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Ryu Joon Yeol never had a female friend  ahead of 'Reply 1988'?
Ryu Joon Yeol Never Had A Female Friend Ahead Of 'reply 1988'?

Ryu Joon Yeol never had a female friend ahead of 'Reply 1988'?

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On the February 2 broadcast of 'Taxi,' it used to beprinted that Ryu Joon Yeol originally sought afterto pass into the coaching profession. The actor explained, "I reallyneeded to be a teacher. I lovedscholars and also because there were academics who were just right to me. But I do not believe the activitychanged into right for me."

Ryu Joon Yeol also responded some questions about relationships and dating. He said, "Like Jung Hwan, I have tsundere-like (cold) persona but I also have an affectionate facet like Sun Woo," revealing just a little just about his dating style.

The actor additional relayed, "I have not had a female friendprior to starring in 'Reply 1988.' I did not take a girlfriend for over six months. When I asked my mother, 'What do you bring to minda girl like Duk Seon?' she acknowledged she was fine with that."

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G-Friend choices what makes them popular   who will be the  maximum  lovely  female friend in genuine life
G-Friend Choices What Makes Them Popular Who Will Be The Maximum Lovely Female Friend In Genuine Life

G-Friend choices what makes them popular who will be the maximum lovely female friend in genuine life

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Regarding the call of the game to their popularity, they said, "Although we area lady group, our choreos are at thetough side.  Whenever we do the knife-life dance, we listen that our powermay neatly be felt.  Also, the G-Friend members are all on excellent terms.  The chemistry of the six members is good."

When asked, "Who would be enjoyed if she were a female friend in genuine life?" and Sowon replied, "Eunha.  Because a few of the six of us, she listens the least.  However, it's miles hard to hate that and she has a charm in which we would like to pester her."

Park Shin Hye brings out her female charms as the recent  type for 'Roem'
Park Shin Hye Brings Out Her Female Charms As The Recent Type For 'roem'

Park Shin Hye brings out her female charms as the recent type for 'Roem'

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A rep from Roem stated, "As the friendly and lovelypicture of actress Park Shin Hye, who is amassing hot fame in either Korea and China, matched the picture of 2016 and perfectly matched the image of the 'Roem' that has develop into even more fresh, so she has been selected as the brand's model."

Female netizens talk about male sorts and appearance that they dislike
Female Netizens Talk About Male Sorts And Appearance That They Dislike

Female netizens talk about male sorts and appearance that they dislike

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I understand itis incorrectto pass judgement onany person on their appearance T_T.. But I dont like those thatglancein point of fact thick since it's miles too much for me (Big eyes, big nose, and large lips). And I dont think I to findfats guys horny at all and they dont charm to me as men. Everyone has their own personal tastes right?

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109 / -17 I dont like men with bad eye glances or stares. They've this darkness in their eyes?? Like the actor Oh young Gon from Cheese in the trap haha. I dont know if it'sthe attention make up. Park Haejin is someone I dont like either

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Female makeup procedure  published  gradually in sketches
Female Makeup Procedure Published Gradually In Sketches

Female makeup procedure published gradually in sketches

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Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMakeup has develop intoanything that is seemed asimportant for beauty among females. Now nothandiest has it was popular with younger females, it also has changed intoa largephase in the K-pop industry with male idols even applying make up.

You guys may smartly beuninterested in this post It is a grade by potential of gradeappearing how ladies apply make up.. Ill get started now!!!!

When you draw eyebrows, it is vital to keep on with the guiding principle from outdoor to inside ofto seem natural! It's mileslargerto exploitthe similarcolour as your hair color 3

Female police officer saves the day with her resourcefulness and fast action
Female Police Officer Saves The Day With Her Resourcefulness And Fast Action

Female police officer saves the day with her resourcefulness and fast action

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According to what Sacheon Police Station reported on January 13, 51-year-old officer Shim and 27-year-old Kim Soo Jin were on responsibilityin combination when Shim without warning collapsed because of a myocardial infarction. Shim, who had reported for duty on Wednesday, used to bein the direction ofconverting into his uniform when his middlerapidly gave out. 

Kim, who just have become a police officer closing calendar month on December 28, relayed, "It's a relief that I used to becapable of save a life even in this type of dire situation." 

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Female idols rank the head  five female visuals
Female Idols Rank The Head Five Female Visuals

Female idols rank the head five female visuals

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In a contemporary broadcast on Arirangfemale idols were polled on who they thought to bethe head female visuals in the industry. And whilst the list was oncecrowned by two of the preferred and highly-regarded veterans in the industry, strangely two contributors of rookie teams also made the head five. While netizens continuously argue about the precise rankings of visuals, most agreed that the idols chose smartly for their best five.

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The under comments are the most well liked comments at the time of this article being published.

159, 12 Yoonas first position for 10 years now. Idols who see gorgeousother folkson a day by day basis are inspired by her beautyI wish I may just encounter her in genuine life..

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Female type in WINNER’s “EXIT” teaser describes Mino as a “good kisser”

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Talking about it survive air with his fans watching, Mino admitted that, “It was genuine acting. I used to be 200% committed.” The contributors as wellpublished that Mino was also dubbed as a “good kisser” after the type was asked what she idea about the rapper.

Since the video was released, Mino has been terrorised through fans for the serious scene and flooded his non-public Instagram account with reactions about it.

Meanwhile, the teasers were released as a phase of Mino and Taehyun’s special unmarried “Pricked” forward of WINNER’s respectable comeback.

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Female netizens percentage their hatred for aegyo

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338, 10 Ive at all timesconcept it was once weird. Women are constantly asked to turn aegyo on Televisionor even at house my dad asks me why I dont have any aegyo when Im a girl. My boyfriend tells me that ladieswish to accept approximately aegyo. Why do they force women to act like a little girl.

netizens love seohyun aegyo mark
Staff Picks: Korean model Female edition
Staff Picks: Korean Model Female Edition

Staff Picks: Korean model Female edition

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Korea is leading the style in all of the trends and the trendis not any joke! The daring, attention-grabbing outfits you notice on idols don't appear to beonly for the level anymore! Shops like Dahong make it simple for you to master that impeccable sense of Korean fashion. Two of our stunninggroup of workersindividuals paired up to placein combination their absolute best outfits encouragedthrough Korean fashion!

I've been into clutch bags in these days and age for no genuineexcellentreason whyin the back of it. It is simple, lightweight, and simple to taste alongside anything.

It is not a sin to mix'n'match silvery and gold together. I prefer bracelets over rings any day. It offersan additional edge to my another wayplain outfit. It also is goingsmartly with the clutch that I chose.