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Kim Sa Rang Video Scandal

Tzuyu releases apology video for scandal

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Hi everyone, I'm Chou Tzuyu. Sorry, I must takegot here out and apologized earlier. Because I didnt understand howto standthe present situation, I've been afraid to face every person directly, so Im handiesttalking out now. There is just one China. The 2 shores are one. I believe proud being a Chinese. I, as a Chinese, have harmthe corporate and netizens feelingsbecause of my words and movementsright throughout of the country promotions. I believe very, very sorry and guilty. I have determined to halt all present activities in China so asto mirror seriously. Again, I make an apology to everyone. Sorry.

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[Video] Added 2nd teaser trailer and poster for the Korean drama
[Video] Added 2Nd Teaser Trailer And Poster For The Korean Drama "cheongdam-Dong Scandal"

[Video] Added 2nd teaser trailer and poster for the Korean drama "Cheongdam-dong Scandal"

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Network : SBSWith Choi Jeong-yoon, Lee Joong-moon, Kang Seong-min, Seo Eun-chae, Lim Seong-eon, Yoo Ji-in,...Mon~Fri 8:30SynopsisA drama about a scandal occurring in the symbol of wealth and fame of Cheongdam-dong.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/07/21

U-KISS Releases “Mono Scandal” Album and 19+ Music Video

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U-KISS is back with their ninth mini album “Mono Scandal.” The return will be the first in eight month since their last album. Unlike their previous album, U-KISS challenged a different concept, with the teaser for the music video being rated as +19. The the preview images also have foreshadowed how the new song will showcase U-Kiss’ sexier side as the members were captured staring deeply in to the camera while showing their abs!

Moreover, “Mono Scandal” will be the first time the group reveals their new member, Jun, who replaced former member Dongho. With AJ continuing his studies in Columbia University, U-Kiss will promote “Mono Scandal” as six members. Collaborating with Duble Sidekick, “Mono Scandal” showcases the members’ vocals that were suitably matched with the song’s choreography.

HOT Comes Out In Moon Hee Joon's New Song 'Scandal' Teaser Video! 'Are They Getting Back Together?'
Hot Comes Out In Moon Hee Joon's New Song 'scandal' Teaser Video! 'are They Getting Back Together?'

HOT Comes Out In Moon Hee Joon's New Song 'Scandal' Teaser Video! 'Are They Getting Back Together?'

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moon hee joon scandal video h.o.t pictureMoon Hee Joon's new album and "Scandal's" teaser video brought back the aroma of the 1990s.

"Scandal," which was released on the 4th, is the comeback song that brought much love to Moon Hee Joon after 3 and a half years of break. The song was written and edited by Moon Hee Joon himself.

As many fans looked back on the days of H.O.T, they have been asking if H.O.T is planning to come back together, revealing that the popularity of H.O.T has not died out yet.

[Video] Added Korean drama 'Capital Scandal' all episodes 1 to 16
[Video] Added Korean Drama 'capital Scandal' All Episodes 1 To 16

[Video] Added Korean drama 'Capital Scandal' all episodes 1 to 16

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This series juxtaposes the heroic anti-Japanese movement with young romance by depicting Seoul of the 1930s, when the nation's independence fighters clashed with pro-Japanese traitors while pre-modern moral values clashed with free love of the modern time. It was an era when young people acted with extreme passion to protect their love and things that they treasured. They regarded love as the most powerful stimulant of a revolution, and a loving relationship as the best revolution tactics. This drama attempts to interpret one of the gloomiest periods in the nation's history in the most cheerful and vigorous way.

[Video] Two new trailers released for the upcoming Korean movie
[Video] Two New Trailers Released For The Upcoming Korean Movie "wedding Scandal"

[Video] Two new trailers released for the upcoming Korean movie "Wedding Scandal"

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For her sister who is in 'false marriage' captivity, Jeong-eun has to half-forcefully convince Gi-seok and pretend she was her sister and his wife but the evidence isn't enough. Just them, Jeong-eun recommends taking a video as if they were a loving couple. Gi-seok also idly agreed to it thinking about getting it over with since she was his sister-in-law. For perfect evidence they even make an intimate 'S' video but unlike their thoughts the video goes through some trouble

Ivy video tape scandal: her side of the story
Ivy Video Tape Scandal: Her Side Of The Story

Ivy video tape scandal: her side of the story

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She started talking very carefully, Actually, talking about the scandal is really hard for me.  My family suffered a lot more than me, because of the scandal. I feel much better now, but I am still am sorry such an incident took place and Im sorry if I have disappointed people.

Ivy debuted in August, 2005, and became very popular as a sexy diva. However, the video tape scandal in 2010 made her stop her appearances on TV for a long time.

The May 1 episode of the show will air Ivys story. Many other entertainers, including Oh Yoon Ah, Park Kyung Lim, Tiffany, Lee Jun, Lee Hyun Jin, Han Ji Woo, Sun Woo, and announcer Kim Hwan will also appear on the show.

Jo Kwon Releases Teaser for “Crosswalk” Tune Video Starring EXO’s Suho

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Jo Kwon Releases Teaser for “Crosswalk” Track Video Starring EXO’s Suhoilmare42 February 9, 2016 0 2AMs Jo Kwon has shared a sneak peek of his upcoming music video, which stars EXO member Suho!

On February 10 in the dead of night KST, JYP Entertainment released the primary teaser for the music video for Jo Kwons upcoming unmarried “Crosswalk.”

“Crosswalk” used to be composed by capacity of hitmakers eSNa and Aev, and is the 1st track that Jo Kwon has helped to write lyrics for since his debut. This may be Jo Kwon’s first solo comeback in 3 years and 8 months since his June 2012 solo debut with “I’m Da One.”

MAMAMOO drops a teaser symbol  forward of 3rd preview video
Mamamoo Drops A Teaser Symbol Forward Of 3Rd Preview Video

MAMAMOO drops a teaser symbol forward of 3rd preview video

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The women are dressed in matching white blouses tucked beneath a black sweater or dress. Moon Byul looks adorable in a beret and Whee In is just as cute with her hairs in pigtails - the girls giving an overall unfashionable vibe, which is their signature look. 

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BTOB Parody Red Velvet And Get 'Dumb Dumb' VIDEO

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In the Lunar New Year debut episode of The Boss Is Watching, a new provethat includes K-pop celebrities along their entertainment agencys CEOs, Dice Entertainment boy band BTOB captured the hearts of audiences by ability ofplacing on dresses. 4participants of BTOB donned dresses, aprons, and stockings very an identical tothe ones worn by Red Velvet all over their promotional length for the song Dumb Dumb, and promptly danced to the song in a comical manner.

BTOBs Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, and Hyunsik offered themselves as a new workforcereferred to as Red Carpet, the direct competitor to Red Velvet.

The quartet garnered plenty of laughs from the audience, and the CEO of Cube Entertainment, as they danced along to the preferred Red Velvet. Members of BTS, AOA, and EXID were gigglingsooner than the four began even dancing, and several idol teams stood up to give the crowda status ovation.

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