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Lee Min Ho Going To The Army

Netizens react at news of fan-favorite actor’s army discharge

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After emerging to repute from starring in popular drama series including King of Baking, Kim Takgu and Flower Boys Next Door, Yoon Shi Yoon quietly enlisted in the marines to satisfy his required armed forces service. Upon hearing the scoop of his go back to civilian lifestyles and most likely to the industry, however, netizens celebrated the theory of seeing him on screen once again.

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8725, 88 He has all of thecorrectstipulations to turn intoa success if he chooses the correct piece of work. Personality, visuals, military, acting ability.I hope all is going well for him

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Yoon Shi Yoon to move back After Winding up Army Service

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Yoon Shi Yoon to pass back After Finishing upArmyCarrier kokoberry January 14, 2016 0 Actor Yoon Shi Yoon is determined to be discharged from the army later he completes his military service on January 27.

His contract with his agency is set to run out soon, such so much of are wondering what resolution the actor will make referring to his long run path.

It seems highly most probably that the actor will turn out to be a loose agent soon after his discharge in position of re-sign with Taxi Entertainment. An entertainment industry insider stated, I know that Yoon Shi Yoon doesnt have numerous days left till the expiration of his contract, yet he hasnt made any court casesto resume his contract. I suspecthe's going to use his closing military holidayto speak in detail with his agency.

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Rapper Swings Apologizes For Running  Right through  Army Leave
Rapper Swings Apologizes For Running Right Through Army Leave

Rapper Swings Apologizes For Running Right through Army Leave

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(Photo : Just Song Entertainment) Now not long ago, rapper Swings got herebeneathfireplace for allegedly coaching rap categories after receiving an early armed forces discharge because ofintellectualfitness issues. At the time, he mentioned that he wouldn'thave interaction in any for-profit activities, yet now it more or less feels that he has long past back on that promise.

On Jan. 12, Swings issued a formal apology to his fanaticsthruan internet U-Stream broadcast,stating that he was once not stunnedby way ofthe quantity of grievance he gained and that he expected a explicit amount of backlash.

He also added that he needs to make an apology for first of all stating that he does not engage in for-profit actvities, stating that he spoke carelessly at the time.Because "for-profit activities" covers this kind of wide range, he felt like he had nowhere to turn.

Lee Seung Gi's facet explains March army enlistment rumors
Lee Seung Gi's Facet Explains March Army Enlistment Rumors

Lee Seung Gi's facet explains March army enlistment rumors

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Lee Seung Gi had in the past written on his fan cafe that he plans to enlist for his mandatory military service this year. He wrote, "This will permit the enthusiastswho have supported Lee Seung Gi for over 10 years to recharge, so do not be too sad. Do now not fret and much, and I'm going to turn a blind eye even supposing you fall for every otherfamous person when I am gone. When I return, come again to me."

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Swings apologizes about operating for benefit all through his army service

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Last September, Swings was once officially discharged from the armydue to intellectual illness. At the time he had said, "For the remainder of my length of service, I canmost effectivefocal point on getting greaterand shouldnow notjoin in in advertisement activity."

But then previous this month, the rapper turned intostuckenjoying commercial process (working for profit) by way of giving rap lessons. His rap classes were advertised by his firm Just Music.

He explained that he's currently repaying his mother's debt. He didn't have much cash left in his bank account and admitted he was at all times in a financially inadequate circumstance.

Which K-Drama Actors Will Leave The army This Year?

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Choi Jin Hyuk has also been discharged from the militaryyet he didn't get to finish his two-year duty, He enlisted on March 31, 2015 but was discharged after seven months because ofa major knee injury. He had the selection to serve with the Seoul Police Promotional Team, the theater unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Force, but sought after to serve as an active duty soldier. His last drama was "Pride and Prejudice" with Baek Jin Hee.

TVXQ's Changmin and Tremendous Junior's Siwon glance  good-looking in uniform as army policemen
Tvxq's Changmin And Tremendous Junior's Siwon Glance Good-Looking In Uniform As Army Policemen

TVXQ's Changmin and Tremendous Junior's Siwon glance good-looking in uniform as army policemen

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If you remember, the 2 idol stars began serving their obligatoryarmyprovider every bit conscripted policemen this beyond November. Previouspictures of Siwon and Changmin printed them smiling, yetthose newly released photographsslightly more candid.

Both idols can also benoticed in their police uniforms as they do their activity and smile for the camera. The photos above were making the rounds on net communities beneath the title, "Siwon and Changmin who have transform flower police."

A-JAX’s Jaehyung to start  Army Service
A-Jax’s Jaehyung To Start Army Service

A-JAX’s Jaehyung to start Army Service

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A-JAXs Jaehyung to startArmyProvider kokoberry January 1, 2015 0 Jaehyung of A-JAX could be entering military service on January 8.

DSP Entertainment released the inside of trackthru A-JAX’s reliable fan café site: Jaehyung will be going to the Nonsan EducationMiddle and transition into serving his obligatory military service. He neededto pass into silently without keeping any events. Please enhance Jaehyung whilst he temporarily halts his activities so as to serve his country.

The good-looking member will be pleasant his national legal responsibilityby way offacingelementary military working towards for a duration of 4 weeks at the educational center. After this, he'll exist a public service employee for 23 months. Thoughtfully, he expressed his needs to input his service quietly and posted a handwritten letter to fanatics through Twitter. He wrote:

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Multiple K-Pop Idol Teams Set To Be Shaken Up In 2016 As Contributors Face Contract Expirations, Army Enlistment
Multiple K-Pop Idol Teams Set To Be Shaken Up In 2016 As Contributors Face Contract Expirations, Army Enlistment

Multiple K-Pop Idol Teams Set To Be Shaken Up In 2016 As Contributors Face Contract Expirations, Army Enlistment

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Recently, K-pop quintet KARA made headlines because the contracts of Park Gyuri, Goo Hara, and Han Seungyeon are all up for reconsideration, which would potentially leave Heo Youngji as the solefinal KARA member. DSP Media has stayed silent in regards to the situation, yet Korean media has reported that Goo Hara is likely to pursue an acting career, potentially below KeyEast.

The contracts of 2 popular Dice Entertainment groups, BEAST and 4Minute, also are prepareto run out or be renewed in 2016. Either groups have huge fanbases and feature released more than one hit songs, and BEAST is seemed as Cube's representative act.

There had been no indications that participants of either 4Minute or BEAST will leave their agency, but enthusiasts are still fascinated about the groups' longevity.

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Latest army  pictures of Tremendous Junior’s Eunhyuk revealed
Latest Army Pictures Of Tremendous Junior’s Eunhyuk Revealed

Latest army pictures of Tremendous Junior’s Eunhyuk revealed

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Eunhyuk is expected to be released 1.5 years later, in July 2017. Four other Super Junior individualsalso arerecently enlisted in the army. Sungmin and Shindong are expected to pass back to their standard citizen lives in 2016, while Donghae and Siwon in 2017.

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