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5 Iconic MAMA Performances POLL

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SM Entertainments founder Lee Soo Guy produced this performance, dubbed Reloaded. The complete production used to be an over the pinnacledisplaydevoted to the companys history. The 3 then-new idol teamsconducted a medley of hits made by skill of SM Entertainments first generation of idols, like H.O.T (performed by TVXQ,) Shinhwa (performed by Super Junior,), and S.E.S. (performed by CSJH.) Back then, these groups were still slightly new in the K-pop scene, but are new seniors in the industry (and dont precisely look an analogous way.)

About five minutes into the set, the groups began their own performances. Super Junior rocked their glam hair in Knock Out (Twins) before CSJH executed a mashup of Boomerang and Emerging Sun before TVXQ joined in at the fun.

The HATE IntellectualHealth center cut from 2012 began fantastically enough, with Lee Hi singing Bloodless and Epik High joining in on displaysin the back of her. And then the Dont Hate Me symptoms came out and Epik High ran round the phase like, well, patients set free of a mental hospital. Or The Joker, Bane, and Two-Face fro Batman.

Who"s the love interest in J.Y. Park"s "Who"s Your Mama?" MV?

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A representative said, "The sexy woman who has "a body so perfect you"re curious as to who her mother is" in the music video, is Lee Hyun Ji. She was chosen out of 200 models, and for the MV, she personally trained with a top celebrity trainer to take care of her figure. The staff gave her a thumbs up for her toned body, chemistry with J.Y. Park and her acting."

MAMA 2012 to take place in Hong Kong; Voting poll open to fans!
Mama 2012 To Take Place In Hong Kong; Voting Poll Open To Fans!

MAMA 2012 to take place in Hong Kong; Voting poll open to fans!

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It's that time of the year again! Various music festivals will take place in the next few months with artists performing this year's hot tracks, as well as multiple music awards to determine this year's best.

The voting poll has been opened to fans worldwide, who can begin voting once every day until it closes on November 22nd at midnight KST. MAMA 2012 will be held in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong ConventionExhibition Centre on November 30th.

By voting, fans will have the chance to express who they want to win alongside the MAMA judges, which consists of music critics, journalists and music business experts. For more information regarding the results, visit MAMA 2012's website.

Most Korean children express keen interest in China: poll
Most Korean Children Express Keen Interest In China: Poll

Most Korean children express keen interest in China: poll

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When given the choices like, dislike, friendly and strange to describe their sentiment toward China, most students picked strange (32.1 percent). Since the number of those who answered friendly (28.3 percent) was close to that of those who picked like (26.4 percent), respondents gave more friendly responses overall. Just 6.6 percent replied "" China, indicating that children have little anti-China sentiment.

While Korean children expressed strong curiosity about China, they said they had few chances to experience the country. Just a fourth of the children had visited China, and those having close friends or acquaintances in China accounted for 23.6 percent.

Finally, in the short-answer question asking them to make comments about China without reservation, the majority of the children said both countries should cooperate and live harmoniously. As if reflecting the educational content for elementary schools, many children also picked, Korea should maintain a good relationship because China is Koreas major trading partner.

Fans get an update of 2NE1's Park Bom after '2015 MAMA'
Fans Get An Update Of 2Ne1's Park Bom After '2015 Mama'

Fans get an update of 2NE1's Park Bom after '2015 MAMA'

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On January 20, Yang Hyun Suk's restaurantSamgeori Butchers posted the message, "2NE1's Park Bom paid a discuss with to our eating place today. Please stopover at us steadily in the future!" A photo of Park Bom keeping a pig balloon, which is a mascot of Samgeori Butchers, used to be also shared.

Park Bom has made herself scarce ever since her amphetamine scandal in July of 2014, and it turned intoa bit of of a controversy when she carried out alongside 2NE1 at the '2015 MAMA'.

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Which Breakout Stars Of 2015 Have The prospective  To polish In 2016? Poll
Which Breakout Stars Of 2015 Have The Prospective To Polish In 2016? Poll

Which Breakout Stars Of 2015 Have The prospective To polish In 2016? Poll

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2016 began alongside a bang, with tvN dramas "Reply 1988" and "Cheese in the Trap" dominating Korean entertainment headlines.

"Reply 1988" has resulted in the explosive upward thrust of Hyeri, Ryu Jun Yeol, Park Bo Gum, whilst "Cheese in the Trap" is garnering accolades for its stars Kim Pass Eun and Park Hae Jin.

Hyeri transitioned from a Nancy Drew-inspired sleuth in "Seonam PrimeCollege Investigators" to embody the upbeat personality of hesitant fan lady in "Jekyll, Hyde, and Me" prior to emerging as one of the maximum praised acting idols of 2015. With the a success execution of Duk Sun in "Reply 1988," she has boundless attainable in 2016.

Choreographer Parris Goebel Discusses Her Paintings With CL On 'Hello Bitches,' Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' And Functioning at MAMA 2015 EXCLUSIVE

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(Photo : Parris Goebel )Choreographer Parris Gobel rocketed in opposition to monumental luck in 2015, through her critically-acclaimed work with YG Entertainment artists Big Bang, CL, and Canadian pop vocalist, Justin Bieber. Her explosive appearance with the ReQuest Crew, an all-female New Zealand-based dance consortium, at the Bieber hit, "Sorry," has racked up more than 288 million YouTube views, garnering compliment from media retailersadding ELLE. In her newest KpopStarz interview, the world dance sensation discusses her current K-pop choreography for "Hello Bitches" and stocks her enjoy at the 2015 Mnet Asian Track Awards (MAMA).

KpopStarz: 2015 used to be a pivotal year to your career, as your choreography spans work with Justin Bieber in Sorry, Big Bangs Bang Bang Bang to CLs Hi Bitches. What were your favourite projects of the year?

Parris Goebel: Definitely growingthirteen videos for Justin in 22 days. That became the spotlight of the year and then appearing with my women at MAMA for YG Entertainment.

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K-Pop Boy Band Face-Off: January Starts With Heated Combat Between Youngster Top, WINNER And K.Will POLL

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After an intense series of new K-pop releases all overthe 2nd onepart of 2015, it looks as if many artists are already able to kick off their 2016. January already boasts a sort of comebacks to glance at out for, which begs the query who will pop out on top? Here is whatfanaticsmuststay up for from the male artists this January!

T.O.P Media's megastar boy staffYoungster Top teased a January comeback on Christmas Eve. As neatly asciting their January comeback they even showed off a phasein their new choreography on Naver's V app in step with Korea Herald.The neighborhood also published a teaser symboloverdue Tuesday eveningappearing off a charismatic and stylishpictureat the aspect of the identify of their next album Red Point.

Since the hottasteturns out so contrary to Teen Top's a laugh and full of lifeunfashionable summer song "Ah-ah," fans can not look to listen what Teen Top will bust out for the beginning of the year. Teen Top's flexible nature is leaving us guessing for their upcoming go backyetwe won't wait to peer what they bring. Get excited for Teen Top by way oflooking at their closingunencumber below:

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Who Is Your Favourite  Possible 'Reply 1988' Husband For Hyeri? Poll
Who Is Your Favourite Possible 'reply 1988' Husband For Hyeri? Poll

Who Is Your Favourite Possible 'Reply 1988' Husband For Hyeri? Poll

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(Photo : tvN ) Lovers of "Reply 1988" continue to discuss the identity of the young guy who can be named as the long run husband of Duk Sun (Hyeri of Girl's Day), as the series prepares to speedyahead six years into the destiny for a cross-over with "Reply 1994" stars.

The throwback drama returns on January 8, after a two-week hiatus. This ruinresulted in rumors addinga piece of writing released by way of a Korean outlet which purportedly contained spoilers for the future couple, yetthe ones claims have not begun to be substantiated by the production team.

In the 16th episode titled Existence is Ironic, audience were distraught to peer a crestfallen Choi Taek (Park Bo Gum), who scheduled a date with Duk Sun, but cancelled it, after finding a photo that depicted her with his easiest friend, Kim Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol), some other admirer of the girl-next-door.

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K-Pop Woman Team Face-Off: 4Minute, GFriend And Dal Shabet Able To polish With January Comebacks POLL

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The summer of 2015 was once dubbed the summer of the woman groups. It more or less feels like those talented womenare not going to restrict their domination to just the summer season. Simplesta couple of days into 2016, talented acts like 4Minute, GFriend, and the newly reformed Dalshabet are in a position to wow fanatics alongside new song for the hot Year.

CUBE Entertainment's girl organization 4Minute took over 2015 with their explosive hit "Crazy" released ultimate February. "Crazy" took over charts all over the place and gave fans a superbly fierce and feisty symbol of the talented group.

According to Korea Heraldthey are operatingin opposition to a January comeback. Pictures accept besides been circulating round thenet featuring 4Minute with hit American DJ and Electronic Dance Music manufacturer Skrillex, adding to the hype in their comeback with the hopeful collaboration.