
Hit Or Miss: Kang Dong Won Tests The Limits Of Style To Advertise “a Violent Prosecutor”

Hit or Miss: Kang Dong Won Tests the Limits of style to Advertise “A Violent Prosecutor”

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Hit or Miss: Kang Dong Won Tests the Limits of style to Advertise A Violent Prosecutormelkimx February 1, 2016 0 Kang Dong Won is well known for checking outthe limits of fashion, and he made 0 exceptions for the click appearances of his newest movie! The devastatingly good-looking actor and version attended a trio of promotions for A Violent Prosecutor in outfits that will best be described as artistic and fashion-forward.

For the videos VIP premiere on February 1, Kang Dong Won wore a Saint Laurent patchwork leather jacket ($9,990 USD) from their spring/summer 2016 mens collection. He matched it with the similar tuxedo print shirt, black thin jeans, and white shoes equallynoticedat the track look.

Next, Kang Dong Won attended the red carpet and exhibit on January 28 dressed in a Burberry starched lace coat ($4,095) from their spring/summer 2016 mens collection, which he paired with an analogous lace blouse as visible on the runway look. He switched out the suede tassel loafers for painted patent leather derby shoes ($750), yet keen-eyed lovers created a cute GIF of him wearing the shoes at every other event.

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miss A’s Fei and Goo Hara Tear Up on Remaining Episode of “Fists of Shaolin Temple”
Miss A’s Fei And Goo Hara Tear Up On Remaining Episode Of “fists Of Shaolin Temple”

miss A’s Fei and Goo Hara Tear Up on Remaining Episode of “Fists of Shaolin Temple”

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miss As Fei and Goo Hara Tear Up on Final Episode of Fists of Shaolin Templeck525 January 23, 2016 0 Miss A’s Fei and Goo Hara shed tears at the last episode of “Fists of Shaolin Temple.”

After their final assignment, the members read parting messages left for them by skill of others. The members read her messages out loud for Fei, who isn'ttotallypleased with Korean. By the end, Fei bursts into tears.

“I got here because I in point of factsought afterto be informed martial arts, and I felt burdened to be the maximum productive because I'm Chinese and in my homeland,” she says. “I at all timesattempted to preparetough and assist others, and I’m so thankfulthat everybodyfavored my effort.”

miss A's Jia presentations off her ill moves at 1MILLION Dance Studio

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She and the talented dancers at 1MILLION uploaded an customary choreo to Tinashe's "Party Favors," and man, the ones moves were sizzling! Jia especially used to be getting the crowd going with the style she got the choreo down perfectly. It iswonderfulto peer Jia dancing and just having a laugh in an uninhibited environment. 

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'Reply 1988' Remains to be Plagued Via Leaked Spoilers

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(Photo : tvN ) The "Reply 1988" finale is rapidly approaching, with audiences at the edge in their seat to peer which early life friend will marry, Duk Sun (Hyeri) - Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol) or Taek (Park Bo Gum).

Despite a prior announcement from the tvN production team, which threatened felony action opposed to parties who were chargeable for revealing information aboutthe preferred program, spoilers continue to be leaked via elected officials and media outlets.

In a piece of writing published by E Day-to-day on January 12, representatives for tvN showed that Duk Sun will marry somebody and substantiated that he'sthe fellow who has been depicted in rapidahead scenes of the show.

miss A’s Suzy Satisfied to Obtain Acknowledgement as a Singer Thru “Dream”

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miss As Suzy Satisfied to Acquire Acknowledgement as a Singer Thru Dreamnotclaira January 12, 2016 0 Suzy has had a hectic 2015, with the unlock of her movie “The Sound of a Flower” and being crowned once back as one of South Korea’s “CF queens,” shooting many advertisements for plenty ofother products. Despite the truth that she has much to be proud about, the miss A member is lately just happy to be receiving attention for her making a songtalents for a change.

On January 7, Suzy and EXO’s Baekhyun teamed up for the jazzy duet “Dream.” Upon its release, it temporarily took No. 1 at theprimarytrack charts and has held the spot up till January 11. The track drew attention no longerbest for the singers’ candy voices yet also the original collaboration between JYP and SM Entertainment.

“Suzy is worked up that she is receiving acknowledgement as a singer,” JYP Entertainment reported. “She is operatingtough on her drama ‘Uncontrollably Fond.’ Please stay up for her activities in 2016.”

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New “Reply 1988″ Wedding Scene Spoilers Leaked

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New Answer 1988 Wedding Scene Spoilers Leakedkokoberry January 12, 2016 0 Previously, there were spoilers leaked about a marriage scene being filmed for the overall episodes of hit drama Reply 1988.

While it was once true that a wedding scene become filmed at a wedding corridorsituated at an airforce club in Seoul, the former spoiler incorrectly mentioned which characters were given married.

It has been published that the characters who got married in the marriage scene are Bora (Ryu Hye Young) and Sun Woo (Ko Kyung Po). Currently, the production team is proceeding filming in utmost secrecy. Handiestthe maximum important cast, staff, and extras (acting as wedding guests) are being allowed to be provide at the filming site.

“Reply 1988″ Wedding Scene Spoilers Published Regardless of Warnings

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Reply 1988 Wedding Scene Spoilers PublishedRegardless of Warningsleejojoba January 11, 2016 0 Duk Sun (Hyeri) of tvN’s “Reply 1988” effectively marries someone. Who that anyone is continues to be seen. The “Reply 1988” team is expounded to be lately filming episode 20 in utmost secrecy which includes Duk Sun’s wedding scene. Some lovers have reportedly spotted Hyeri and other forgedparticipants on movie location.

The drama representative commented, “We already showed adult versions of Duk Sun and her husband (actors Lee Mi Yeon and Kim Joo Hyuk). Her husband might be revealed on air, so we’re taping the marriage scene below very tight security.”

The fans of “Reply 1988” had been thrown into an utter confusion because the episodes 17 and 18 aired ultimate week. The fans who firmly believed that Duk Sun will finally finish up alongside Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol) were stuck off guard by ability ofthe reality that Taek (Park Bo Gum) still has an opportunity at finishing up with Duk Sun after all. In the last episode, author Lee Woo Jung portrayed Jung Hwan’s disguised love confession and Duk Sun apparently rejecting him. It appeared every bitregardless that Jung Hwan used to bein a position to surrender on Duk Sun not sureof the way she felt about his heartfelt confession.

'Reply 1988’ Production Team Announce To position Prison Sanctions On Spoilers

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Nevertheless, the videos were published online, which disenchanted the production team of the tvN's Friday Saturday drama 'Reply 1988.' In similar news, the cable channel tvN's Friday Saturday drama 'Reply 1988' is a comedy circle of relatives drama of five families in Seoul in the year of 1988. The cable channel tvN's Friday Saturday drama 'Reply 1998' is a sequel of the preferred cable channel tvN's Friday Saturday drama 'Reply 1994' starring Ko A Ra and Yoo Yeon Suk, which aired in 2013. The cable channel tvN drama 'Reply 1998' airs each Friday and Saturday at 7:50 KST.

The cable channel tvN's Friday Saturday drama 'Reply 1988' will finish next week, on Jan. 16, Saturday. After the cable channel tvN's Friday Saturday drama 'Reply 1998' ends, the hot cable channel tvN's Friday Saturday drama 'Signal' starring actress Kim Hye Soo will air.

“Reply 1988″ Production Team Considers Prison Action Opposed to People who Leak Spoilers

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Reply 1988 Production Team Considers Felony Action Opposed toPeople who Leak Spoilersorionight January 9, 2016 0 The production groupin the back ofthe preferred drama Answer 1988 is thinking about legal action against those who leak spoilers of episodes sooner than theyre broadcasted.

On January 9, one of the crucial production crew contributors stated, Were reallythankful for the affection that Respond 1988 has received. However, even supposinglovers earnestly beg for hints and spoilers, we feel that such indiscriminate spoilers are regrettable.

The crew member added, The production crew is these daysbearing in mind legal action against those who leaked spoilers before the episodes are aired. There are still 4 episodes left, so we ask another time that no spoilers of the tale that can be told in the drama be leaked to the masses.