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Hwayoung Case

'1.6 billion won case' Kim Hyun-joong VS ex-girlfriend

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Kim Hyun-joong has been in a court struggle alongside Choi relating to abuse, pregnancy and miscarriage since ultimate year. Choi has asked for 1.6 billion won in repayment and Kim has sued her for defamation, danger and more.

Choi gave birth in between and the maximum recentfactor of the case was whether or no longer Kim was the father of the child. In keeping with Seon Jong-moon, the DNA tests that were conducted in January got here back with certaineffects and Kim is 99.9999% the father.

Lawyer Lee Jae-man and Kim's oldsters said, "We've made it transparent that Kim Hyun-joong will take obligation of the child. We can make what the court tells us to do for the child's happiness and we are hopingthe kiddoes not get occupied with this media mess. However, the case will continue for the sake of Kim Hyun-joong's image".

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The felony  combat between CNBLUE and Crying Nut in any case comes to an end
The Felony Combat Between Cnblue And Crying Nut In Any Case Comes To An End

The felony combat between CNBLUE and Crying Nut in any case comes to an end

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CJ E&M had in the past compensated Crying Nut for the use of their song, but the problem arose when CNBLUE incorporated the performance in their 2010 Eastern DVD release. Crying Nut claimed that this now not exclusively went beyond the scope of the compensation, but also that CNBLUE had equipped Crying Nut without a prior understand of the performance's inclusion in the DVD. CNBLUE's acknowledged claimed that they didn't know what song they were performing till they went on degree and heard the song popping out of the speakers.

With all that is been said and done, it turns out that that this factor from a complex false impression between the broadcasting stations, entertainment companies, and artists. One can only hope that once the dirt settles, the respective rock groups continue to give you the public with wonderful music in an amicable atmosphere.

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Girl crew  Courageous  Women  in any case makes a comeback after 3 years; five → 7 members
Girl Crew Courageous Women In Any Case Makes A Comeback After 3 Years; Five → 7 Members

Girl crew Courageous Women in any case makes a comeback after 3 years; five → 7 members

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Image: Brave Girls 2016 (Brave Entertainment)

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'Signal' The Finish Of the Serial Homicide Case
'signal' The Finish Of The Serial Homicide Case

'Signal' The Finish Of the Serial Homicide Case

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Jae Han looked throughout the alleys and discovered a man. He was none instead of Lee Chun Goo (played by Kim Ki Chun) and was the primary witness that Jae Han had went to. Hae Young heard the police officials say that "The bus motive force Lee Chun Goo was the culprit." At this, he said, "That cannot be it. At that time, the individual was riding a bus so the profiling shouldn't be right." With that, he was very startled.

Meanwhile, "Signal" is set two detectives - one from the beyond and one from the prevailing who keep up a correspondencevia walkie talkies to unravel long-time unresolved cases.

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Arthur Patterson Discovered  Accountable in 19-Year-Old Itaewon Murder Case
Arthur Patterson Discovered Accountable In 19-Year-Old Itaewon Murder Case

Arthur Patterson Discovered Accountable in 19-Year-Old Itaewon Murder Case

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The Itaewon Homicide Case is a case that has haunted the Korean public for the last two decades. It refers to a crime that came about on April 3, 1997, when somebody stabbed Jo Joong Pil, a 23-year-old faculty student, nine times to death in a leisure room of a burger chain in Seoul. At the time, Arthur Patterson and his friend, Edward Lee, were therefore accused. However, back in 1997, Edward Lee changed intothe user who was convicted as the murderer, whilst Arthur Patterson was simply convicted for destruction of evidence, as he attemptedto conceal the knife used to kill the victim. Arthur Patterson was released after his sentence of a year and six months, while Edward Lee was not.

However, the locationreplaced when Edward Lee was granted an acquittal. The father of Jo Joong Pil, the victim, filed a lawsuit opposed to Arthur Patterson as the genuine murderer, and a reinvestigation was ordered. When Arthur Patterson was arrested in May 2011 in the United States, South Korea asked an extradition. The extradition was granted, and Arthur Patterson arrived last September to be tried regionally in South Korea as the culprit in this case.

The court found that afterlooking at the bloodstains left at the scene of the crime, the culprit would have had a huge number of blood splattered on him. The reality that Patterson was known to were covered in blood on his hands, face, and garments was used as evidence against him.

Formerly indicted Edward Lee from Itaewon murder case testifies opposed to Arthur Patterson

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Also consistent with The Korea Observer, Lee also claimed that he was mistreated all over the investigation process, claiming the police branch had interrogated him for 17 directly hours without permitting him to sleep. Lee said that he did notcompletelynotice the questions asked to him by the police. He also claimed that the police threatened him and would not let him leave till later on he had to signal and thumbprint his statements.

patterson itaewon

Arthur Patterson is located responsible in Itaewon murder case and sentenced to twenty years in prison

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The Seoul Central District Court announced on January 29, "There is credibility behind the testimony of the companion Edward Lee, who witnessed Patterson stab the victim. While youread about the bloodstains on the toilet wall of where the incident happened, you'll be ready to see that the defendant's completeframe and correct hand is covered with a profuse quantity of blood."

The courts explained, "Right after the homicide took place, Patterson had blood in all places his body so he had to clean himself and exchange his clothes; however, Lee most effective had a little amount of blood splattered on him. Patterson's testimony that Lee stabbed the victim does now notagree to the evidence provided."

The courts also stated Edward Lee's phase in the homicide, stating, "Lee advised Patterson to devote the homicide and entered the relaxation roomahead of him." However, as Lee turned intoup to nowgoverned not guilty, the courts may just not sentence him for a similar crime.

Korean soldier loses case after losing his pants to a awesome officer
Korean Soldier Loses Case After Losing His Pants To A Awesome Officer

Korean soldier loses case after losing his pants to a awesome officer

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Korean media reports that an unidentified soldier lost his case against the corporate commander after the soldier complained his movements did now not deserve 15 days in the guardhouse. Closing February, the soldier known every bit A used to be sent to the guardhouse for 15 days after losing his pants to turn his personalenviornment to a advanced officer identified as B.

The corporate commander sent the soldier A to the guardhouse for 15 days which is the maximum penalty for existingarmy personnel. However, the soldier counter-sued and appealed against the ruling claiming that it wasnt only for him to take the maximum penalty.

However, the courts governed in prefer of the friends commander claiming that a soldier, who has dutyof shielding the country and its people, will have to not be sexually harassing anyone. Soldier As attractionbecome overturned and the court rulings showed that any sexual harassment wouldn't exist tolerated in the Korean military.

'Remember: War of the Son
'remember: War Of The Son" Yoo Seung Ho Takes On Gentle Bulb Case

'Remember: War of the Son" Yoo Seung Ho Takes On Gentle Bulb Case

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On the 11th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Remember - War of the Son" (script Yoon Hyun Ho, director Lee Chang Min, production Emblems Film) of Jan. 20th, Jin Woo (played by way of Yoo Seung Hoo) took on the case of the Miso Light Bulb Company. The president of Miso Light Bulb company blamed himself for the failure of Il Ho and began to reason a scene in front of the company.

Nonetheless, Kyu Guyunnoticedthoseother people and said, "The factcan betaken care of out at court." With that, Dong Ho saw that the son of Miso Light Bulb used to be protesting till the very end. He gave Jin Woo's trade cards. The son is going to Jin Woo yet Jin Woo rejected him, announcing that he did not stimulate any time to listen on his case.

Afterwards, Jin Woo concept back to how he were helped by Dong Ho in the past. With that, he acknowledged that he would take in this task. Kyu Man learned of this and said to Dong Ho, "There will have to exist no trouble this time around. This time, we can know if Attorney Park is on our side."

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Netizens Claim Dara’s Age Is In any case Catching Up With Her
Netizens Claim Dara’s Age Is In Any Case Catching Up With Her

Netizens Claim Dara’s Age Is In any case Catching Up With Her

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Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even though 2NE1s Dara has been known for defying age with her incredibly younger appearance, netizens are claiming that the singer is in the endtaking a look her age. After seeing pictures from a up to date VIP film screening, netizens are convinced that the YG Entertainment has lost her youthful appearance. While media retailerspersevered to compliment Dara for looking outmore youthful than she is, netizens are insisting that she at lastlooks as if shes in her thirties, and added that her outfit made her glance even worse.

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