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Photos Jeong Yeon-joo-I's provocation

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Meanwhile, Jeong Yeon-joo-I starred in the film "Alice: Boy from Wonderland" and drama "A Witch's Love" and could also beactingat the tvN display "SNL Korea" on the 27th of February.

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“Cheese in the Trap” Kim Pass Eun Praises Role Fashion Jeon Do Yeon
“cheese In The Trap” Kim Pass Eun Praises Role Fashion Jeon Do Yeon

“Cheese in the Trap” Kim Pass Eun Praises Role Fashion Jeon Do Yeon

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Cheese in the Trap Kim Move Eun Praises Role Style Jeon Do Yeonehk38 January 28, 2016 0 Kim Go Eun capabilities in the newestfactor of celebrity and fashion magazine InStyle.

The actress, who has been receiving compliment for her acting in tvN drama Cheese in the Trap, has a bit of praise to give herself.

When asked to make a choice one person she looks up to as a role model, Kim Go Eun chooses actress Jeon Do Yeon. Kim Go Eun expresses her gratitude for Jeon Do Yeons mentorship whilst they worked at themovie Memories of the Sword together.

Actress Oh Yeon Search engine optimization  Finds Her EXO Fan Status
Actress Oh Yeon Search Engine Optimization Finds Her Exo Fan Status

Actress Oh Yeon Search engine optimization Finds Her EXO Fan Status

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Actress Oh Yeon Search engine marketingUnearths Her EXO Fan Prestige kokoberry January 27, 2016 0 Actress Oh Yeon Seo has published her internal fangirl.

She answers more than a fewquestions on how she prepares for dramas as well. She replies, I glance over the script and concentrate to music, when asked about what she does whilst being on standby prior to filming a scene.

Her solutionactivates the interviewer to invite some her favourite singer. Oh Yeon Seo shyly uses her hands to gesture EXO and says shes a fan.

Jeon Do-yeon, Kang Dong-won and Im Soo-jeong's 10-year drama plan

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"Good Wives" is set a housewife whose a success investigator husband gets installedcriminal for corruption so she has to make a comeback for the primary time in thirteen years as an investigator herself. In the States, "Good Wives" began in 2009 and is ongoing for 7 seasons in a row. This role isn't anysimpleproject equally the actress has to painting the quite so much of emotional adjustments in the procedure of overcoming difficulties. Jeon Do-yeon felt excited at the character.

Kang Dong-won is thirsty for a drama too. He starred in one 12 years ago and persevered to be in movies, never locatingthe correct drama for him. He felt a separation between him and the drama making ambiance where it was once all about paper scripts and non-stop alternations.

However, now notit is different. In a contemporary interview, Kang Dong-won said, "I wish to exist in a drama and I heard the production surroundings has replaced a lot. I also wish to brand a drama with my movie people. It is going to be a laugh to make a film which just may not do with 2 hours so we produce it into a 10 hour one". Below his conditions, the presentlength in which pre-productions are turning into a trend, is the proper timing for him to come back.

Park Search engine optimization Joon and Ji So Yeon selected as the recent  units for 'Esquire'
Park Search Engine Optimization Joon And Ji So Yeon Selected As The Recent Units For 'esquire'

Park Search engine optimization Joon and Ji So Yeon selected as the recent units for 'Esquire'

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A brand rep stated, "The variety of new models expose our intent to show off our revived brand image. Park Seo Joon, who generally possesses an outstanding eye for fashion, conforms neatly to 'Esquire's symbol and we judged that Ji So Yeon will play a central role in spreading 'Esquire's new image, so we elected them as our new models."

Park Seo Joon said, "The first pair of brogues I purchased after taking an passion in style were from 'Esquire.' It isfor my part an honor to be 'Esquire's model."

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Yoo Ah-in and Jeon Do-yeon stand in combination at Movie of the Year Awards 2015

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Film of the Year Awards 2015 hosted via The Korea MovieNewshoundsArrangementused to be held at the clickingMiddle in Junggu, Seoul in the afternoon on January 27th.

Yoo Ah-in wore a classy monotone suit in this day. His dandy coiffure combed to the back stuck our eyes. Jeon Do-yeon showed off her chictaste in a gentlecrimson dress.

Yoo Ah-in and Jeon Do-yeon were commemorated with the maximum efficient Actor and Perfect Actress Awards of the Film of the Year Awards 2015 respectively. "The Throne" by director Lee Joon-ik gainedTopImage Award and "Veteran" by director Ryoo Seung-wan obtainedMost efficient Director Award.

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Oh Yeon-seo says, "My favourite singers are EXO, I am their fan"

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On this day, when Oh Yeon-seo changed into asked what she does when she is on standby in a waiting room, she said, "I read script and pay attention to music".

Posters and stills dropped for Nam Ji Hyun and Yeon Jun Suk's upcoming drama!
Posters And Stills Dropped For Nam Ji Hyun And Yeon Jun Suk's Upcoming Drama!

Posters and stills dropped for Nam Ji Hyun and Yeon Jun Suk's upcoming drama!

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The drama centers on Ah Young (Nam Ji Hyun) who does not tell her folks she failed to get into a college, so she is going to Myeongseong University in the stead of her cousin, Oh Jung Eun (Lee Jin Yi).  This is how she meets Min Sung (Yeon Jun Suk) and fears she would possibly becomestuck after she's asked, "Are you in point of fact Oh Jung Eun?"  

SBS published that this used to be going to be produced via UHD and puts a practical spin on her mendacityprocedure and more, promising that audience would be in a position to empathize with the leads as they contemplatethe street to take toward hope and happiness.

Other actors come with Kim Hee Jung, SEO Hyun Chul, Yoon Seo, Shin Jae Ah, Park So Eun, and Gong Myung.  It will air in two parts, both on January 29.

Actress Oh Yeon Search engine optimization admits she is an EXO-L
Actress Oh Yeon Search Engine Optimization Admits She Is An Exo-L

Actress Oh Yeon Search engine optimization admits she is an EXO-L

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Say whaaat? The gorgeous actress Oh Yeon SEO is an EXO fan? Well, we do not blame her for liking them! The ladsindisputably have a charm this istough to be emulated and one whoyou can notassistyet fall for.

The actress's secret penchant in opposition to one of SM's maximumcherished male childteamswas once exposed at the January 27 edition of 'One Evening of Television Entertainment.' The reporter had asked her if there has been an artist that she liked to which Oh Yeon Seo spoke backthrough making the E-X-O symbol with her fingers, and shyly admitting, "I'm an EXO fan." How lovable is that? Welcome to the fandom, Oh Yeon Seo! Wonder who her bias is?

Jeon Do-yeon, Gong Yoo Paintings In combination on Upcoming Film

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Actress Jeon Do-yeon's new movie with actor Gong Yoo will hit theaters next month.Set in Finland, the melodrama called "A Guy and A Woman" is set an extramarital affair between a man and a woman when they coincidentally meet in the Nordic nation."It's a tale of passionate love, which I hadn't done in motion pictures for a while", stated Jeon throughout a press tournament on Tuesday. "As I had to play a role of an untrue woman, I attempted to utterly immerse myself in the script to the point where I used to be thinking that there are quite so much oftypes of dearest that exist in this world". Gong said the film fulfilled two of his dreams. "I used to besatisfied to paintings with Jeon. That became one of my desires as an actor. The opposite was that I sought after to make a grown-up love story", he said.Jeon also expressed her appreciation for Gong, pronouncing "He treated me so very easily and I felt like I was being loved, and that actually helped me get into character. I had my birthday whilst we were filming in Finland, and he threw a birthday party for me".

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