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'Five Children' cast: So Yoo-jin, Kwon O-joong, Lim Soo-hyang, Wang Bit-na, Sin Hye-seon to seem in communicate display 'Happy In combination 3'

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"Five Children" cast: So Yoo-jin, Kwon O-joong, Lim Soo-hyang, Wang Bit-na, and Sin Hye-seon will megastar in the debate show, 'Happy In combination 3'

According to an insider in broadcasting circle on February 1st, the five actors will guest-star in KBS 2TV's entertainment communicate show, 'Happy Together 3'.

As their new weekend drama, "Five Children" will start on February 20th, drama lovers are being attentive to the heartwarming chemistry they are going to bring out together.

‘School 2015’ Jo Soo Hyang Picks Best Scenes
‘School 2015’ Jo Soo Hyang Picks Best Scenes

‘School 2015’ Jo Soo Hyang Picks Best Scenes

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Actress Jo Soo Hyang, who played the evil character of Kang So Young on the popular KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Who Are You - School 2015" picked best scenes from the drama for Kang So Young and Lee Eun Bi.

Actress Jo Soo Hyang on a recent interview picked the scenes where Kang So Young tells Lee Eun Bi she is not sorry as the best scene. She said, "When Kang So Young told Lee Eun Bi (the girl Kang So Young used to bully so much) that she will not say she is sorry, I agreed with that line. Kang So Young does not know what it is like to open up to someone. I feel sorry for Lee Eun Bi, but I don"t think Kang So Young would say something like I"m sorry." In related news, The popular KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Who Are You - School 2015" tells a story of a high school girl Kim So Hyun, whose life is changed all of a sudden one morning. It is the latest serie of the School series, which has been in existence since the 1990s. Actors Kim So Hyun, Jo Soo Hyang and Nam Joo Hyun in addition to many others star in the drama.

"our Neighborhood Sports" Seong Hoon Kisses Lim Soo-Hyang In The Water
Jo Soo Hyang admitted to having been wowed by the  Professionalism of  Kim So Hyun
Jo Soo Hyang Admitted To Having Been Wowed By The Professionalism Of Kim So Hyun

Jo Soo Hyang admitted to having been wowed by the Professionalism of Kim So Hyun

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Who Are You-School 2015 costar Jo Soo Hyang talked about having worked with fellow actors Yook Sungjae and Kim So Hyun in an interview with news outlet

[Sungjae] is very playful. Hes like a little brother to me, the actress commented. When asked how she felt when Yook Sungjae confessed of being awkward around her during the press conference of Who Are You-School 2015, Jo Soo Hyang said, I joked around with him for a while because he said that. We both like joking around with each other. We play around like boys when we hang out together.

Jo Soo Hyang went on to praise the talented Kim So Hyun on her acting skills and strong mentality, saying, Kim So Hyun is really amazing. When we were filming, her schedule was very hectic. At first, I would play around with her after we were done filming, but she looked more and more tired as the days went on and I couldnt do that anymore.

"who Are You - School 2015" Jo Soo-Hyang, "i Empathized With So-Yeong No Matter What"

"Who Are You - School 2015" Jo Soo-hyang, "I empathized with So-yeong no matter what"

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"I am playful and cheerful. I am sentimental and I cry a lot. At first when I auditioned for "Who Are You - School 2015", I tried out the innocent Si-jin role first. Then I read So-yeong"s line and they must"ve liked that lot because that"s what I played in the end. Maybe I was good at it because I gritted my teeth learning how to act in high school. I also played a lot of aggressive roles in independent films. Many people worry that the "bad" image would stick to me but it"s something I need to work on as an actress.

"Jo Soo-hyang co-starred with 8 years younger Kim So-yeon. We asked her how she felt bullying her and she said, "I wanted to end it in one shot".

"If I didn"t appeal so strongly then it would lead to NGs and doing that again would really be bullying her. So I tried to go for it at one shot. Thankfully, So-hyeon is very mature so she understood. She"s so kind, too. She approached me first and smiled and talked to me. She was worried about me being tired. Seong-jae and Joo-hyeok are also younger than me but they are so mature. I was the childish one. They took care of me and not the other way around".

Child actress Kim Hyang-ki joins star-studded cast in movie
Child Actress Kim Hyang-Ki Joins Star-Studded Cast In Movie "a Letter From Prison"

Child actress Kim Hyang-ki joins star-studded cast in movie "A Letter From Prison"

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An administration manager in a lawyer"s office, who used to be an elite police officer, receives a letter from prison one day. "A Letter From Prison" talks about dramatic events happening to the main character from then on.

Kim Myeong-min, Kim Sang-ho, Seong Dong-il, Kim Yeong-ae, Park Hyeok-kwon, Lee Moon-sik, Kim Roi-ha and other amazing dramatic actors have joined in the movie so far. Now the genius child actress Kim Hyang-ki has joined, the casting is complete.

The sister company of Keyeast Entertainment, Contents K is in charge of the movie production. Director Kwon Jong-gwan of "S Diary", 2004, and "Sad Movie", 2004 will direct the making of the film. "A Letter From Prison" is going to start filming within the first half of this year.

Kim Hyang-ki and Kim Sae-ron Confirmed To Star In KBS Drama "Independence Day"

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They lived different lives before the 15th century but one day Jong-bun is snatched by a stranger and her father is taken to a police substation. Yeong-ae signs herself up as a working girl and the two girls reunite in the train that"s headed for Manchu.

The drama is written by Yoo Bo-ra from "Secrets" and is produced by Lee Na-jeong. The drama is going to be broadcasted on the 28th of February and 1st of March at 10:30PM.

New twist on ancient love tale: Chun-hyang on the stage

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Meanwhile, the libretto, lyrics, acting, settings and costumes in Serban"s version are replete with modern touches. He portrays Chun-hyang as a woman who has the guts to be ready to face anything, or even to die, if she has to maintain her love, instead of just focusing on the love story between the couple. In the story, Mong-ryong, the son of a high-level government official, follows his father to Namwon and there falls in love at first sight with Chun-hyang, the daughter of a poor family. However, as his father is then assigned to a new position in Seoul, Mong-ryong has to move to the capital. The newly-appointed mayor, who is rumored to be a womanizer, has designs on Chun-hyang and threatens her since she would not sleep with him. Thus denied, the mayor wields his power and falsely accuses her of defamation and treason, landing her in jail. When told that Chun-hyang in prison, Mong-ryong, who by then had become a public prosecutor, immediately returns to Namwon to save her. Serban sees the character of Chun-hyang as being ready to sacrifice herself for her love, while he depicts Mong-ryong as an untrustworthy man who instantly falls deeply in love with Chun-hyang, but who soon lets his love lose steam. That"s why Serban"s show ends as Chunh-yang grows old waiting for Mong-ryong, who may not come back to her ever again.

"The story of Chun-hyang is a story that has been deeply embedded in Koreans" psyche", said Serban at a press conference on November 5. "It sounds quite challenging for a person who is from a different culture to direct the story. It took me about one year to shake off that fear, as I felt as if I was going into an unknown world". "The reason that I was invited to do this work is that they believed I could view Chun-hyang from a different point of view", he added. "This story is so familiar to Koreans, but as this is my first encounter with it, I could tell the story differently, in a more open-minded manner, and could twist it to make it more modern". "The first time I read the libretto, I thought that it was already perfect and that there was no room for me to transform the tale. However, as I looked deeper into it and studied it more, I found that I was wrong. I realized that, like a Shakespeare story, you can twist it, improvise it and attempt some variations on it to recreate it". By Sohn JiAe Staff WriterPhotos: the National Theater of Korea[emailprotected]//

So Hyang will drop a new album titled “Fall in All in”
So Hyang Will Drop A New Album Titled “Fall In All In”

So Hyang will drop a new album titled “Fall in All in”

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So Hyang will drop an album titled “Fall in All in”which features hip-hop artists Dok2 and Yang Dong Geun (YDG). So Hyang is famous for her passion when performing on a competition called “Immortal Songs”. Besides, she is also known as a Christian contemporary music singer.

So Hyang will be releasing her digital album “Fall in All in” on November 17. Recently, Yang Dong Geun and Dok2 have both appeared on Mnet‘s “Show Me the Money 3,” showing off their unique charms and attitude.

Yang Dong Geun has recently appeared in tvN drama “Three Musketeers,” while Dok2 has been keeping up with a packed schedule, performing at festivals with his label Illionaire.

[Hancinema"s Actor Spotlight] Lim Soo-Hyang

[HanCinema"s Actor Spotlight] Lim Soo-hyang

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But when it comes to darker roles, she shows glimpses of some really good stuff. Lim is very good when it comes to subtlety of expression and conveying emotion. The more human, more vulnerable and exposed moments of her characters feel very raw, but in the good kind of way, rather than unrefined. Her charisma coupled with her ability to really drive emotions home already give her two great advantages over many a rookie. If one can get viewers invested and interested in watching, that is half the battle won.

Given she has not had a breakthrough in terms of great popularity, the future is uncertain for someone like Lim Soo-hyang. A lot will depend on her choices and landing the right roles. Potential is something a lot of people have. That is not a guarantee for success and unless casting directors see that talent and give her a chance to show how far she can take it, Lim might just never make it big. If she does choose wisely and is given the chance, however, she might just do great.