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Nam Bora says, I once made some chocolate for a person I loved
Nam Bora Says, I Once Made Some Chocolate For A Person I Loved

Nam Bora says, I once made some chocolate for a person I loved

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In the film, Nam plays the role of Eun Ah, who makes an extreme decision after she gets sexually assaulted by her classmate. Nam said, Eun Ah likes Jo Han (played by U-Kisss Dongho) in the film. She asks her mom (played by Yoo Sun) to make some chocolate and tries to confess her love to him with it, but something terrible happens there. The chocolate, which symbolized happiness for Eun Ah at first, becomes a sign of misfortune.

Dont Cry Mommy is based on a real story about a mom who takes revenge on the people who drove her daughter (played by Nam Bora) to death after getting sexually assaulted. It stars Nam, Yoo Sun, U-Kisss Dongho, Yoo Oh Sung, Kwon Hyun Sang, and Choi Dae Chul, and its Kim Yong Hans directorial debut. It will release in November.

Huh Gak Releases MV for "The Person That Loved Me"

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Huh Gak's music video for "The Person That Loved Me" from his new mini album "Lacrimoso" has been released. "Lacrimoso" was  first released online on April 3 and in stores beginning on April 5.

The music video features A Pink's Naeun and actor Ahn Yong Joon star as the main characters. In this sad ballad song, Naeun plays the role of a girl that lost her memory.

Huh Gak releases “The Person Who Once Loved Me” MV
Huh Gak Releases “the Person Who Once Loved Me” Mv

Huh Gak releases “The Person Who Once Loved Me” MV

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The teaser video stars actor Ahn Yong Joon, whose strong acting skills are already apparent through the music video, as well as A Pinks Naeun.

'Name List' says Lee Gwang-soo is a new rich famous person ranked best among others

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The January 25th display of tvN's 'Name List' ranked Lee Gwang-soo at the primaryposition for their list of new prosperous stars. The 2d onebecame Kim Soo-hyeon-I and 'Hyeri' was ranked at the 3rd place.

The production team of the controversyprove said, "For the explanations why Lee Gwang-soo may smartly be reborn as probably the mostlargemagnificence Hallyu stars is thank you to the recognition of 'Good Sunday - Running Man' in the Chinese community.

According to the communicate show, his commission for an appearance in a advertisement was at the start 800,000 won in his early days after he debuted. Yetthe speed went up to 2 hundred million won five years later. And the show's ranked first among all Chinese entertainment programs. His commission per one program is 50 million won to one hundred million won. And his rate for a commercial is around 400 million won. It more or less feelsthat he is making multi hundred million won in China".

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4minute will 'Hate' with Skrillex in their identify song for 'Act.7'   particular person teaser images
4Minute Will 'hate' With Skrillex In Their Identify Song For 'act.7' Particular Person Teaser Images

4minute will 'Hate' with Skrillex in their identify song for 'Act.7' particular person teaser images

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The song, as rumored, used to be worked on via Skrillex as neatly as Korean composers Seo Jae Wooand Son Young Jin. It is an EDM hip hop genre that talks of waysa girl feels when she realizes a breakup is evident, and 4mintue will be appearing off their trademark air of mysteryright through the addicting chorus.

The women have also released horny teaser images, so take a glance at them out underneath and get able for their comeback at midday KST on February 1st!

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Watch: TWICE’s Tzuyu Cracks Every person Up With Her Lovable Mistake on “A Glance at Myself”

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Watch: TWICEs Tzuyu Cracks All and sundry Up With Her Lovely Mistake on A glance at Myselfkokoberry January 22, 2016 0 At the January 22 episode of KBS 2TVs A Examine Myself, Jo Young Nam, Lee Kyung Kyu, GOT7s Jackson, and TWICEs Tzuyu revel in a go back and forth to Incheons Chinatown.

After their dinner, Lee Kyung asks Tzuyu, Do you favor Uncle Young Nam or me more? Jo Young Nam protests, You shouldnt do thismore or less thing. Then Lee Kyung Kyu questions, Will have to 1 ask who she dislikes then? The light-hearted setting becomes stuffed with laughs.

When asked about her mind on her day spent with the opposite members, she comments, Im thankful I were givento be informedso much or so Korean culture and for everyone looking after me. Nowadayswas oncetruly tiresome. Once she says those words, everyone reacts in a other manner.

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EXO’s Suho to Famous person in Jo Kwon’s Upcoming Tune Video
Exo’S Suho To Famous Person In Jo Kwon’S Upcoming Tune Video

EXO’s Suho to Famous person in Jo Kwon’s Upcoming Tune Video

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EXO’s Suho to Megastar in Jo Kwon’s Upcoming Tune Videoharmonicar January 21, 2016 0 Some other JYP x SM collaboration is coming our way! EXOs Suho is slated to lookseem in Jo Kwons upcoming solo music video.

Jo Kwon currently filmed the music video for his identify track off of his upcoming solo album. The filming came about on Songdo, and photographs of the production quickly circulated on SNS. Since Suho will play the lead in the video, lovers are anticipating its release. Suho used to benoticed expressing his feelingsall over the filming in a scene running down the bloodless streets. Jo Kwons upcoming song may be an emotional ballad track, as the major lead Suho will double the ambience of the song.

Suho and Jo Kwons collaboration is expected to assemblethe eye of music fans. Previous this month SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment collaborated on the duet Dream sung via EXOs Baekhyun and miss As Suzy. The special collaboration has since garnered numerous success.

Choi Ji-woo to famous person in upcoming film "Like for Likes"

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"Like for Likes" is a romantic motion picture about folks 'liking' each and every others' SNS and in point of fact 'liking' each one other. Choi Ji-woo takes at the function of Ham Joo-ran, a stewardess who turns outartful on the outdooryet is effortlessly fooled. Director Park Hyeon-jin claims she used to bebest possible for the role and Choi was Ha Joo-ran in each way.

She is defensive in front of Jeong Seong-chan (Kim Joo-hyeok) who occurs to be living with her, but if he cooks, she's all great and comfortable again. She even asks him for dating advice. Choi Ji-woo said, "I let cross of the entirety and put my all into it".

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Breakout Famous person Ryu Jun Yeol Joins Jo In Sung’s New Film
Breakout Famous Person Ryu Jun Yeol Joins Jo In Sung’S New Film

Breakout Famous person Ryu Jun Yeol Joins Jo In Sung’s New Film

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Ryu played the stoic and sarcastic Kim Jung-hwan in the nostalgic drama "Reply 1988." The 29-year-old actor debuted with the fast motion-picture show "Economic Love" in 2013 yet 2015 can also beregarded as his breakout year. No longerbest did he reach small screen stardom with his "Reply" role and a brief stint as a rookie PD in the drama "Producer," but he used to be as well form in 3 films.

It isn't yet known what his role might be in "The King," a drama about an ambitious prosecutor who uses his colleagues and gang member pals to get ahead.

Jo In Sung plays the ambitious prosecutor and it is his first film in seven years. Jo has excited about dramas lately, maximumlatelyacting in the dramas "That Iciness The Wind Blows" with Song Hye Kyo and "It's KThat is Love" with Gong Hyo Jin.

Lee Sang-woo to famous person in "Happy Home" as genius doctor

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Lee Sang-woo takes at the function of Search engine optimization Ji-gun, a genius physician who is not perfect. Seo Ji-gun has messy hair, has his buttons in the incorrect holes and wears socks that do not match. He does not even know the wayto arrangefast rice so he at all times eats instant food.

Lee Sang-woo is reuniting with the team of "Feast of the Gods" which made him the idol of actors. His agree with for director Lee Dong-yoon and creator Jo Eun-jeong were given him to celebrity in "Happy Home".

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