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SISTAR’s “Touch My Body” and HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” Featured on US Television  Thru “Family Guy”
Sistar’s “touch My Body” And Hyuna’s “bubble Pop” Featured On Us Television Thru “family Guy”

SISTAR’s “Touch My Body” and HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” Featured on US Television Thru “Family Guy”

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SISTARs Touch My Frame and HyunAs Bubble Pop Featured on US TelevisionViaCircle of relatives GuySylphid January 3, 2016 0 A clip of SISTARs tune video for Touch My Body and a parody of HyunAs Bubble Pop were noticed on national TV in the united statesin the process the animated program Family Guy.

In the episode that aired today, January 3, Peter and his palsshuttle to South Korea after learning that Quagmire starred in a Korean soap opera called Wintry weather Summer (an glaringname parody to Winter Sonata.)

Later, a musical parody of HyunAs Bubble Pop is seen. (Peter and his company are seeking to convince Quagmire to return home. For the onesnow notacquainted with the show, this may also be a comedy program that might be very offensive at times. )

HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” MV Reaches one hundred Million perspectives On YouTube

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HyunA has change into the primary feminine solo K-Pop artist to be successful in more than 100 million views on a unmarried YouTube video.

Upon liberate 4 years ago, the video received immense fame for her attractive comeback thought and for having a catchy sound. A year later, HyunA turned into featured on PSY’s viral mega hit song “Gangnam Style,” leading non K-Pop enthusiasts around the sector to re-discover “Bubble Pop.”

Lady Gaga attends K-Pop Night Out in Texas & dances to Hyuna's Bubble Pop

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The host of the event, Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) said, "I have been with Lady Gaga from the side of the venue while she was waiting. As I know, she has a lot of interest in Kpop."

The event started at 7PM until 2AM with performaces from Jay Park, 4Minute's Hyuna, Nell, Giha and the Faces, Jambinai, IDIOTAPE and Crying Nut and more.

[NEWS] Chinese copies HyunA’s “Bubble Pop”?

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In the actual video, the Chinese artist is singing and dancing to a song that has a concept similar to HyunAs summer hit. Everything from the graphics to the outfits, choreography and setting appeared to resemble HyunAs.

Vietnamese singer copies HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” music video concept

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Bao Thi dances in a wife-beater tank top and shorts with an SUV in the background of the “Eungah in the Room” music video, much like HyunA in “Bubble Pop”. In fact, the only difference between the two scenes are the colors of the SUV in the background, and of course the quality of the production.

Bao Thi debuted as a singer after winning a beauty pageant and has been previously criticized for plagiarizing Lee Hyori‘s “10 Minutes” and “U Go Girl“.

Chinese artist receiving attention for releasing similar video to HyunA’s “Bubble Pop”

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A Chinese artist who released a video similar to HyunAs Bubble Pop is causing quite the stir amongst Korean netizens online.

The graphics and attire in the video were similar as well, but what really became an issue was the way the Chinese artist emulated HyunAs notorious hip dance.

Chinese Copycat Version of HyunA’s “Bubble Pop?”

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A new Chinese girl group called Zia Tan Bao Bei recently released a music video of its new song “No No No.” However, many netizens were quick to realize how similar it was to 4minute’s HyunA’s trendy and sexy music video for her solo track “Bubble Pop.” Everything from the graphics to the outfits to the choreography to the setting appeared to resemble HyunA’s. The only distinguishable difference was that the Chinese version replaced the Hummer with a helicopter.  

Netizens commented, “Wow, it’s almost identical,” “100% plagiarism indeed,” “HyunA is so much prettier than this Chinese copycat,” and more.

Hyuna’s ‘Bubble Pop’ among SPIN magazine’s ’20 Best Songs of 2011′ in US
Hyuna’s ‘bubble Pop’ Among Spin Magazine’s ’20 Best Songs Of 2011′ In Us

Hyuna’s ‘Bubble Pop’ among SPIN magazine’s ’20 Best Songs of 2011′ in US

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Hyuna had also gotten the attention of Billboards site. Hyuna had placed #17 on the list of 21 Under 21: Musics Hottest Minors. Artists like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were on the top spots on the list and Hyuna was the first Korean artist to make it into the chart.

The results are amazing since Hyuna has not promoted in the U.S. or the U.K. in particular. Hyunas particular style of music and performance helped to bring about huge support from the fans overseas through Youtube, Twitter and other SNSs.

BEAST, 4Minute, G.Na and other Cube Entertainment artists will be meeting with the fans in São Paulo, Brazil on December 13th with United Cube Concert.

Hyuna Bubble Pop!
Hyuna Bubble Pop!