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K-Pop Throwback: Bae Suzy Shines In Miss A's 'Touch,' A Hauntingly Psychedelic Song Worth Revisiting

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(Photo : YouTube still) Miss A"s 2012 hit song "Touch," off of the South Korean-Chinese group"s third EP of the same title, is not an easy one to classify.

Too poppy to be experimental, yet awfully strange for a pop tune, "Touch" casts a strange spell on the listener, mixing mournful Fender Rhodes chords with sharp synth textures over a hard-hitting dance beat.

The four members of Miss A also deserve substantial credit for turning in vocal performances in "Touch" that are hauntingly poised, while still passionate.

[ Shop] Autographed Miss A "Touch" Special Packages!

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Soompi Shop is excited to bring you two exclusive miss A packages! The first package includes miss As mini-album Touch, a T-shirt designed by member Jia, a card autographed by Jia, and four HQ pictures of miss A members! The second package includes two items:  miss A mini-album Touch, and four HQ pictures.

There are two designs of the Jia T-shirts available to choose from: one black and one white. The design on the black version is a side profile skull head on a card. On the white version, Jia doodled diamonds, skulls, stars, and others things representing her personality. Jia will be donating a portion of the proceeds coming from the T-shirts sales to people in need, so please give your support and love!

These exclusive packages are available in a very limited edition of only 50 packages each so get yours now at Soompi Shop before they are all gone! Packages will be shipped from Seoul promptly upon reception from the agency, likely within two weeks after the end of the sales period.

KTO, the ‘Touch Korea Tour’ video with Korea’s biggest fans along; 2PM & miss A gone public!
Kto, The ‘Touch Korea Tour’ Video With Korea’S Biggest Fans Along; 2Pm & Miss A Gone Public!

KTO, the ‘Touch Korea Tour’ video with Korea’s biggest fans along; 2PM & miss A gone public!

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2PM’s Taecyeon and miss A’s Fei and Xia participated in the ‘Style Tour’, along with 5 fans from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore including their team leader ZaiZai. They enjoyed the trendy streets of Chungdam-dong and Garosu-gil and Korea’s famous department stores and fashion boutiques, where they tried on various Hallyu styles. Taekyeon, Fei and Xia gave fashion advice to the fans and they enjoyed a full-fledged fashion photo shoot. Taekyeon, Fei and Xia gave tips on how to enjoy the Hallyu style photo shoot. They also ate Korea’s summer specialty Samgyetang, and enjoyed their time with Taekyeon, Fei and Xia at the hottest cafes in the trendy streets of Galosu Street.

Each of the video episodes of the ‘Touch Korea Tour’ will be opened starting from September 21th on  By October 5th all of the episodes will be uploaded and till October 15th, internet users will be able to vote for their favorite teams. The poll results will be posted on KTO’s interactive site on October 22nd. The team with the most votes will be invited back to Korea during the last week of October, and will enjoy the opportunity to spend time with 2PM and miss A during the awards. They will additionally win 25,000,000 KRW.

2PM & miss A Enjoy "Touch Korea Tour" with Fans! Watch & Vote for Your Favorite Team!

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Five fans from Japan, Singapore, and the United States participated in the Gourmet Tour with Junho, Chansung, and Suzy. This group was also divided into three teams to compete in a cooking showdown, where they made their favorite Korean cuisine. Suzys team had trouble keeping the Korean rice cakes from lumping, but they were able to make a delicious dish of the Royal Tteokbokki.  During the cook-off, Suzy gave tips to her team members and spoon-fed her team members, creating long lasting memories for both herself and the fans. Junhos team showed great teamwork, assigning roles to each member and coordinating each others roles to create a perfect Japchae. Chansungs teams got to a rocky start, spilling their dish, the Haemul Pajeon. However, they managed to get everything under control and put out a great dish.

The Style team, formed of five fans from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, posed in a photoshoot with Taecyeon, Jia, and Fei, wearing what they consider hallyu style. They enjoyed the trendy streets of Chungdam-dong and Garosu-gil, as well as other boutiques and malls in Hongdae. 

miss A Suzy,
Miss A Suzy, "my Lips Didn't Touch Kim Joon Hyun's... I Was Just Surpsied By The Tray Sound"

miss A Suzy, "My Lips Didn't Touch Kim Joon Hyun's... I Was Just Surpsied By the Tray Sound"

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Today Suzy came out in KBS comedy show "Gag Concert" and acted as Song Jun Keun's girlfriend. But she told Song Jun Keun, "I got a new boyfriend" and broke up with him. Just when Suzy was about to kiss Kim Jun Hyun, the waiter hit Kim Jun Hyun's head with a steel tray, but Kim Jun Hyun's head was lowered by the tray and his lips touched Suzy's. Suzy then made a surprised look, and many viewers had wondered, "Did they actually kiss?"

miss A’s Suzy personally cooks for “Touch Korea Tour” contest winners!
Miss A’s Suzy Personally Cooks For “touch Korea Tour” Contest Winners!

miss A’s Suzy personally cooks for “Touch Korea Tour” contest winners!

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Suzy took to her Twitter and wrote, Im in the middle of eating. Together with international friends invited by KTO!!!!! I think i can cook !!!!!!!!!!  In the picture attached to her message, she is seen with her mentioned international friends with a frying pan before her. Although KTO had originally promised that the winners could try out food recommended by the 2PM and miss A members, it seems that they are also getting an extra treat of trying Suzys home-made cooking!

Netizens have particularly showered Suzys tweet with attention. Suzys enthusiasm in her message as well as her victory pose and puckering expression in the picture evoked smiles upon the faces of her male fans. Such fans have commented, I too want to eat Suzys cooking. It looks delicious, and, So Suzy can cook too. She would make an awesome wife.

In other news, Suzy is currently delivering a passionate performance in KBSs Big as the character Jang Mari, who is head over heels for character Kang Kyung Joon.

miss A Suzy's Constant Beauty From Before Till Now
Miss A Suzy's Constant Beauty From Before Till Now "this Is From 'touch'"

miss A Suzy's Constant Beauty From Before Till Now "This is From 'Touch'"

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miss A Suzy's Constant Beauty From Before Till Now This is From 'Touch'miss A's Suzy revealed a picture from when they were active with their song 'Touch.

Internet users who saw this commented, "She's consistently pretty", "She's like a doll", "Singing and acting, what is she not good at?", and "I really enjoy 'Big'~"

Vote for who will join 2PM and miss A to explore Korea in the Touch Korea Tour!

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The 7 final winners will be determined based on judgment by the Korea Tourism Organization, as well as by online user votes. Netizens can begin casting their votes on the Touch Korea Tour Site starting May 8th 12:00AM KST until May 11th 11:59PM KST. Votes can be cast for multiple videos, however, fans will be only be able to cast one vote per video, per day.

One team who does the best job of completing the mission, will be chosen from the three teams after the end of the tour through online voting and each member of the team will receive a Korea Pass worth 5 million KRW, which is accepted over 7,300 affiliates including museums, select tourist spots, as well as duty free shops, and can also be used for public transportation.

Korea Tourism Organizations Tourism BrandProduct Department Executive Director  Shin Pyung Seob remarked, Korea Tourism Organizations Touch Korea Tour is highly meaningful, as the contestants will be able to experience Korea with todays top Hallyu stars. I hope this will serve as a good opportunity for all fans of K-Pop to be able to communicate using our Youtube and Facebook pages, and a chance for them to personally visit Korea. Please look forward to the exciting Touch Korea Tour events to unfold.

[Soompi Shop] Announcing miss A Autographed "Touch" Package!
[Soompi Shop] Announcing Miss A Autographed "touch" Package!

[Soompi Shop] Announcing miss A Autographed "Touch" Package!

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The package includes a miss A "Touch" CD, a purple ballpoint pen, a notepad with 8 photos, and a postcard that has been signed and personalized by the members of miss A! The pen, shown (with a ribbon) by miss A's Suzy on her personal Twitter, bears the miss A label in white. It has a grippy rubber coating and chubby handle for easy writing. It's available exclusively at Soompi shop! The miss A "Touch" notepad contains 8 photos (4 pages) of the members and lots of blank pages for you to express your creativity! Finally, the postcard will have your name written on it, and it will be signed by all four girls! Can you imagine receiving a postcard from miss A straight to you?

Again, the package comes with free express shipping! Only 100 units are available, so be sure to reserve your copy when the miss A package appears on Thursday, April 26, 11 AM KST!

Soompi Shop will continue to bring you new products every week from Korea. In the near future, you can look forward to cool items related to Big Bang, Girls' Generation, BEAST, and more. Please stay tuned!

miss A’s Chinese ‘Touch’ album reaches #1 on Omusic chart!
Miss A’s Chinese ‘touch’ Album Reaches #1 On Omusic Chart!

miss A’s Chinese ‘Touch’ album reaches #1 on Omusic chart!

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The special album is currently #1 on the Japanese-Korean chart on one of the most popular Chinese-language digital music service sites, Omusic. This Touch album contains both the Korean and Chinese versions of the title single as well as a DVD of both versions of the music video as well.

miss As Chinese management agency AQ Entertainment stated, We thank the fans who waited for miss As Chinese album. Please give a miss As promotional activities a lot of interest and love in the future as well.