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Luna Electric Shock Triple Crown

f(x) wins double crown Mutizen on Inkigayo with "Electric Shock" + other performances

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Tonight on the 680th episode of Inkigayo, Super Junior made their comeback with "From U" and "Sexy, FreeSingle." 2NE1 performed their first comeback stage of "I Love You" on tonight's episode of Inkigayo as well.

ZE:A performed their comeback stage of "" and "Aftermath" on tonight's episode while A Pink followed up with the remix version of "Bubibu." Hello Venus performed their comeback stage of "Like A Wave" on tonight's episode of Inkigayo as well. T-ara performed their comeback stage of "Don't Leave" and "Day By Day" tonight on Inkigayo.

The "Take 7" nominees on tonight's episode of Inkigayo were f(x) ("Electric Shock"), After School ("Flashback"), Dal Shabet ("Mr. Bang Bang"), Teen Top ("To You"), SISTAR ("Loving U"), Juniel ("illa illa"), and Jokwon ("I'm Da One").

f(x)’s Luna and Amber Reveal “Blue Eyes” Teasers for “Electric Shock”
F(X)’S Luna And Amber Reveal “Blue Eyes” Teasers For “Electric Shock”

f(x)’s Luna and Amber Reveal “Blue Eyes” Teasers for “Electric Shock”

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Following Krystal, Sulli, and Victoria’s teaser photos, f(x) has released Amber and Luna’s teasers for their upcoming album, “Electric Shock.” Much like the previous teasers, today’s photos also follow a similar dreamy concept with each member wearing mysterious “blue eye” contacts.

“Electric Shock” will be released on June 10 through online music sites such as Genie, Melon, and Naver Music. The title track under the same name, “Electric Shock,” is reported to be an electric dance track with addictive melodies, featuring fun lyrics about falling in love. The album itself is to come with six tracks, including “Jet,” “Zig Zag,” “Beautiful Stranger,” “Love Hate,” and “Let’s Try.”

f(x) releases Luna and Amber’s teaser photos for ‘Electric Shock’
F(X) Releases Luna And Amber’s Teaser Photos For ‘electric Shock’

f(x) releases Luna and Amber’s teaser photos for ‘Electric Shock’

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After announcing the news of their upcoming comeback and revealing member Krystal, Victoria, and Sullis teaser photos, f(x) has unveiled Luna and Ambers teaser photos for ‘Electric Shock‘.

Although M! Countdown aired previews of the last two members last night, the official teaser photos released are a bit different. Much like the previous members teaser photos, Luna and Amber are also seen sporting the shocking blue colored contacts.

The title track of the album, also titled “Electric Shock”, is reported to be an energetic and rhythmical electronic-dance tune with an addictive chorus. The song compares the emotions associated with falling love to getting “electric shocked”.

f(x)’s ‘Electric Shock’ album covers out + sneak peek of Amber and Luna’s teaser photos from ‘M! Countdown’
F(X)’s ‘electric Shock’ Album Covers Out + Sneak Peek Of Amber And Luna’s Teaser Photos From ‘m! Countdown’

Suzy & Baekhyun’s “Dream” wins triple crown on Inkigayo Performances through Yezi, Yroeoo

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Other performers for the eveningincorporated G-Friend, Ryeowook, Yezi, IMFACT, Shin Hye Sung, Teenager Top, 45RPM, The Legend, Stellar, Move Gene, Dalshabet, Anda, HALO, LABOUM, Search engine marketing Ye Ahn, Nop.K, CoCoSoRi, and Road Boyz.

Suzy and Baekhyun Grasp “Inkigayo” Triple Crown for “Dream”
Suzy And Baekhyun Grasp “inkigayo” Triple Crown For “dream”

Suzy and Baekhyun Grasp “Inkigayo” Triple Crown for “Dream”

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Suzy and Baekhyun Snatch Inkigayo Triple Crown for Dreamjun2yng January 31, 2016 0 Congratulations to miss A’s Suzy and EXO’s Baekhyun for nabbing an “Inkigayo” triple crown with “Dream”!

On January 31, Suzy and Baekhyun edged out Crush and TWICE for first place, making this their 3rd consecutive week winning “Inkigayo, and 5th win for Dream overall.

While the 2 were no longerprovide to settle for their award, Baekhyun left a video message for audience aired previousthroughout Inkigayo, in which he thanked enthusiasts for their old wins, and said that he did have some anticipation for the triple crown.

iKON takes triple crown on M! Countdown Performances by ability of Ryeowook, Yezi, G-Friend and more

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In addition to iKONs own functionalityin their hit song, other performers of the eveningintegrated Dalshabet, LABOUM, Ryeowook, Avenue Boyz, Royal Pirates, Stellar, Shin Hye Sung, G-Friend, EIA, Yezi, IMFACT, Jangmi, The Legend, Go Gene, Pungdeung-E, and HALO.

Girls’ Generation end “Lion Heart” Promotions With 12th Win on “Inkigayo” and 3rd Triple Crown

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Congratulations to Girls’ Generation, who wrapped up their “Lion Heart” tune display performances with a last win on SBS’ “Inkigayo,” defeating BIGBANG’s “Let’s now not Fall in Love” and HyunA’s “Roll Deep.”

With this win, the girls have a general of 12 music prove wins and 3 triple crowns with “Lion Heart.” Seohyun said, “Thanks to the entire fans, we were so glad right through our ‘Lion Heart’ promotions.”

This week was once also Yook Sungjae‘s first time as a host at the show, and for his special performance, a culture for new MCs, he conducted Rain‘s “I Do.”

Girls’ Generation Rankings Triple Crown on “M Countdown” With “Lion Heart,” Performances From Red Velvet, Seventeen, MONSTA X, Jun Jin, Junho, and More

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On the September 10 KST episode of Mnet’s weekly tune show, “M Countdown,” it used to be Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart” vs HyunA’s “Because I’m the Best” for first place, with “Lion Heart” winning at 10,961 points. Congratulations to Girls’ Generation for their 10th win for “Lion Heart” and triple crown for the song on “M Countdown.”

The episode integrated performances from Nop.K, Din Din, Red Velvet, MONSTA X, Miwoo, Ben, Beat Win, BIGSTAR, SEVENTEEN, Sonamoo, UP10TION, April, LPG, Unicorn, Legend, Jun Jin, 2PM‘s Junho, 2EYES, and HyunA.

Band Hyukoh Beats Out 
women’ Generation and A purple to claim Triple Crown on Gaon Weekly Charts
Band Hyukoh Beats Out Women’ Generation And A Purple To Claim Triple Crown On Gaon Weekly Charts

Band Hyukoh Beats Out women’ Generation and A purple to claim Triple Crown on Gaon Weekly Charts

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Band < robust>Hyukoh has claimed the triple crown prestige on Gaon Weekly track Charts with their song “< robust>C< robust>omes and goes.”

in keeping with Gaon’s announcement on July 23, for the 30th week (2015/07/12-2015/7/18), Hyukoh ranked no 1 with “Comes and goes” at the Gaon digital Overall Chart, Download Chart, and Streaming Chart.

for a similar week, < robust>A purple‘s “< robust>Reme< robust>mber” got here runner-up at the total chart, whilst < robust>Leessang‘s “< robust>Kaleidoscope” got here in at 3rd. < robust>girls’ Generation‘s “< robust>celebration” ranked at fourth, whilst < robust>overwhelm‘s “< robust>Oasis (feat. < robust>Zico)” got here in at 5th position.