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Jr Nuest Action

NUEST performs Action on Simply K-Pop
Nuest Performs Action On Simply K-Pop

NUEST performs Action on Simply K-Pop

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After a long wait, the urban-electro band, as they introduce themselves, NUEST is finally back in the K-Pop scene with a single new Action. This time they wil be gracing Arirang TVs Simply K-Pop with an action filled choreography not to mention their heavenly visuals. The episode will be aired on August 7th at 11am (KST). Check some photos below.


Female police officer saves the day with her resourcefulness and fast action
Female Police Officer Saves The Day With Her Resourcefulness And Fast Action

Female police officer saves the day with her resourcefulness and fast action

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According to what Sacheon Police Station reported on January 13, 51-year-old officer Shim and 27-year-old Kim Soo Jin were on responsibilityin combination when Shim without warning collapsed because of a myocardial infarction. Shim, who had reported for duty on Wednesday, used to bein the direction ofconverting into his uniform when his middlerapidly gave out. 

Kim, who just have become a police officer closing calendar month on December 28, relayed, "It's a relief that I used to becapable of save a life even in this type of dire situation." 

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TAHITI’s Jisoo taking felony action opposed to the ones looking to shop for her

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Since the singer revealed the irritating messages, shes received much make stronger from the netizen community. Upon news of her lawsuit against the sponsorship, netizens have persistedto precise their help for Jisoo, yet added that other celebrities round herpoint of famewould possiblywererelated amongst such situations.

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the maximumneatly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

521, 8 That broker is someones kidbesides I wonder what hes thinking when he makes cash like that. Even reformatory food is a luxury for a guy like that

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KBS Threatens Criminal Action Opposed to Chinese Display Accused of Plagiarising “Hello Counselor”

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KBS Threatens Prison Action Opposed to Chinese Display defendant of Plagiarising Hi Counselororionight January 12, 2016 0 It roughly feels a Chinese tv show has been accused of plagiarising KBSs Hello Counselor.

On January 12, KBS issued a observationin regards to the reported plagiarism. The Korean broadcaster said that the set design, the structure of the show, balloting and scoring, even the manner that participants input the level all seem to be strikingly similar. Additionally, they stated that it used to be Chinese netizens who first brought the problem to their attention.

The statement continued, We have got officially demanded that the broadcaster to blamein an instantstoppronounces of the show in queryat the grounds of infringement of newsletter rights. At this time were waiting on an legitimatereaction from the broadcaster. In the development that they don't respond do our demands, we might beready to seek the relief of Chinas State Management of Radio, Movie and Television, and take legal action.

Dream Celebrity Entertainment Looks Into Criminal Action After Tahiti Member Ji Soo Exposes Indecent Proposal From 'Sponsor'

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The messages are allegedly from a guy who calls himself a "middleman" and who tries to install an arrangement between the pop star and his client, a guy who is willing to pay Ji Soo for normal dates with him. In the message, the intermediary tries to cajole Ji Soo to satisfy amongstthe alternative human beingeveryday in substitutefor two million KRW (approximately $1,600 USD) per "date."

Ji Soo stated that she again and againomitted the messages, yet the guy continues to push the deal, or even negotiated for 1 million KRW ($830 USD) "normal dates" that mightcome with "shopping and having dinner together."

"Her father's a detective" and "Whoever that broker is, he is in problem now... her father's a detective," were some of the comments left by fans, as translated byNetizenbuzz.

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TAHITI's firm to take felony action opposed to Jisu's harasser

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TAHITI's Jisu had lately posted on her Instagram screenshots of harassing messages to her from a smartphone salesperson. She in a smartly mannered way asked the individualto prevent sending her those messages, and her firmisn't going to let this slide.

Her group's agency Dream Superstar Entertainment first responded, "We will request an reputable investigation from the police's cyber team."

But following that statement, the agency also stated, "Jisu was once very indignant when she won sponsor providesthru her SNS. We can have a companyreactionin regards to the repeated proposals."

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FNC Entertainment to take criminal action opposed to malicious commenters

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Hello, here is FNC Entertainment.We thank all of theenthusiasts who send their hobby and loving suggestion to our label's artists.However, recently, a couple of malicious netizens were spreading baseless rumors and feature been writing hate comments to portal sites and net communities without any clear out about our label artists, and are seriously destructive their character. As a result of this, the artists in addition their friends and family are maintaining serious intellectual damage.In response, to give coverage to our label artists and to save youadditionalsufferers from being hurt, we are often collecting IDs which are writing hate comments, and making and spreading rumors. In relation to our label artists turning into slandered and defamed, we will be ready to exist taking sturdy legal action.Netobserve violence is anything that should be eliminatedno longersimplest in the entertainment industry, yet for the society in total. We will be operatingdemanding for a healthy web culture. Please take a huge number of interest and working out to this. Thank you.

“Reply 1988″ Production Team Considers Prison Action Opposed to People who Leak Spoilers

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Reply 1988 Production Team Considers Felony Action Opposed toPeople who Leak Spoilersorionight January 9, 2016 0 The production groupin the back ofthe preferred drama Answer 1988 is thinking about legal action against those who leak spoilers of episodes sooner than theyre broadcasted.

On January 9, one of the crucial production crew contributors stated, Were reallythankful for the affection that Respond 1988 has received. However, even supposinglovers earnestly beg for hints and spoilers, we feel that such indiscriminate spoilers are regrettable.

The crew member added, The production crew is these daysbearing in mind legal action against those who leaked spoilers before the episodes are aired. There are still 4 episodes left, so we ask another time that no spoilers of the tale that can be told in the drama be leaked to the masses.

Lee Jung Jae Takes Criminal Action Opposed to Malicious Commenters at the Internet

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Lee Jung Jae Takes Criminal Action Opposed to Malicious Commenters on the web ck525 January 8, 2016 0 Lee Jung Jae has made up our mindsto do so against the ones spreading malicious rumors against him.

“Earlier this year, 10 folksgained a financial penalty whilst 20 got suspension of prosecution. We are latelylooking ahead to the court’s ultimate decision,” a representative said. The prosecutors say that the identity of the 30 netizens had been noted.

The malicious comments began when Lee Jung Jae showed his courting amongst Lim Sae Ryung, the eldest daughter of Daesang Group’s President Lim Chang Wook, January of 2014. Posts accusing him of playing the wrongdoings of Dongyang Group’s La Terrace trade were widely spread around the internet. In response, Lee Jung Jae mentioned on his site that he would take serious movements against negative commenters.

C-JeS Ent. to take felony action opposed to netizens spreading hate and lies about Junsu and Hani's relationship

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C-Jes Entertainment told SportsToday on January 9, "After Junsu's dating reports got here out, there have been insults, defamation of personality and a range of false information. We are making plansto get started out the procedure of a lawsuit opposed to the malignant online posts around next week."