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Writers Kim Su-hyun VS Noh Hee-kyeong, drama fit day

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Writer Kim Su-hyun, who is often referred to as a drama alchemist, is back with the hot SBS weekend drama "Yeah, That is How It Is" at the 13th of February. It is very most likely she's coming back with a circle of relativestale which could also be her sturdy point. In May, writer Noh Hee-kyeong is coming back with the tvN drama "Dear My Friends". Noh Hee-kyeong also isreferred to as the 'next Kim Su-hyun'.

The two have had a showdown before; Kim Su-hyun with the 1999 SBS drama "Youth Trap" and Noh Hee-kyeong with the MBC drama "Did We Truly Love".

"Youth Trap" is a 1978 normal that used to be re-written by potential of Kim Su-hyun starring Sim Eun-ha, Jeon Gwang-ryeol, Lee Jong-won and Yoo Ho-jeong in the footsteps of the original stars Lee Hyo-chun, Lee Jeong-gil, Park Geun-hyeong and Kim Yeong-ae. The drama wonstatus amongst the writer's authentic lines and recorded a viewing percentage of more than 50% throughout the time.

Heechul is taking a look to take Jun Hyun Moo's position as an MC on 'National Championship'?
Heechul Is Taking A Look To Take Jun Hyun Moo's Position As An Mc On 'national Championship'?

Heechul is taking a look to take Jun Hyun Moo's position as an MC on 'National Championship'?

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The MCs teased him, "We heard you are scheming to be an enduring MC on 'National Championship,'" Heechul in moderation answered, "'Even the elderly appearto love 'National Championship' and I believeit is aexcellent show. Jun Hyun Moo is a junior at my company." 

Yoo Jung Soo shot back, "I do not think you're correct for our program." Heechul controlled to stay his cool and said, "I would possiblymost effective exist substituting for Jun Hyun Moo yet I may just take his position on the show." 

EXO’s D.O is taking a look  ahead for his “umbrella kiss” with Kim So Hyun in the large screen
Exo’s D.o Is Taking A Look Ahead For His “umbrella Kiss” With Kim So Hyun In The Large Screen

EXO’s D.O is taking a look ahead for his “umbrella kiss” with Kim So Hyun in the large screen

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On January 26th, D.O, in conjunction with his co-star Kim So Hyun, attended the premiere and press preview of Pure Love. Throughout the event, he unearths that the scene he looks ahead to the maximum is the umbrella kiss scene with the actress. He adds that he remains curious as to how the scene will come out, in addition to what the target audience volitiontake into consideration it, and used to beadditional quote saying, “I think it's milescrucial scene. It in point of fact represents the word, first love.” 

Meanwhile, Pure Love is an self sufficientmovie portraying the affectionate memories of a first love and friendship via a letter from 1991.

Why is Psy fearful of Yang Hyun Suk?
Why Is Psy Fearful Of Yang Hyun Suk?

Why is Psy fearful of Yang Hyun Suk?

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Reporter Kim Myo Sung brought up the topic, commenting, "I heard that Psy is petrified of Yang Hyun Suk." She then went directly to explain, "With Yang Hyun Suk, he has a tendency to give his artists a lot of discretion. He's noted for letting his artists shoulder their own obligation and let them paintingsinside their own capacity. 

"But with music, he is terribly calculating and possesses a knife-like willing sense, so even if he likes the song at first, he may not say so outright. So from the artist's perspective, they broaden a decision to make even greater music. That is why Psy acknowledged Yang Hyun Suk is scary." 

D.O. says he drank so much with 'Pure Love' actors   Kim So Hyun unearths which male actor she felt maximum  at ease with
D.o. Says He Drank So Much With 'pure Love' Actors Kim So Hyun Unearths Which Male Actor She Felt Maximum At Ease With

D.O. says he drank so much with 'Pure Love' actors Kim So Hyun unearths which male actor she felt maximum at ease with

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As the feminine lead, Kim So Hyun gained the male casts' adulation in the film scenes, and it appears there were circumstances of her getting piggyback rides from the male actors. Among them, Kim So Hyun admitted that she felt maximumat ease when she used to be getting piggy-backed via Beom Shil (D.O.'s personality in the film). She said, "Except for San Dol (Yeon Joon Seok), I were given piggyback rides from Gil Ja (Joo Da Young), Gae Deok (David Lee), and Beom Shil (D.O.), but I feelI used to be virtuallypleased with Beom Shil because he turned intothe consumer who gave me the most piggyback rides in the movie."

D.O. additional detailed how the actors of 'Pure Love' bonded but even so their love of drink. He said, "We all went fishing and enjoyed swimming in the sea. We also acted along the village citizens and we met so regularly amongst Mr. Pass Heung that we nearlyhave becomebuddies with him. He even made a small appearance. He isthe onlythat is MC-in all the manner through the scene where we all sing their own praises our making a song talent." 

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Spoiler 'Moorim School' Lee Hyun-woo and Eugene Jung are lost siblings?

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On this day, when Wang Chi-ang (Hong Bin) heard piano gambling a lullaby song, he was oncefrustratedby way of the sound and came out to come across the sound. After looking out around, he figured out it became Hwang Seon-ah, who was playing the piano.

Wang Chi-ang asked, "Is it a song when your mother used to sing whilst you were little?" Hwang Seon-ah told him she would prevent playing if the sound bothers him. However, Wang Chi-ang just commented "Your brother Yoon Si-woo turns out to sleep well though"

Like what he said, when Yoon Si-woo heard the piano, he smiled and recollected a scene when he and his little sister have been falling asleep when taking note of lullabies sung by their mom.

Yang Hyun Suk's best  worry  is large Bang's Seungri?
Yang Hyun Suk's Best Worry Is Large Bang's Seungri?

Yang Hyun Suk's best worry is large Bang's Seungri?

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When the subject of discussion become posed as a question that went, "Yang Hyun Suk's biggestworryis large Bang?" Kim Myo Sung tentatively answered, "If you amplify upon that question, there is the rumor that 'Yang Hyun Suk's finest concern is possibly Seungri?' Seungri won an be offering from singer Shin back in June of 2014 to speculate in genuine estate, and passed her over 2 Billion Won (~$1.66 Million USD); however, the investment never took flight and he never heard from her back so he filed a lawsuit opposed to Shin. So YG published its intent to take joint felony action with Seungri yet eventually, the lawsuit was withdrawn in only ten days."

Gong Hyun Jin responded with, "There was the autotwist of fate too, wasn't there?" which Lee Eon Kyung answered, explaining, "There was a vehicle accident in 2014 and it was a largeadequate crash for the vehicle to be near-totaled. While youglance at the dashcam footage, you spot that Seungri's vehiclein an instantmove over two lanes, crash into the car in front of him, hit the guardrail and turn over. There were talks that he crashed into the guardrail because he switched lanes too recklessly."

Hong Jin Young then asked, "Wasn't there also a beyond scandal?" Kim Myo Sung replied, "Yes, there was. In Taiwan ultimate September 26 around 1 in the morning, an image was snapped at a nightclub. It was a image of Seungri stepping out of the club conserving hands with a lovelygirl in a white tee, and he had explained that it was his translator." Kim Yeon Ji chimed in and subsidized up the claims, saying, "She is a translator. I for my part know this lady."

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Go in the back of the scenes of D.O and Kim So Hyun's lovely photo shoot together!
Go In The Back Of The Scenes Of D.o And Kim So Hyun's Lovely Photo Shoot Together!

Go in the back of the scenes of D.O and Kim So Hyun's lovely photo shoot together!

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Kim So Hyun's firm Sidus HQ posted this video to percentage their darling star's professionalism and shockingattractivenessat the back of the scenes of the shoot. With a antique vibe and a vintagecosmetic that never gets old, Kim So Hyun pairs up with the good-looking D.O for chemistry that radiates off the screen.

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Actor Kim Soo Hyun Stocks  An effortless  Fitness Tip With His Fans
Actor Kim Soo Hyun Stocks An Effortless Fitness Tip With His Fans

Actor Kim Soo Hyun Stocks An effortless Fitness Tip With His Fans

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He is still filming for the approachingfilm Real, which is making plans to be in theaters at the primarypart of 2016. He plays the role Jang Tae Young, a guy with ambition and is an answer maker who makes a decision to build a casino hotel to overcome a city.

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thefashioned article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

45 / -1 Im so gladto look his face finally! Please dont get harm and end the motion picture in one piece. Im so excited for real Jang Tae Young. I would like to see him quickly.

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EXO's D.O. and Kim So Hyun stare into each and every others eyes in new 'Pure Love' posters

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The text in the posters say, "In 1991, our first love began." How lovable do D.O and Kim So Hyun glance as they stare into each and every others eyes whilstbeing attentive to music?

In the movie, a letter from 23 years ago arrives to a DJ on a are living radio show. The letter is readythe primary love and friendships of five pals from the past.