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Henry to release Japanese versions of
Henry To Release Japanese Versions Of "fantastic" And "trap"

Henry to release Japanese versions of "Fantastic" and "Trap"

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As you know, he"s released "Fantastic" and "Trap" in Korea, and he"ll have those two songs out in Japanese versions! The album will be released in two different versions, one with just the single CD and one with the CD and a DVD of the "Fantastic" MV and its making clip.

Album Review: Super Junior-M Henry Delivers A ‘Fantastic’ Follow Up To ‘Trap’ [AUDIO]
Album Review: Super Junior-M Henry Delivers A ‘Fantastic’ Follow Up To ‘Trap’ [Audio]

Album Review: Super Junior-M Henry Delivers A ‘Fantastic’ Follow Up To ‘Trap’ [AUDIO]

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The second track on Fantastic is Bad Girl which features vocals from EXO member Chanyeol. Chanyeol has witnessed a growth in his popularity within recent months, with the soulful track Bad Girl highlighting his compatibility with Henry. Henry and Chanyeol would make an interesting sub-group, like WooHyun and Keys Toheart.

The album then transitions to the reggae inspired track Need You Now. Need You Now is reminiscent of the easy-going sound of Jack Johnson or Haha, but the incorporation of hip hop vocals from INFINITE member Hoya helps to set the track apart from typical Korean reggae songs.

Saturday is the fourth track on the album and is the most danceable song on Fantastic. Saturday incorporates the infectious instrumentals and vocals that have helped to propel Henry towards solo stardom.

Henry Gives Us An English Version Of His Breakout Single 'Trap'

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Henry releases English version of Trap Henry never ceases to amaze his fans.

The Super Junior M member took the K-Pop scene by storm earlier this summer with his solo debut single "Trap" and the song quickly climbed to the top fo the charts and gave us all a new look at his many musical talents.

Last week the Chinese-Canadian K-Pop star gave his fans a Chinese-language version of "Trap" as a special treat as a precursor to the release of his sophomore single "1-4-3 (I Love You)" this week.

Henry releases digital album "1-4-3 (I Love You)" + English version of "Trap"

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Henry has released a new digital album "1-4-3 (I Love You)"!

Consisting of four tracks, Henry's new digital album contains three versions of the song "1-4-3" and the English version of "Trap." The three versions of "1-4-3" include the version featuring f(x)'s Amber, the acoustic version, and a Noizebank extended remix version.

Henry had actually previously hinted at the release of this digital album through his personal Twitter and broke the news to his fans as soon as the digital album was released online.

Henry releases MV for Chinese “Trap”

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Trap is decribed as an urban dance pop number with a unique blend of strong drum beats, piano and strings. The song is accompanied by two SM artists, Super Juniors Kyuhyun and SHINees Taemin.

Henry releases Chinese "Trap" MV

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Having recently made his debut as a solo artist through the mini-album "Trap," SM artist Henry surprised his Chinese fans by releasing a Chinese version of his debut track "Trap."

Also accompanied by a music video, the Chinese version of "Trap" contains lyrics describing the inability of a man to leave a woman who no longer has feelings for him. SHINee member Taemin and Super Junior member Kyuhyun also participated in the Chinese version of "Trap," as they had also sung in the original Korean version.

Henry Releases Chinese Version of "Trap" MV with Taemin and Kyuhyun

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On August 13, SMTOWN released the music video for the Chinese version of Henrys Trap featuring SHINees Taemin and Super Juniors Kyuhyun!

The music video stays the same with Henry opening up with a grand piano introduction and progressing to a variety of exciting scenes, later on joined by Taemin and Kyuhyun. But now, fans can enjoy the same upbeat song in Chinese!

Trap showcases Henrys exceptional musical talent as well as his smooth dancing skills. Being the talented multilingual person he is, Henry proves his global status by releasing this new Chinese version of Trap.

Henry & Seohyun peform a violin and piano duet of ‘Trap’

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SMs newest solo act, Henry, whom you might also remember as one of the M-members of Super Junior, has collaborated with genius Seohyun to perform a special duet of his song, Trap. Like Seohyun, Henry can play the piano, violin and guitar, and has been learning instruments from a young age. The two are definitely super talented and the duet is magnificent and far too short.

Everybody go thumb it up and watch it 100 times so that SM knows we like it and gives us more! WHY ARENT INSTRUMENTAL PERFORMANCES A REGULAR THING??

Girls' Generation's Seohyun is "TRAP" with Henry

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Henry and Girls' Generation's Seohyun collaborate in the latest video on SMTOWN's official Youtube channel.

Henry and Girls' Generation Seohyun Form Orchestral Duet for "Trap"

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Awesome! Henry and label-mate Girls Generations Seohyun formed a duet for an instrumental rendition of Henrys solo debut song, Trap.

SM Entertainment released a video of the two musicians playing the song onto their official Youtube channel. The multi-talented Henry plays the violin while Seohyun plays the piano. With their skills, the two give a dramatic and climatic rendition of Trap, creating a different allure to the track. We just wish it was a little longer!