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Interview #2 Kim So-hyeon-I, "I just about died in the sea swim scene"

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Kim So-hyeon-I said, "At the start of the movie, there's a scene where I jump into the sea alongside my friends. About two days were made up our minds for this. However, at the maiden day, the water became and so deep it scared me. The director sought after the scene to be a long take, yet 1 had swallowed too much water already. It was salty sea water as well. I could not do it so I yelled for help. The team of workers who were in the water were so stunned they lifted me up appropriate away".

Still, she made it thruthank you to Do Kyeong-soo, Yeon Joon-seok, Lee David and Joo Da-yeong. "I have not been this with reference tothe onesclose to my age. I used to be in "Who Are You - Faculty 2015" before, but I did not see somebody in specific for more than 2 weeks. This time, we were given close and I bear in mind we were at all times together".

Kim So-hyeon-I worked with Do Kyeong-soo the most. About his symbol every bit a member of EXO, Kim So-hyeon-I said, "I did notbrain that at all. I looked up all his beyond works after hearing that he was going to be in "Unforgettable - 2016". I was inspiredthrough "Remember You - Movie". I also concept he was easiest for the role of Beom-sil".

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Seo Hyeon-jin's kiss scene with Kwon Yul

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Actress Seo Hyeon-jin, who is acting with singer and actor Eric Moon in upcoming tvN drama "Misunderstood", kissed Kwon Yul in the past.

Hyeri says, "When filming the kiss scene with Park Bo-geom, I felt shy because we were close friends"

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During the interview, Hyeri unfolded about the time filming 'Answer Me 1988', "I had such so much of crying scenes and I used to invite PD Sin Won-ho so many detailed questions on my scenes after filming each and every scene".

'Hyeri' explained, "I used to be worried a lot. And PD Sin Won-ho PD told me, 'It's ok. I'm going to make you prefer Jeon Do-yeon'".

Hyeri said, "I become shy because I used to bethis kind of close friend with oppa (Park Bo-geom). And also we had so many NGs (No Just right scenes - bloopers) as it was first time for either one of us to movie a kiss scene".

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Song Joong Ki Finds His Emotions About His Shirtless Scene In “Descendants of the Sun”
Song Joong Ki Finds His Emotions About His Shirtless Scene In “descendants Of The Sun”

Song Joong Ki Finds His Emotions About His Shirtless Scene In “Descendants of the Sun”

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Song Joong Ki Finds His Emotions roughly His Shirtless Scene In Descendants of the Sunkminjungee February 27, 2016 0 Actor Song Joong Ki reveals he feels hollow withineach and every time he sees his abs scene in Descendants of the Sun.

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How self-assured  was once Kim Hyung Jun about filming a bed scene?
How Self-Assured Was Once Kim Hyung Jun About Filming A Bed Scene?

How self-assured was once Kim Hyung Jun about filming a bed scene?

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Double S 301's Kim Hyung Jun mentioned filming a bed scene on MBC powerFM's 'Park Kyung Lim's 2 O'Clock Date' on February 26.

When asked if he felt self-assured in his framewhilst filming a bed scene for his drama, he replied, "After I used to beshowed for drama filming, I lost 8 kg (~ 18 lbs).  I were given more muscles, so I used to be satisfied.  While filming the drama, the director without warning told me to take it off, so I turned into taken aback."

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CL's 'MTBD' Plays Right through Model Display Scene On Fox's 'Lucifer'

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Fox's new comedy-crime series Luciferfeatured CL's "MTBD" on their recent episode revolving around fictional fashion shoe fashion designer Benny Choi. As the scene is decidedall through Choi's fashion show, units are noticed strutting down the catwalk with bold-looking shoes to CL's "MTBD."

In addition, it used to be also reported that her YG Entertainment label mate, Giant Bang rapper T.O.P, become heard faintly in the background of every other scene with his song "DOOM DADA," in line with Allkpop.

Lee Pil Mo watched Kim So Yeon your complete time right through her bed scene?
Lee Pil Mo Watched Kim So Yeon Your Complete Time Right Through Her Bed Scene?

Lee Pil Mo watched Kim So Yeon your complete time right through her bed scene?

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In the drama there's a scene Kim So Yeon seduces her 'husband' Lee Pil Mo in order thatthey are ready to have a cross at baby-making. *cue baby-making music* The actress confessed, "It was once awkward at the time yet I did my absolute best to movie the scene."

When asked about the film set atmosphere, Kim So Yeon explained, "The workforceparticipants paid me no attention at all." At this remark, Lee Pil Mo added in, "Oppa turned intostaring atthe entire time."

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Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young’s Kiss Scene in “Remember” Was once Impromptu
Yoo Seung Ho And Park Min Young’s Kiss Scene In “remember” Was Once Impromptu

Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young’s Kiss Scene in “Remember” Was once Impromptu

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Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Youngs Kiss Scene in Bear in mindUsed to be ImpromptuJiwonYu February 16, 2016 0 SBS drama Remember has printed behind-the-scenes stills and a fewa laugh secrets referring to their contemporary kiss scene.

On episode 18 of the drama that aired on February 11, Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho) and In Ah (Park Min Young) shared a candy kiss. This was the primary step in their courting as fansin position of close friends.

This kiss scene was in realityno longerincorporated in the script and was impromptu. In the script, it just acknowledged that Jin Woo gazes into In Ahs eyes and provides her a hug. All throughthe true filming day, however, the director said the target audiencewishesto understand that their relationship has complicated and unexpectedly changed the hug scene into a kiss scene. Either Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young were a little bit surprised, yet they filmed the scene professionally after discussing it very well amongst the director.

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Sin Hye-seon says, "Liked the kiss scene with Kang Dong-won, yet I acted indifferently"

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During the episode, Sin Hye-seon unfolded some the kiss scene with Kang Dong-won. Kang Dong-won is referred to as an actor who has no longer filmed many kiss scenes. As a result of this, the serious osculate scene drew much attention and Sin Hye-seon earned the nickname, 'Lotto woman' as in any person who is so lucky.

Sin Hye-seon said, "The kiss scene was oncenow not in the script originally. Yet it become created instantly. I used to be and so excited but I acted indifferently" and "I idea he would have felt some burden if I woulddivulge too much excitement".

When she was asked what she and Kang Dong-won mentioned during filming the scene, she acknowledged she could nottake notethe restas though her reminiscencehave beenclose off and then she blushed.