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Jiyeon 2013 Drama

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Who Are You - 2013'
Hancinema's Drama Review 'who Are You - 2013'

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Who Are You - 2013'

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The things that make "Who Are You - 2013" appealing are all associated with its other method in comparison to maximum dramas in the romance genre. For one, the series feels more like a mystery/suspense one. Yes, romance does have its position in it, principally for what it does for Si-on as an individual in the procedure of her healing, yet it's miles never the sole or greatest focus. whilst the 2 male leads are given a huge number of screen time and focus, this may be in the long run a sequence about Si-on and hence her story, which in itself is uncommon in Korean drama. The loss of standard tropes corresponding to a difference at school between the romantic pairing, lack of circle of relatives involvement and other such components also make this feel fairly trendy and surely no longer at the soapy side. While predictable in some parts, the series also delivers a couple of great twists by way of Si-on"s beyond and the development which caused it all, which stay one guessing all over all the time.

While the acting isn't similarly just right by all involved, Taecyeon in specific suffering to be watchable, the characters make for some interesting relationships. The most important pair are, above all else, partners and pals and it's stunning that the series does now not let the enchantment between them by some means exchange that. There is respect, there is being concerned and co-operation. The romance itself also is not presented in an overly fairytale-like manner, either characters acknowledging they are at the early stages of liking every other when it does kick in. The secondary characters are, with multiple exceptions, sensible in serving the plot and therefore feel like they belong. And here is the overall feeling the series gives. It had a tale to inform and did it, it felt coherent.

Of course, sure performances aside, as mentioned, the series does have its issues too. While the case-per-episode layout starts things off, it is instantly deserted in prefer of the central plot. While one of the previous instances do come again later on, in some ways, they most commonly feel like an creation and the format switch feels a bit of badly planned. it's also quite irritating that, regardless of Si-on being a robust individual that makes sense and capable despite her pain, she is victimized just about in each episode, to serve the plot and to have Geon-woo save her time and time again. it's the vintage damsel in misery trope and it sounds like a reasonable effort to sauce up the romance and carry Geon-woo, but an needless one, since characterization does it without the desire for turning Si-on into a punching bag for thrills.

Jiyeon and Mighty Mouth"s Shorry J to release an OST for MBC"s drama "Triangle"

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According to the production team, Jiyeon, Shorry J and also F-ve Doll"s Seunghee gathered together and sang for the new OST called "Kiss and Cry". The song was previously premiered during the broadcast of the drama on July 25th. It is said to have a medium tempo of a Latin pop song and is produced by hits maker Cho Young Soo.

[Spoiler] "triangle - Drama" Jiyeon Chooses Kim Jae-Joong Instead Of Si Wan

[Spoiler] "Triangle - Drama" Jiyeon chooses Kim Jae-joong instead of Si Wan

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When things got worse, Yoon Yang-ha went to Seong Yoo-jin and asked her to help his business. Seong Yoo-jin told him, "I"m already speaking with Heo Yeong-dal". Yoon Yang-ha panicked and said, "No, I"ll do whatever you want me to. Stop working with Heo Yeong-dal".

Seong Yoo-jin got up to leave and said, "I think I made the right choice by seeing you right now. Impress me with your truth and I might think about it again. I"ll take this gift".

"triangle - Drama" Kim Jae-Joong Allies With Jiyeon

"Triangle - Drama" Kim Jae-joong allies with Jiyeon

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Heo Yeong-dal smiled and said, "I thought rich women such as you just spent life spending money, but I guess not. I know your family is interested in a casino for the locals. If you shake hands with me, that's going to become a reality".

"triangle - Drama" T-Ara Jiyeon's Surprise Appearance

"Triangle - Drama" T-ara Jiyeon's surprise appearance

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Chairman Yoon said, "Do I need to repeat the reason you are my son? You are the heir to this group before you are my son. If I think something is going to be an obstacle in my way, I'll get rid of it and I'll get rid of you, too, if you can't accept it". Yoon Yang-ha was shocked.

Jiyeon appeared in the office. She said, "Hello, it's been two years since I saw you in Las Vegas". Yoon Yang-ha was clearly shocked to see her.

Jiyeon said, "I don't think you are in a good mood". Yoon Yang-ha replied, "I don't understand why I am seeing you right now". She said, "You're still bad-tempered. I'll make a reason for you. Let's go get coffee".

 The drama I found most disappointing in 2013
The Drama I Found Most Disappointing In 2013

The drama I found most disappointing in 2013

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Lee Min Ho did a great job acting like the sensitive, hopeful younger brother--especially because it made him appear as small as he felt even though he was physically large. It was a nice dichotomy between how he acted in school (intimidating guy you do not mess with) and how he acted at home (the baby of the house who wants more attention). Second, the OST. The OST was moving and nice, but rarely do dramas go wrong with OSTs. Third, the dialogue. While the writer did use very unoriginal cliches to propel most of the story forward, she creates amazingly witty dialogues among characters. The tete-a-tetes were all pretty sweet, but a drama can never rely solely on those. Fourth, Bo Na and Chan Young (so cute and may be the other 20%).

 My Favorite Drama of 2013
My Favorite Drama Of 2013

My Favorite Drama of 2013

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2. THE RELATIONSHIPS This drama doesn"t just focus on the romance--it does a really good job of exploring and putting to the test all other relationships. Like that between friends, between a parent and a child, between a married couple, between siblings, and more. It makes you emotionally invested, especially by making everything so realistic. Remember that awful silence at the table as the family cryptically talked about going back to their hometown and you just know it"s because of some anniversary relating to the young son who passed away? Remember that awful moment in Trash and Na Jung"s relationship when they had passed the honeymoon phase and was entering into the infamously difficult long-distance relationship? "Reply 1994" doesn"t really sugarcoat things--it shows all the frictions and tensions, but more importantly, how the characters deal with these hardships and overcome them. Overall, this drama has a certain amount of depth that many other dramas lack. (In an additional note, love the narrations that talk about a specific theme or lesson for each episode).

3. THE SETTING Obviously, this drama is unique in that it is a retro drama that starts in 1994 and gradually moves forward to present time. I was too young to remember 1994 all that much, but this drama still makes me feel like I belong somehow because everything seems to have been perfectly researched and incorporated--popular dramas, trends, technology, you name it. It actually made me want beepers to come back--that"s how much my mind had been taken over by this setting and it seemed so cute the way they call it a "삐삐" (bbee bbee). I kept wanting to talk in their dialect and whenever I even read Korean, I was reading in my mind with that dialect. It was crazy. The drama did an amazing job of bringing that time period back to life.

Today's Photo: 2013 KBS Drama Awards, Red Carpet - January 1, 2014 [2]
Today's Photo: 2013 Kbs Drama Awards, Red Carpet - January 1, 2014 [2]
Today's Photo: 2013 SBS Drama Awards, Red Carpet - January 1, 2014 [1]
Today's Photo: 2013 Sbs Drama Awards, Red Carpet - January 1, 2014 [1]

"I Hear Your Voice" and "The Heirs" Sweep Awards at the 2013 SBS Drama Awards

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Lee Bo Youngs fellow contender for the Daesang Award, Jo In Sung, received the Special Award as recognition for his work in SBS dramas such as “Spring Days,” “Piano,” “What Happened in Bali” and “That Winter, The Wind Blows.” He made fond reference of the drama, saying, “Young-ie, who opened her eyes not too long ago, should be watching this so I want to say thank you to Young-ie. Young-ie, oppa got an award.” Jo In Sung also took home the Top 10 Stars Award. His Young-ie, “That Winter, The Wind Blows” co-star, Song Hye Gyo, who was not present, was given a Top Excellence Award.

 “The Heirs” received multiple awards, proof of how well the drama has done with the TV audience. Kang Min Hyuk, Kim Ji Won and Choi Jin Hyuk took home New Star Awards, while event MC Kim Woo Bin received the Top 10 Stars Award.

Lee Min Ho received five awards, the Top 10 Stars Award, Popularity Award, Top Excellence Award, Best Dressed Award, and Best Couple Award with Park Shin Hye. Park Shin Hye didn’t fare too barely herself; claiming a Top 10 Stars Award and Excellence Award for her role in “The Heirs” in addition to the Best Couple Award.