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"full House" Star Lee Young Eun Confirmed She Is Nearly Three Months Pregnant With Her First Child

"Full House" Star Lee Young Eun Confirmed She is Nearly Three Months Pregnant with her First Child

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They continued, saying, “Lee Young Eun is currently resting following the conclusion of her recent drama, ‘Punch.’” Her only remaining commitments involve the release of her upcoming film, ‘Granny from Hell,’ after which she is expected to focus all of her attention on prenatal care.”

Following her wedding in September of last year, Lee Young Eun appeared in the recently concluded “Punch,” where she played doctor Park Hyun Sun, the sister of the show’s main character, Park Jung Hwan (Kim Rae Won).

"running Man" Revealed Full Star-Studded Lineup Including 2Pm′s Taecyeon, Miss A′s Fei, Shoo, Yeon Jung Hoon And More For Lunar New Year Special

"Running Man" Revealed Full Star-studded Lineup Including 2PM′s Taecyeon, miss A′s Fei, Shoo, Yeon Jung Hoon and More for Lunar New Year Special

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On February 3rd, SBS officially announced that, "Seo Woo, miss A′s Fei, Shoo, Yoo Sun, 2PM′s Taecyeon, Kim Sung Ryoung, and Yeon Jung Hoon will be appearing on Running Man′s Lunar New Year special. For two days, from yesterday (February 2) to today (February 3), we′ll be filming in Beolgyo, Thailand, Hong Kong, running in and outisde of Korea."

With such a big holiday as Lunar New Year, Running Man, will split the fixed cast and guests up, allowing them to compete against each other while learning how to cook dishes from different countries.

"i Am A Singer" Revealed The Full Star-Studded Lineup Starring Lee Soo, Ha Dong Kyun, So Chan Whee And More

"I Am A Singer" Revealed The Full Star-Studded Lineup Starring Lee Soo, Ha Dong Kyun, So Chan Whee and More

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It is revealed that MC the Max's Lee Soo, Ha Dong Kyun, So Chan Whee, Sweet Sorrow, and Yangpa will be the next artist joining the lineup of MBC's "I Am A Singer," alongside SISTAR's Hyorin and Lena Park. 

Multiple broadcast insiders told "The Fact" on January 21, "Park Jung Hyun, So Chan Whee, Ha Dong Kyun, Lee Soo, Hyorin, and Sweet Sorrow will appear on "I Am A Singer"."

Yangpa is also reported to join, and the lineup will hold their first filming today (21st). According to the report, 10cm and Lee Soo"s wife and singer Lyn were in talks, but decided not to join.

Running Man's Idol Special Revealed Full Star-studded Lineup, Including Super Junior, BTOB, INFINITE and More
Running Man's Idol Special Revealed Full Star-Studded Lineup, Including Super Junior, Btob, Infinite And More

Running Man's Idol Special Revealed Full Star-studded Lineup, Including Super Junior, BTOB, INFINITE and More

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Running Man frequently had idol group specials. B2ST, 2PM, Infinite, SISTAR′s A Pink and Girl′s Day participated in the ′Trending Idol′ Special, while soccer players Park Ji Sung and Seol Ki Hyeon played a soccer match with male idol group members. SHINee, Infinite, 2PM, CN Blue, B1A4 and SISTAR were shown in the ′Idol Battle′ special.

With new idol group members that have not appeared on the variety show yet, anticipation is building for what kind of new colors they will be showing on Running Man.

[Spoiler] "Healer" Yoo Ji-tae promises Park Min-yeong full support to turn her into star news reporter

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Moon-ho opened his heart to his friend, Kang Min-jae (Woo Hee-jin) on a dinner date. Min-jae asked him, "Who is the first woman lives in your heart? Moon-ho replied, "I have someone I want to train". He confessed he would resign from his company to fully support the woman until she succeeded as a star reporter. He added he owes her a great deal and he wants to pay her back.

Min-jae asked Moon-ho if his heart would be vacant once he has paid what he owed the woman. Moon-ho expressed that he wanted to be free from the debt and give her his heart by saying, "After that, I want to go to Alaska".

Eli of U-Kiss To Star In Chinese 'Full House' Remake
Eli Of U-Kiss To Star In Chinese 'full House' Remake

Eli of U-Kiss To Star In Chinese 'Full House' Remake

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In the original k-drama, Song Hye Kyo played Ji Eun, a screenwriter who lives in a house that her father built. It is called Full House. Her so-called friends trick her. They send her away on a fake free vacation and while she is away, they sell her house to a famous actor named Young Jae, played by Rain.

She comes back and she"s homeless but she"s not willing to give up on her house. Young Jae lets her live there but she has to live there according to his rules. That"s not easy as she is a slob and he is very neat. Then they have a fake marriage to make his ex-girlfriend jealous and the eventually the two contractually married roommates fall in love.

Group 8 is also the production company responsible for adapting the Japanese manga-based drama "Nodame Cantabile" into "Tomorrow Cantabile," starring Joo Won. They specialize in adapting manga-based dramas, as they were also instrumental in bringing "Pretty Man," which starred Jang Geun Suk, and "Playful Kiss," which starred Kim Hyun Joong, to Korea. The production company"s most famous manga turned k-drama may be "Boys Over Flowers," starring Lee Min Ho and Gu Hye Sun.

U Kiss"s Eli To Star As The Male Lead In "full House" Chinese Remake

U KISS"s Eli to star as the male lead in "Full House" Chinese remake

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The drama was based on the popular manhwa series of the same name in 2004 staring Rain and Song Hye Gyo, It received much love and popularity not only from domestic but also overseas fans as it recorded 40% in viewer rating, so many people are excited upon the news of the Chinese remake.

U KISS"s Eli has been confirmed to play as the male lead while the female lead will be chosen through auditions in China. A press conference will be taken place in Shanghai on October 23rd.

KBS full steam ahead with King 8217 s Face casts Jo Yoon hee to star
Kbs Full Steam Ahead With King 8217 S Face Casts Jo Yoon Hee To Star

KBS full steam ahead with King 8217 s Face casts Jo Yoon hee to star

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Recent controversy doesn’t seem to have derailed KBS, accusations of plagiarism and lawsuits be damned. On August 25, producers of the 2013 movie The Face Reader filed for an injunction against KBS for their unauthorized drama remake The King’s Face, alleging that KBS met with them to make the drama, backed out of the deal, and subsequently happened to come up with their own version. In light of this, KBS has issued a statement that The King’s Face, “Is a totally different drama,” and immediately followed it up with casting announcements that Jo Yoon-hee (Scandal, Nine) is being courted to play the leading lady.

I might believe KBS… if they hadn’t been promoting The King’s Face as a remake of The Face Reader for months. Now suddenly all the press releases are describing it strictly as a story about Prince Gwanghae, which just happens to also include a face-reading fortuneteller as a major story element. They’re arguing that the movie is primarily about the face reader (played by Song Kang-ho in the film), while their drama is set in a different century, and will focus on the prince becoming king.

It’s amusingly obvious that they’re trying to find a way out of this mess after the film’s production house, Jupiter Film, came out with statements that they met with KBS Media back in 2012 to make the drama together and had suggested the writer that KBS is now working with. KBS in turn has issued the following statement: “The King’s Face is a totally different drama in people, era, and setting, with different plot and conflict structure, and mode of expression from The Face Reader.”

SHINee's full version PV for Japanese track 'Lucky Star' revealed

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The members enjoy the pretty outdoors with the bright green grass and a multi-colored hot air balloon as they dance in smart white suits and sleep in hammocks. This song will have you dancing right along and singing in anticipation for some warm weather!

We saw the short version earlier, and now the full video has been aired on Japanese stations for your enjoyment before the official release of the single on June 25.